May 9th, 2006

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Is this bad service?

I'm a college student, so I hope this fits here.

Today was my final in an English class. This professor is very picky about the way he does exams. He has a rule that no one can leave until EVERYONE is done with the exam (or when the exam period is over, whichever comes first). He says he does this because when people get up to leave, it distracts other students. Personally, it has never distracted me before and my entire class thought it was a load of bullshit. He was unmoving on the policy though.

So, while I was looking over my material and sitting in my chair, waiting for the professor to come in, someone says something about a child. I look up, and in comes my professor... pushing a baby stroller, that contains a wiggling, screaming two year old.

Oh yeah, that isn't a distraction. The man who wouldn't let us leave because it would "distract" everyone had brought in his little daughter for the exam. I firmly believe that children have no place in a college classroom, because they all tend to be noisy. This one was no different.

For two and a half hours straight, this child was screaming and crying and begging for "daddy". My professor just grinned at us in that "oh, kids will be kids" way and took her out into the hall, leaving the door open so he could check if we were cheating. We could hear the child's screams echoing down the hall. It was so infuriating that I couldn't think at all. Furthermore, since he was in the hallway the whole time, no one could get up and ask my any questions about the exam.

I was absolutely livid, and so were many in my class. That's just highly unprofessional. I think it's really bad service to do that to your students, especially after lecturing them the week beforehand about "distractions".

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Cab drivers

Ok so I have met some nice cab drivers when I use to travel alot but there are a few that belong in the asshole hall of fame.

#1.On my way home from Dallas I was staying with a friend and she had to work during the day so I order a cab. Most of the guys like to talk but this guy was silent as a mouse. No big deal. I had one big ass suitcase and a carrying on. He didn't ask if I needed help or he didn't come to my aid as I was pulling it out.
He just looked at me as I pulled my big case out of the cab. Thanks pal.

#2.My Brother-in-law and my husband's friend were taking a cab together since they live on the same street from our wedding. During the whole time that they were talking about a women who had disappeared from her school and ended up running off with guy not informing her family she was ok. So the cab driver gets involved in this convo and tells them both that they are wrong for thinking the women was a total dipshit.
So my brother-in-law and friend make the guy stop and let them out a street down from where they needed to be dropped off. Now if I was a cabbie I wouldn't care what my customers were talking about as long as it wasn't about sex,violence,etc,etc.

#3.My friend Nick was done working at the club because they get out at 4am he doesn't want to bug anyone to come get him. He takes a cab and he is drunk.
The guy took advantage of what Nick was under and drove him everywhere running up the meter. Nick saw what the guy had done so he jumped out of the cab and ran like hell.

Now I know these people work hard. They have a right to pick up who ever they want.
They also can tell whoever to get the fuck out of there cab.
They get tips and they get paid for driving people from point A to point B.


My boyfriend and I, along with two other couples went to Trailhead Brewery last Wednesday. They have great happy hour specials on appetizers and pizzas, and we've eaten there many times before with our friends. My boyfriend, being the absolutely courteous to a fault guy that he is, even called ahead and made a reservation since we were originally going to be a party of 8 rather than 6.

Even though we'd gotten there well before their rush, and even though we knew when we got there that we were going to be a party of 6 and not a party of 8, they stuck us in this small room that had one large table that would seat 8. Now, on a weekend I could dig why that might be necessary, but this place is absolutely huge, and we've had parties with 8 in the past where we got seated in the main dining area. This room couldn't have been any more out of the way. It was on the bottom floor in the very corner. [The place has three large floors and two patios. It is seriously huge. We couldn't have been any more shoved in a corner if they tried.] Somehow I knew this was going to turn into bad_service.

We all pretty much decided to each order one of their pizzas since they are half price. Of the six of us, three of us ordered our pizza special in one way or another. I personally asked for their italian pizza without the sausage or mushrooms (making it basically a pepperoni pizza). Server dissapears afer we order. Drinks go empty. We don't take too much notice as we're enjoying each other's company.

40 minutes later our pizzas arrive. Our drinks are still empty. She sets a regular italian pizza in front of me. Hoping she had just gotten confused, I handed mine to Kevin since that was what he had ordered. Nope. She came back and saw I had given my pizza to him and said with disdain: Oh, you had just pepperoni. No appology, no nothing. She just took the pizza back and left. Oookay?

She came back shortly thereafter with refills for everyone (we all were long empty at this point) and that's when she told me that another server had given my pizza away and she put in for it to be fixed. She brought back the wrong pizza as well and tossed it on the table saying we could just keep it. She still hadn't appologized at this point.

We didn't see her again until 25 minutes later when my pizza finally came out. By then everyone else had long finished eating. Our drinks were empty again. She plopped it in front of me without a word and ran off before any of us could ask for refills. I waited a few minutes hoping she'd bring them anyway, then I realized sadly that I'd have to eat my pizza sans beverage. We couldn't even flag her down as, once again, we were shoved into the corner.

I finished my pizza, and she finally reappeared to drop off checks. At this point every beverage on the table was empty. Figuring we'd be getting refills when she came back nobody said anything. Nope. She came back to grab the checks, hurried off, then came back to drop off change/credit receipts. I should mention she did this all in complete and total silence. No "here are your checks, pay me when you're ready" no "here's your change and/or top copy is mine". The one thing she did manage to spit out was to the one couple who paid in cash: "*sigh* You need change?". Sorry, as a server you should know you never ask that. Ever. You say you'll be right back with someone's change, and give them the opportunity to tell you if they don't need it.

We sat there for another half hour conversing and occasionally nibbling on our leftovers, and we were never brought refills. In the 2 hours or so that we were there, we got one refill. One.

Now I realize stuff happens when you go out to eat. Our server couldn't control that someone else made off with my pizza. I didn't even really sit there and starve as my friends aren't heathens and the ones who had things I would eat shared quite generously. No biggie. My problem is that we all went without refills for most of the meal, and she didn't once appologize that I didn't have my meal until nearly half an hour after everyone else. She didn't even come close to something that could have been perceived as an appology. Once she realized the screw up she, in effect, gave our table the silent treatment for the rest of the meal.

I wouldn't have tipped at all but my boy (again, overly courteous) was paying for the meal. I told him if he left a penny over 10% I'd beat him. Haha.