May 5th, 2006


(no subject)

A little background: I go to college full time, and live in a college-owned apartment buiding, and really just want somewhere to live.
I've been trying to get a number for how much summer rent would be for the apartment I'm currently in. So after three months of pestering several different college employees, I'm finally told that the college owned apartments don't stay open during the summer.
I would have loved to know that three months ago. Thanks to those people, I have less than a month to find another apartment, in a very small town with a number of apartments that are usually significantly less than the number of college students looking to rent. Or I can pack up all my stuff and go home for three months. Thanks for screwing me over.

Don't read me wrong, I understand that if their policy is to close during the summer, that's their policy. I don't understand why and think it's rediculous, but I understand that it's policy. But if that's their policy they shouldn't call it an apartment building. It's still owned by the college, the same rules still apply, you just get more bang for your buck.

And the clincher to my deciding not to find somewhere temporary and just come back here next year: They gave me less than 24 hours notice of when I had to claim my current apartment for next year. I had to take time off work to make it there, and when I got there, my apartment wasn't available anyway. Seriously people, you can wait until after the deadline to give my apartment away, right?

And this is getting massively long, but I have a question about apartment complexes. I called the only two in town, and one told me that they couldn't rent to full-time college students. The woman also mentioned that they were something like medium-income housing. Could the two have anything to do with one another? Is refusing to give someone housing because they're a student legal?

Thanks for listening, I think some of this just needed to come out.