May 4th, 2006


Good food/bad waitress

Yesterday, I went for sushi at the restaurant where I first tried it and tend to bring other friends. When we all decided what we wanted, we ordersed: a shumai appetizer, a spicy tuna roll, a philadelphia roll, a salmon roll, a tuna roll, 4 pieces of salmon sushi, 2 pieces of tuna, shrimp fried rice, and a teriyaki chicken. The waitress didn't bring anyone plates to put their rolls/sushi on, forgot the tuna roll, brought me white tuna sushi (which I decided to try but did not like) instead of regular like I ordered, didn't bring our appetizer until halfway through our meal (and yes, I did ask about it before the meal came but she brushed me off), and never once asked if we wanted refills on our drinks while our glasses stood on the table obviously empty for half the time we were there. Also, my boyfriend tried to stop her to ask about the appetizer or drinks but she was in her own world and never acknowledged him. I had to do all the flagging down and that's cause I can just say "excuse me" quite loud if I need to. Not that we needed to be loud. The place had few people and was kinda quiet aside for the music. The worst thing is that I never saw her serving anyone else the entire time we were there. It's a small restaurant. She mostly stood by the kitchen and went to the back bathroom a couple of times. My friends liked the food, but I had to keep apologizing for the quality of the service.

$70 meal, $4 tip. Worst tip I've ever left and I feel no guilt.

Bad customer...but WORSE SERVICE

Phila. Fast Food Worker Tosses Grease on Customer

A fast-food worker tossed a cup of hot grease on a customer, giving the woman second- and third-degree burns on her arms and chest, authorities said.

"My skin was cooking," said Vouncile Lambert, 44, who was treated at a hospital.

The 17-year-old worker was charged with aggravated assault. The employee, who had worked at the Checkers restaurant in West Philadelphia for about two months, will be fired, a restaurant manager said Wednesday.

Lambert's 36-year-old niece had spit on the employee, a police report said.

Shaji Joseph, an area manager for the hamburger chain, said the customers were upset when the employee closed the walk-up window on them Sunday afternoon.

"Nobody would just throw grease at somebody without provoking," Joseph said. "(But) we totally understand she can't throw grease on her."

From here.

I don't care if the niece did spit on her, you don't throw hot grease at ANYBODY.

EDIT: thanks to bluemoonpnw, we have another article with more info:

PHILADELPHIA -- An argument over service at a Philadelphia fast-food restaurant ended with a customer getting a lot more than she ordered.

A fast-food worker has lost her job and faces criminal charges for allegedly throwing hot grease on a customer.

Vouncile Lambert pulled up for a burger and fries at a pick-up window at a Checkers restaurant in West Philadelphia.

Instead, she left with second- and third-degree burns to her upper body.

Lambert blames a not-so-courteous clerk who had been fighting with a customer in front of her.

Lambert said the girl first dumped a soda on her, and as she spoke to a manager about the incident, the girl returned with hot oil.

"That's when the young lady came from behind with a cup of oil and just threw it through the pick-up window," Lambert said.

According to a police report, a relative of Lambert had spit on the worker.

An area manager for Checkers said the customers were upset when the employee closed the walk-up window on them Sunday afternoon.

Lambert, who was burned on her arms and chest, said her "skin was cooking."

A manager at Checkers said the 17-year-old clerk has been fired. She's also been charged with aggravated and simple assault, as well as reckless endangerment.
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(no subject)

I've got a bone to pick with Asurion, the insurance company Verizon directed me to when my cellphone spontaneously died a few weeks ago, three days before I was supposed to leave the country on a trip. Not only did shipment of my phone take 2 days longer than it was supposed to, and even then arrive at 8:00 am, when the person I spoke to said it would arrive between 1:00 and 3:00 pm, but the fuckers sold my email address. I have had my gmail account for almost 2 years, and I've never had an issue with spam mail. Within 24 hours of submitting my email address to Asurion (I was told I had no choice but to do so) I'm getting at least 20 spam emails an hour. Arrrg.
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Crossposted from my personal journal . . .

I'm annoyed at my local Post Office branch (89523, for those of you keeping score at home.) Apparently, today our carrier suddenly decided that our apartment is now vacant, and didn't leave us anything except a note to the new occupant asking for their name(s). I was mildly annoyed, but since I had time before closing, I went down to the Post Office and asked them about it.

My annoyance turned to pissiness when the clerk reprimanded me with a, "If you pick up your mail every day, that won't happen!" WTF????? I do pick up my mail every day!! The mailbox is something I look forward to at work, starting about 1:00 or so!! In fact, just yesterday, I had some. And the day before. And the day before that, etc. In fact, excluding vacation holds, I recall only one instance in which I missed picking up my mail in the ten months I've lived in this apartment.

So, the clerk got me the carrier's supervisor. He apologized and said he'd leave a note for the guy to make sure I get my mail. I should get it tomorrow, but if I don't, Supe would like me to call to let him know. I explained that I know things happen, and I'm willing to overlook it, I just want my mail.

zarchasmpgmr thinks that the mail that should have come today may be on its way to the DLO already. I hope not.
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Why I left Bank of America

I had been a customer at Bank of America since I was 17 so it was roughly 7 years or so. For the first about 4 years I had received the best service, the tellers were always nice and I never had any questions about my account activity.
About 4 almost 5 years years into banking with them an "account fee" of $3.50 started showing up once a month on my statements. As it was under 4 bucks I wasn't too concerned with it so I just let it go.
A little after 5 years the "account fees" went up to $10 a month. I had no idea what they for as I had never over drafted and had been using online banking the whole time and not just recently I went down to my local branch to ask what was up with the fees. I was told that there shouldn't be any fees and that I would get them taken off and I would be reimbursed for the last 5 that I was charged for. Ok cool I can deal with that but over the next year or so every once in a while they would still pop up so the manager at the Bank of America in my home town changed the kind of account I had to a student account so I would be ensured that would be the end of the fees once and for all. That lasted about 4 months.
I went to my local bank last week to inquire as to why I was being charged "account fees" that were now about $15 a month and that was when I met my banks greeter, Donna. Donna came up to me and asked what brought me to Bank of America that day and I politely told her I would just like to wait to talk to a teller. She said that it would be a while and that I needed to tell her what I was there for first so she could "determine weather or not I even needed to see a teller because all of the tellers were extremely busy and I shouldn't be taking up their time".
Ok I get that they do get busy and I can do things like deposit or withdraw by myself but waist their time? I told her that if she had to know I was considering leaving the bank because of the fee issue and that the last couple of times I spoke with a representative they were rather rude. Donna informed me that "well fees are part of using a bank. There has to be a fee for us to manage your money, there's just no way around it. This is one way banks make money". I told her I was able to get the fees reversed before and I was switched to an account that was supposed to be fee free. She continued to inform me that that's not the way it works and that whoever did that for me wasn't supposed to and that they "misguided me". I was annoyed before but after my chat with Donna in line I just didn't want to deal with them at all anymore and I just closed my account and went to another bank.
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paul landers rammstein

Bad service with a follow up of good service

I've been a customer of T-Mobile since 2004 and up until recently, I've not had any complaints. Let me give you a little backstory:

Collapse )

T-Mobile has definitely taught me a lesson in keeping copies of ANY correspondence with them from now on. So, the bad service is their shitty rebate department, but the good service is the nice Customer Care rep that made sure that I got my money one way or the other.

(no subject)

This isn't my story, so I don't have/can't remember all the details, but I figured this would fit here.

Long story short, a few months ago, the company that my dad has his cell phone with (I can't remember which one it is, I wanna say Verizon) randomly assigned his cell number to another customer - when you called the number it would go to someone else's phone/account instead of my dad's.

My dad's a new teacher and is always job hunting, so of course this had to happen while he was spending every other evening at my grandmother's (my grandfather was dying of advanced cancer so my dad and my aunt would take turns keeping her company and helping with him since the hospice nurses weren't around at night) so he had his cell number down as his main number on a bunch of job aplications.

I don't remember the whole story, but it took four days of literally hours long phone calls from both my parents before the problem was actually fixed.

They tried to claim that the problem was fixed a few times and every time it still wasn't.

I understand that mistakes happen, but dude, something's wrong with your system if it allows that to happen.

Not only did my dad not have a phone for about five days, but some poor other guy had to put up with getting a new phone service only to get calls from some random strangers (my parents kept calling the number every time they were told the problem was fixed to make sure) and having to get a whole new number a few days later because some idiot messed up.

Gotta love technology.

{edited cause I'm cool and can't spell/type, heh}
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Ravens, helmet

So where do I complain-- WTF?

So I went to a buffet restaurant, a regional chain named for a desert plant and a British prince, HA, around 2 p.m. today. The place is usually empty this time of day, but today were about fifteen people in front of me, and I soon found out why: the only open register was throwing a new tantrum every time it processed a debit and the woman working the register was apparently clueless. So everyone was happy to see another woman open the second register, take cash from one next person on line--and not happy to see her then walk away. Hmm...the line's getting longer, my stomach is matching the "grr" in my heart, and the line is absolutely stationary. I'm debating whether to leave but I'm fast-fooded out for the week and nothing else is available in the mall we're in. So...we wait. And wait. Babies are born, people get married, other people grow old and die. Another guy eventually shows up, takes another person at the other register, then, uh, walks away. I've never seen this type of hit-and-run cashiering, evah. Finally, around 2:25, I get up to the register where the guy has finally decided to stay and is taking cash purchases. Ola (yes, his name, like that girl in the Thriller video years ago) takes my money, focuses oddly on something on the screen, gives me my change and receipt. But then, before I can get away, he holds out his hand, then he motions for me to hand over receipt and money. "I'm getting ahead of myself," he says. "You haven't paid yet." WTF? "I JUST gave you a twenty," says I over the growling of my stomach. Never mind the fact that he'd opened the register drawer, put something in, taken something else out, and closed it again. "Oh!" he says with a little chuckle and still hands me the wrong receipt (one's marked customer copy, amazingly enough, and he still wasn't sure). The kicker? He was the manager on duty.

To top it all off, the waitress gave me her cute lil' speech, asked me about my drink, then walked off to bus tables, having forgotten about the drink THAT FAST.

It made me wonder what happens when the place really is busy. There are lots o' people (well, at least 3, counting the woman who kept trying to process the cards on a screwed-up machine) working there with apparent short-term memory deficits.
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(no subject)

(I'm going to call this "bad service," since we've had telemarketer posts before.)

Today was my day off, and I took advantage of it by trying to sleep in. However, I was awoken at 9 a.m. by a phone call. Usually, the only calls I get this early are from work, so I took it.

The call was from an army recruiter, saying he was going to be in my area that day and wanted to know if I was interested in any information about the army. I replied with a polite, "No, thank you."

"Oh, really?" he replied. "So, are you still at [community college I used to attend], then? Are you still enrolled?"

Now, it's highly possible that I'm just oversensitive about it, but I'm not in college right now because personal problems were making it too difficult for me to attend. As soon as I stopped attending, I was deluged with recruitment flyers from all the branches of the military. I don't like the fact that the military has access to this information about me, I really don't like the implication that being a possible college dropout means that the army is my best possibility for having a future. So (overreaction or not) I was only slightly less offended than if the guy had said, "Also, we read your medical file and saw that you're depressed. If you're considering suicide, the Iraq war is a great way to do it!"

Regardless, the guy should have left me alone when I said "no" the first time. So I said, much less politely, "I'm going back in the fall, actually, and I really do not want to join the army." Normally, I'm not so rude, but I was tired and I had a feeling that he wouldn't leave me alone if I wasn't firm.

He said goodbye and hung up.

Before this, I've had recruiters approach my group of friends as we were trying to eat lunch at a restaurant, and come after my coworkers and I when we were trying to work. I'm an overweight girl with glasses; it's not like that screams, "I am the ideal person to defend this country!"

(Note: I have nothing against the military. I have a friend at West Point, and another who served in Iraq; it's just not for me. It's the recruiters I don't like, because in my experience, they are pushy and deceitful.)

More maintenance suckery and a question

Back again! :-P This is an update to this post: I know a lot of you don't consider it bad service, but I'm still not getting the service that I'm paying for... and I think that's bad. Ok, so here's what happened today. I'll try to keep it short.

Maintenance Guy (henceforth MG) told me last night that he was going to come back this morning to replace a part on the air conditioner/compressor thing. I didn't mind waiting... But, when it got to be around 12:30PM today and he still hadn't come (12:30PM is no longer morning, right?), I called the property manager to make sure he was still coming. The property manager called him, and told me that MG would be over "in fifteen minutes."

That's what MG said last night, and he didn't show up for two hours (15 minutes =/= 2 hours). While I was willing to wait last night (even though I was a little annoyed), I wish he'd called to let me know he was running late.

Today, I had to leave by 1:30ish because of afternoon plans. I called the property manager back when MG hadn't arrived 45 minutes later. (15 minutes=/= 45 minutes, either) Only then did MG finally show up, after the property manager had to call him a second time to tell him to come over...

Then, MG fiddled around for a minute with the compressor before declaring, "I knew this was the problem last night. I'll have to order you a new unit." He said that it should arrive next Tuesday.

Sigh. I don't think it's bad service to need to order a replacement. It doesn't have to be fixed RIGHT NOW, even though it's pretty uncomfortable without it. But all the waiting was a waste of time. If he'd come when he said he would, I wouldn't complain (well, ok, I still would complain about the lack of AC, but in my personal LJ and not here :-P)... but making me wait all morning wasn't great service, especially since he admitted that he already knew he couldn't fix it right away.

Ok, so here's what I would like to ask you all, since I want to not suck and I'm curious about what you think: If they tell me that they'll be here in 15 minutes, am I being a sucky customer if I call them when they're a half hour late? I don't mind waiting a couple hours, or even a few days for most maintenance issues, but I would like them to give me accurate time estimates. I don't mean to accuse, but some of you seem to think that I should feel "lucky" that he came within a day or two to fix this problem... but he SAID he'd come in 15 minutes, not a day or two. Is it too much to expect that he show up when he says he will?