May 3rd, 2006


Bad apartment maintence guys

This isn't horribly bad service, but it is annoying.

Right now, my air conditioner isn't working, and it's 85 degrees in my apartment. I'd open the windows, but I don't want my cats getting out. x.x My apartment complex classifies a broken air conditioner as a "maitenance emergency," so I left a message with the emergency hotline. That was aboout an hour and a half ago. A maitenance guy called back fifteen minutes later to say that he was coming in 15 minutes--although that was hard to make out, since he was arguing loudly with a woman in the background. After fifteen minutes elapsed, I called his phone (since my caller id stored it) to make sure he was still coming. It went straight to voice mail. I've called twice since, and it still is going to his voice mail. So, I called the hotline again and left another message.

It's annoying that he's not answering his phone. I don't mind if he's running late (well, maybe a little, since he's an HOUR late and I'd like to go to bed), but I'd like him to let me know!

This isn't the first time, either. When my water stopped working last month (no running water AT ALL), no one called me until six hours later. And when he did call, he sounded groggy, like he'd just woken up, and was whispering as if he was trying not to wake someone up. o.O I can't say for sure, obviously, but I have to wonder if he was asleep and not answering his phone (it was late at night then, too, but he's supposed to be available for maitenance emergencies).

Lazy maitenance people are irritating. Thank goodness I'm moving soon. :-P

Edit: The maitenance guy finally showed up (2 hours after he said he would) but couldn't fix the air conditioner because he won't have the parts until tomorrow. Why classify something as a maitenance emergency, but not have the parts to fix it? o.O It's just a bit annoying, that's all...