May 2nd, 2006

Lily Haloween

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Near my house there is a very delicious vietnamese restaurant. I've been going there for years with my family. They have such good food! Ah! Years in a row, they've ranked as one of the best restaurants in the area. And their food is very cheap for how good it is... 6-8 dollars for a big serving of food.

Every time I go there, the service is really good. I rarely eat there. I usually get it to go. They're a very quick and businesslike place. They come over, greet, take your order and less than 10 minutes later you've got your hot fresh food.

Yesterday during a break between my classes, my boyfriend and I went to get lunch there. We decided to eat there since we didn't want to have to eat it at school. We waited a minute, got seated. The waiter [who is a family member of the owners and has worked there since I've started eating there] brought us water. A minute later, he comes over, brings us menus, sets the menus down on the table and says, "Are you ready to order?"

Yeah... before we even get to open the menu he is pushing us to order. There were two other couples in the restaurant. It's not like they were really busy. But whatever. My boyfriend says no. The waiter just stands there. I always order the same thing, so I was ready. My boyfriend however, has only been there one time and didn't know. He felt rushed, so he opens his menu, picks what he got the last time, and we order drinks. The waiter looks really angry at us for some reason. He quickly brings us drinks and about five minutes later he rushes our food out. I whisper, "Okay... you know... that's kind of weird... he didn't even let us look at the menus and was rushing us to order." The boyfriend says, "That is weird.. but whatever." We eat, the bill comes. The owner's wife is the one who brought the bill. She's generally a very nice lady. This time, she stands at the table waiting for us to give her money. The boyfriend is now fumbling with bills and puts a 20 onto the tray. This was about a 15 dollar meal. She smiles, says thanks, and walks away. Our waiter comes over, takes our plates and dissapears.

Now, the entire process seemed like they were trying to rush us. They insinuated that we were leaving a 5 dollar tip when the entire process was just weird and took about 15 minutes... it was just weird. I mean, he was going to leave a large tip. He always does. But the both of us were just very confused and ending up leaving. Was this weird to you, or just us? I've been going there for YEARS. They all know who I am, and my family. They always give us excellent service when I come in with my dad, grandparents or aunt and uncle. This time, they just gave us very rushed service without any real attempt at being polite.

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Ok, so I'm annoyed.

One of my company's vendors had a shipment ready for us on 4/7. Turned out we had an outstanding invoice that I wasn't aware of, I told them that my boss was on vaca, but that we'd get the check to them when he got back, which was the next week. No biggie, they said they'd hold the order.

So we did, on 4/18. Cut to yesterday, I email them and asked them why we hadn't received the shipment yet, since we'd sent them the check.

Without informing me, they put our order back into stock, and sold it. They aren't sending out our order until May 12. (This is an item that takes at least 3-4 weeks to make, which is why)

ARRRGH. I understand that it wasn't paid for upfront, but dammit!!! I told them when to expect payment. I made good on that, so now I'm fucked. Thanks a lot, guys. They could have at least said "Ok, but since it'll be more than X amount of time, we have to put the item back into stock, so your order won't actually go out until X date" *fume*

I'm also annoyed with Cingular right now. I heard on the news today that next year, they're switching the name back over to AT&T Wireless. What the bloody hell was the point of merging ATT with Cingular, making everybody take the Cingular name, only to switch it to AT&T? I love Cingular and have had nothing but excellent service with them, and have heard horror stories about people that were with ATT before the merge and during the merge. I was going to upgrade my phone and renew my contract and all that, but I'll stay on a month to month until my phone kicks the shitter, and see what it's like as ATT instead of Cingular. If it turns out as bad as what I fear, I'll switch to another carrier, though I don't want to. (Verizon was a bad_service horror story in and of itself, and put me off of getting another cell phone for 2 years they fucked up so badly, and I've never liked Sprint. *sigh*)

mobile phones...and when not to answer them

There are frequent (justified) complaints in customers_suck about customers who talk on the 'phone while getting service. Today I met their counterpart.

I walked up to the counter at a cafe, smiled at the girl behind the counter, we exchanged'Hi's. At that moment, her mobile rang. I emphasise that this was her personal mobile, not an order from another customer or something.

So what does she do? Sheturns her back on me without a word, so I don't interrupt her oh-so-important-call and starts chatting.'Yeah,he there...I'm at work...yeah, in Sheffield...what really...when'. She then opens the door and calls to co-worker in the back 'Hey come and listen to this!' Co-worker takes the phone and takes over; original employee keeps her back to me so I don't spoil her eavesdropping by trying to get her attention.

Eventually co-worker rings off.

Co-worker:That was that security guy
Worker: No, never, I thought it was them from upstairs
CW: No, it was that security guy
W: I thought it was the guy from upstairs
(repeat a few times in ever more incredulous tones)
CW: (suddenly) Serve that customer
W: I really thought it was them from upstairs. What would you like?
me: a slice of pizza
W: (rings me up) *opens door to the back and shouts through* I can't believe it wasn't them from upstairs! It was that security guy....
CW: Yeah, and he said (etc. for another 60 secs or so)
W: *wanders back and then finally gets me pizza.No smile, no word, no thanks*