May 1st, 2006


Gold Country Inn, Placerville, CA

Another post about bad hotel service reminded me of this BS I went through this past Christmas.

A month before we needed to stay there, we had made reservations. Actually my mother-in-law did, as they were paying for our room as a gift to us. It was arranged that they would hold a non-smoking, downstairs room for us because of the two kids (ages 2 and 3). It was also agreed that they would bill the in-laws credit card for it. All we had to do was check in and pick up the key. My mother-in-law spoke directly to the owner of the hotel. They stay there every time they have to use a hotel in Placerville. It's not like the owner doesn't know them.

We get there at 12 midnight after a very long drive and hubby goes to check in and get the key. First thing is the owner says we have to pay up front for 2 nights. My husband is pissed, so starts to write a check so we could get the kids inside and in bed. The owner then says he won't take checks, only cash. MY husband is starting to get upset and comes out to the car and grabs our credit card. No way is he giving the guy straight cash. So we get the key, and the room was a smoking room. The owner also bitched at us for bringing KIDS to stay there, saying that we would cause all sorts of trouble and that we would be asked to leave if my kids couldn't stay quiet.

I have stayed there before with them and they were quiet and there were no problems. So WTF? AT this point I tell hubby not to get the stuff out of the card and call the credit card company to block them from being able to take any money from us. I had walked into and then directly out of the room, while the owner was there. The owner hadn't even given us a key, he had just walked us to the room, that had all windows WIDE OPEN at midnight, and shut them for us. That was strange to begin with. So he heard me tell hubby that and got bitchy and started yelling at me that we had to pay, we had messed the room up. Let me repeat, I walked IN,smelled the seriously over-powering smoke smell, and walked directly out. Did not touch one thing. The owner turned the lights on, closed the windows, and then closed the drapes.

So as hubby is getting one of the kids back in the car, I am on the cell phone with information finding a hotel that we could stay at and was quick to get to. We ended up at a Best Western, and it was awesome! I called and explained the situation and when hubby checked in, the night manager was just amazing and very helpful. She got hubby calmed down and in a better mood.

So the next day, after telling the in-laws what happened, my Father in law goes to Gold Country to have them take his credit card info off file and find out what happened. They lie to him, saying we pulled in and demanded all sorts of weird stuff, like a pair of cribs and other off the wall stuff, and that we had messed the room up before we left and they needed to be paid. Father in law then brought my hubby in, and the guy saying all of the shit suddenly backtracked and started stuttering and admitted that he was lying and that he had just not wanted to deal with us, and had rented the reserved room out to someone else.

I do not suggest ever staying at that place if you go there and have small kids. It was just bullshit. And to top it off, they actually did try to bill our credit card a week later but was unable to do so. Hubby and Father in law both called in as soon as they left and notified the credit card companies about the situation. Sorry if this is a tad incoherent, I am still annoyed when I remember the whole thing.
This is me.

So, if you need your comp...

... just don't have it break and brought it to the place where you bought it thinking it'll be fine.

My boyfriend bought his laptop in "Carrefour" (French Supermarket Chain) . It's all fine for some time, and, five days before the extended warranty expires (wee! right on time! ) he has to bring it in for repair. The lady tells him maximum three weeks (this is already bad, mind you, because he'd use his laptop for various stuff and he needed it) .

This become bad service when, after the three weeks, he goes to see what has been done, and he hears that nothing was done because there's a part missing. Okay, fair enough, that happens. But he then asks for them to lend him a replacement, and the woman says that she can't do a thing (in a rather rude tone, said boyfriend) , that they usually wait 34 days (@_@) before issuing refund, making an exchange or anything of the like. My boyfriend then asked what was happening if he was using this for work and really needed it, but the lady didn't care. He then asked the address for corporate and sent them something, along with an e-mail to Customer Service.

Seriously. I know things can take time, but to be told something, lied to, and then frowned upon just cause you imply you need to use the thing ? I know my boyfriend: he's the kind of customer who'll be patient with the rudest service rep ever, until he "boils" and just speaks coldy but still calmly.

Damn Carrefour. When I get money, I'm getting my dear BF a new shiny laptop that won't need care from those people >.

Possible bad service...

...or maybe I'm just being oversensitive.

I went to Walmart today to do my grocery shopping. I went through the checkout, and the cashier started making small talk. Or so I thought. Within a matter of seconds he was talking some pretty hardcore politics, along the lines of how Bush ruined the country, and throwing people in jail without warrants, torturing them, etc. Now, whether or not I agree with the guy, I really don't think the checkout at walmart is the place to be sharing those opinions. On the other hand, I don't know if I am being a tad oversensitive seeing as 4/5 of my husband's squadron deployed this morning for a 9 month rotation in the desert (not DH though - we're moving in 2 months so he was excused from this rotation).

Is this bad service? Or me taking it the wrong way?

"Lending a Helping Hand"

The apartment building where I live has a "concierge" (fancy talk for a security guard). Basically, his job is to watch the security monitors, deal with any problems and the building superintendent, open the storage areas if necessary, make sure the loading dock doesn't get blocked, and yes, hold the door open for residents if need be and say "good morning, good night" etc. My condo fees every month go, in part, to pay his salary (and those of the other concierges). So the doorman is essentially a perk that I pay for. Being involved in customer service oriented field myself, and dealing with the public all day long, I know that their job isn't always the greatest especially when people will treat them like a-holes just because they are the doorman. So I always go out of my way to say, hi, how are you doing, etc. etc. and make an effort to be friendly.

We have a new day doorman. The last one we had was a doll and would do absolutely anything for you, which was why he got a huge tip from us at Xmas. The new doorman has been there for about the last month.

I walk into my building today, carrying two pizza boxes (food for my hubby and his friend who were painting the apartment), three plastic bags (one with calzones; one with a putty knife that they needed from the hardware store; and one with a bottle of soda) slung over my wrist, and my purse over my shoulder. You get the idea. The new doorman sees me fumbling to open the main entry (outer door)while he is sitting at the desk doing absolutely nothing, and makes zero effort to grab the door for me(all the other doorman will pretty much do it for you automatically). He then sees me come into the lobby--loaded down with bags. I figure that he will do the normal courteous thing and just get up and key the lock on the second door between the out lobby entryway and the inner foyer because it's pretty obvious that my hands are full.

Obviously, expecting common courtesy or even common sense was too much. Because he watched me come in loaded down with bags, saw me fumbling around trying to find my electronic key pass, and I hear him mumble barely audibly "oh, no keys?". Now while I did have keys, it was a virtual impossibility try to grab them and open the door without dropping boxes. What I should have said to him in reply was the obvious "no I have keys, but no free hands" but I was so preoccupied trying to find the keys and not drop everything that I said nothing (though plenty was going through my head). By the time he decides maybe it might be helpful to get off his a$$ and help me, I've some how managed to get the keys into my hand w/o dropping everything, open the door, and make my way over to the elevator to go upstairs. He was just starting to rise out of his seat when I keyed the lock. I was really pissed about it and when I got into the apartment, it showed and I had to explain to my husband and friend what had happened to piss me off.

Was I expecting too much that he provide a service that is part of his job?