April 27th, 2006


Lets play a game!!!

Its finals two weeks (people say finals week, but mine stretch over a week and a half period) and I eat a lot of junk food because I am barely eating, let alone thinking about anything foodwise.
I have gotten fastfood for 4 of my past meals in the past 5 days...and every single one has been grossly incorrect.
So the game is...how many more fast food meals will I have until someone gets my simple instructions correct?!?!?
(I honestly do not order weird, elaborate things)

Now, if the employees are suffering from finals two weeks...they have my pity and full forgiveness. I normally wouldnt even be this pissy, but no sleep+ 4 wrong meals=cranky me.

College bad service

Since finals are coming up, I was reminded of this incident:

One year when I was an undergraduate, I lived in the dorms. During finals week, they decided to have an unannounced fire drill. At 3:00. IN THE MORNING.

The end.

This takes the cake.

It is currently 7:45 am and I am mad. I have recieved phone calls at least five or six times a day from these people. This is an automatic service mind you. I have spoken to someone twice about this. The first time was worse than the second time It also wouldn't be so bad if they would actually not allow the calls unless their office is opened for business and not let the automated service call at freaking 7 am. Heck I have even got a call at 9 pm.

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I finally track down the corperate office that they said I had the account with. They in turn told me to call them back because it was turned over to a collections agency.

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Now what gets me is they used my ex married name the first time I called them. Not a few weeks later, it was changed to my maiden name. I have an idea who got the phone, it was the same person who stole my check book cough *ex friend* cough.

What is strange to me is that they wait almost three years to start calling me about it. My name changes twice on the account and I am getting the run around. I just wish they would stop calling me so much.

I don't think it is right that I have to pay for something I didn't get. The ex friend has vanished off the face of the earth. So what should I do?

Is there any way I can get them for harrassment and besides how the heck they get our unpublished number that we have only had for like three months?
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ebi fry please

So hubby and I frequently go to this sushi place at the mall so much so that some of the waitress know us. It's not half bad, cheap, and staff has always been friendly and fast. The wait staff don't really do too much, the sushi comes by on a conveyor belt and if somthing isn't avaliable that way then they take an order. They also of course offer us beverages. Anyway, it's lunch time and we're starving and there isn't a long line. We get there the same time as another couple. The hostess tells us to sit wherever. So we go to our usual spot on the far side of the place and just as we're sitting down we're told anywhere but there. ok, so we go towards the front. We sit and wait and we notice that nothing is going around the little conveyor belt so we pick out stuff to order. About 10 minutes later our waitress comes over with some water and asks us if we are ready to order. We say yes, and she says she'll be right back. I watch her walk away and go outside and talk to her boyfriend ( i assume boyfriend since they were making out). another 5 minutes she comes back. I ask if we could get a keiki (kid's) cup for the baby since he doesn't do well with open glasses. She says ok, disappears to the cups. Next thing I know she's back outside with the boyfriend. By now hubby and I are really really hungry and baby is getting cranky. She comes back with out the kids cup and we start to order. I point to the menu as well as try to pronounce the things we want. I say "ebi fry" and she says how many and I say 2. I then say that we will want 2 of everything. She says ok. I proceed to try and order and she keeps getting attitude. Then she says, "You have to tell me what you want and how many. I'm writing and can't see what you are pointing at." I then tell her that was all (even though I only got to order like 3 dishes). I'm fuming. We've waited over 30 minutes for her to place our order because she keeps going outside and making out with her man. But, the folks that came in the same time we did, were already eating and she was also their waitress. My husband just looks at me and asks if i want to go. I say no because we just ordered and that wouldn't be very nice. But then I change my mind when I try to get her attention after she comes back into the restaurant to get that keiki cup for the baby and she ignores me. My husband stood up the next time she came by and said we would be going somewhere else. She only replies with "um...ok" So as we are walking out the door, I hear the conversation with cook or whoever...

Girl:I have to cancel that order
Guy: Why?
Girl: They said they are going somewhere else.
Guy: Why
Girl: I don't know they're stupid haoles.

What??? Now I know that we are white and that it what white people are called here....but we live here. We are not tourists and we go there all the time. I was so so angry but I held it in until I got home and called and complained. And I also took it out on the very yummy sub I got from Quizno's. Which even though wasn't sashimi was so ono!
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the worst time i ever had dealing with any company – and this includes the soul sucking bastards at BCBS – was with Comcast in my area. they have a monopoly here so i suppose they think they can get away with being unprofessional, idiotic and on drugs.

we moved to an apartment near the city, from one county to another. i can’t live without my high-speed, so i called the only available provider in the area: Comcast. i had used them before in another state and they were great there, so i didn’t anticipate any problems. especially not of the magnitude i had. so i called to set up an apointment for a tech to come out and install stuff. they said a few days which sucked but it was what i expected. they never showed. i called back, they said “oh they tried to get there but couldn’t find your apartment...” ok, fine, its not the easiest place to see but i thought the techs we supposed to call if they couldn’t find it. i told the rep this and he said “oh yes, and they said they did.” “they did not. i was home. my phone is on. when is the soonest you can get another tech out here?” “next week” * tries not to be an EB * “ok fine.” i make the appointment, stressing that i need them between 5-7 because my husband is not there and i am not comfortable being there alone with a tech who will probably be male. they are late. i call every hour on the hour until 8. the tech people say that the people who should be there have disappeared off the face the of the earth but other people are in the area and can stop by blah blah. so they do. i’m home alone, and its two guys. i am NOT comfortable with this. i leave the door open, our neighbors upstairs are home and the guy is HUGE and the type to come running and smash the guy before asking any questions if i scream so i will most likely be ok. well the two techs are high. yes, on some kind of drug. it REEKS and the smell stays for hours. they look at the hookup and say something incoherent and vaguely technical saying they can’t set it up, but leave the stuff because i ask them too. i don’t know much about technology and i wasn’t comfortable as i said before so i just let them go. i talked to david, and then called and complained several times to comcast. i got lots of apologies and two weeks free. finally had david call because i was about to bite the head off the next person i called. he tried about 6 times to get a tech to tell him how to hook up the cables, and got “oh you need a person out there” “when can we do that” “here’s an appointment.” “no one showed up” “they must have...” until he finally got a tech who could tell him how to hook the damn thing up. i hope those techs got fired. if you want to use on your own time, fine. get arrested. i don’t care. but its not professional to use on the job.
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oh yea another story...this one happened a little while ago too.

i was in some big chain store - i forget if it was walmart or target, but one of those - and wanted to buy lipstick with a coupon. now, i use coupons all the time, and know that cosmetics can have restrictions. so i read it carefully. it said "X.XX% off Brand Y of lipcolor including lipfinity and everlites lipfinity." so i thought "cool, those are usually really expensive." so i picked one up.
i bring it to the register, and the cashier refuses to uses it stating "oh those don't cover double boxes." (this lipstick has a lipgloss that comes with it)
i said "its not a double pack, its all one product, look it just has to parts."
Cashier: *stares blankly at me*
me: *sigh* "can i talk to your manager?"
Cashier: "it is excluded, and i'm the manager" O.o how the hell did that happen?
me: "no look" reads the name on the box, reads that its included on the coupon.
Cashier: "the computer won't scan it, it must be excluded."
me: "i was a cashier for years, you can type it in."
Cashier: *glares at me and does so*
me: "thanks" (in a completely non-snarky tone btw)



I've had my lil' cricket cellphone for several years now, since it was new and shiny and everyone wanted it because rather than being minutes it was unlimited local, with the option of adding on long distance... They've been pretty good up until the last few months and I seriously wonder if they're trying to punish me for the fact that when I move in the next couple of months, I'll have to switch services just because theirs doesn't work in the area I'll be moving to...

Anyway, 2 days ago I called to pay my bill. Instead of doing it through the automated system (which I've never had a problem with), I wanted a live agent. The bill was more than it was supposed to be and I wanted to know why, it turned out they were charging me a reconnection fee even though the phone hadn't been disconnected, and the last time it had happened I'd paid the fee when I paid the bill...

First of all, the guy was an ass. He argued at me about how the reconnection fee works, tried to give me a lecture when all I'd said was that I paid that fee when the phone was reconnected a few months after me having to pay the bill late due to lack of money issues... He confirmed that by looking at my payment history, but still lectured me about how the charge works.

Then I asked how I would go about adding some more long distance (you pay ahead, I wanted to put on $5, which is a decent amount for how little I talk on the phone), he argued with me first about how the option works, then how it would be charged to the account. He tried to tell me that I would have to buy 2.50 for one line and 2.50 for the other, even though previously I'd been told that I pay it on the account, it belongs to whichever phone on the account uses it first. I've never paid to put long distance on the second line and the boyfriend has been able to call his parents long distance. But the guy wanted to argue about how wrong I was.

I finally agreed to just put 2.50 on each account because my phone was close to dying and I needed to pay the bill still.

he then told me the only way I could do it that way was to pay over the phone with him. I said fine and agreed to do so, gave him my credit card information, set up the payment, gave him all the info he needed. He said it was taken care of, then hung up on me.

This morning I checked, the money is still not taken out of my account. But my phone has been disconnected due to non payment. Generally when i make a payment it is posted within the hour, or the next morning at the latest. Considering I already gave my credit card info to the agent who said he was taking the payment, I don't want to pay again as it will make my account overdraft...

The service has an option where, even if the phone is disconnected, you can still contact them to pay the bill... however, there is apparently no way to speak to a live agent through this option, I spent 10 minutes going through the automated system and it wouldn't let me get to an operator.


So I went to hte website and found a feedback button and made a complaint, hopefully they'll respond. I also stated that, since I'd made the payment with one of their agents who assured me it was taken care of, I should not be responsible for the reconnection fee.


Anyway, can't wait until when we move and get a different phone service, one that has decent customer service hopefully.

I' haven't had many problems with this service, I usually pay through the automated system... but most of the time when I try talking to an agent to ask any kind of question, I either get the runaround or they're outright rude.


Cingular sucks

This happened a few minutes ago and first thought when she began screaming at me, "This is soooo going to Bad Service." I even had the window open as she began screaming at me.

I am not going to pay over $800 in fees to Cingular for an account that has been cancelled since October 2005 when I owed a ZERO balance. I never signed any contracts with Cingular to extend my service with them. I waited for my AT&T contract to end before terminating my account with them. It's not my fault that AT&T and Cingular branches don't talk to each other. As far as I'm concerned, my account AND service agreement was with AT&T and when Cingular and AT&T merged all I had was shitty service (like my phone going into roam from one room into the next or no service on a certain stretch of road despite a cellphone tower being on the same stretch of road). When I paid my bill online (on the Cingular site) they (Cingular) would call and tell me they NEVER got my payment (despite the online site showing a payment WAS made and WAS recieved). I waited until October to cancel my service so someone explain to me, how all of a sudden I owe over $800 to Cingular for cell phone service from November 2005 to March 2006 when the phones HAD no service?

And the woman on the phone wouldn't listen to me at all and kept screaming that I DID sign a contract with Cingular after the merger. I NEVER signed anything, let alone recieved any such contract. She was bitchy and not helpful at all and continued to scream at me while I tried to explain to her what I explained above. Finally I told her, "I'm sorry but I don't talk to people who scream at me. I'm hanging up now" and hung up on her. I should have told her that I'd be posting it here in Bad Service.