April 25th, 2006


Update on Post

Thats the best link I could find-the new layout is throwing me off. I posted about how they didnt call in my prescription.
I finally got them to call it in-Im unsure I am happy with the doctor though-not just because of one prescription failed to be called it, but the whole situation of not even being able to contact my doctor personally-it was all voicemail or nurses giving me the runaround.
But Im too tired to think about switching now. But thanks for all the advice and stuff :)
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Home Depot..and an usual type of bad service

I have a balcony garden of like 5 different vegetables and 4 or 5 more herbs/spices... I planted everything from seeds, except for some Romaine lettuce, which I bought as babies at Home Depot and transplanted them.

Everything was growing great, until the lettuce head at the far right back corner of the garden slowly withered and died. I was confused, I thought maybe because of its location it didn't have enough light or something, and that theory was somewhat supported when the three nearest lettuces to the one that had died started to wither down too. I moved them closer to the sun but with no results.
This morning, one of the newly-dying ones was dead enough for me to give up hope and uproot it for an autopsy. The base was covered in a cottony white mold, which I researched and found something which has symptoms that perfectly match what happens.

Home Depot sold me lettuce that was infected with White Mold/ Lettuce Drop.

Not only is my lettuce probably doomed, but the disease is infectious to several (many?) other crops in my garden. Thanks a freaking lot, Home Depot, my garden is now f**ked.
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does fedex ever knock, or do they just come here for fun? i don't think they even bother bringing the packages with them. here i am, on my day off, waiting for a package...i go outside and i have a door tag! apparently they were here five minutes ago! except if they had so much as touched the door, my dogs would have gone nutso.

and of course there is no way to get the guy to turn around and come back. all i can do is call this number and talk to a robot who doesn't understand my door tag number. "help me understand you" it says. argh.

Bad service on my old companies part...

The post below reminded me of the electric company I used to work for. I won't name them, but I'll just say that they are based in Texas, and when Hurricane Katrina happened, a lot of the victims relocated there. So here are some bad service that I witnessed when I was a CSR there:

Evacuee's got free electric for a year, except there were a lot of steps in order to complete the process (they would have to sign up in their name, and the City of H---- would take over their account and pay for it). There were so many instances in which the evacuees would call because they received a disconnection notice since they thought their bills were taken care of. We were advised to tell them that in order to keep their services on, they would have to pay the disconnection notice amount. (Part of the reason I quit, was because it was so horrible telling someone that we basically couldn't help them, and pay us with money you don't really have.)

So pobrecitos, and I felt really bad about that. This was even months ago (Sept-Nov 05 range)

/end rant.

Insurance woes

I used to get my car insurance through Liberty Mutual. They were a great company, but, sadly, they were bought out by TD Bank. Now, I'm sure that Toronto Dominion is a great bank, but I now know that they are idiots when it comes to insurance.

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The Phone Company Idiots

I live in an apartment complex. There are 8 units in my building. Several of us who live here are disabled in one way or another. Our telephones are vital to us.

The Wednesday before Easter, I heard a message on my answering machine stating, "Your line is now clear." I found this a bit odd because there was nothing wrong with my phone. So I ignored the message.

I suddenly stopped getting phone calls. I was calling people but no one was calling me. Finally on Friday someone I called asked my why their caller ID had the name "Bette" on it with a number that was not mine. It turned out that the woman who lives directly above me had been without a phone for over a week, and when they "repaired" her line, they ran it into my apartment.

Late Friday, they came back out and actually fixed her line and totally disconnected mine. I called and raised hell and the manager that I talked to said that he would expidite the repair because it was "their" fault. It should be taken care of by Sat evening. It wasn't. I called back and was told that there was no repair ticket open at all on my line, and that there would be no one working on Easter Sunday who could repair it.

Fast forward to late Monday afternoon. Repairman comes and I finally get my phone back. That evening I called my other upstairs neighbor to let her know that I would not be using her phone any more. (I had plugged a cordless into her line so I would have emergency phone access) and her phone was now out of order. The idiot who repaired mine had disconnected her's.

Tuesday afternoon another repairman shows up. This time everyone in the building made him check their phone before we would allow him to leave.
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A minor incident

My friend and I went for brunch one Sunday. We were going to a Bookcrossing meeting and we decided to head for some muchies beforehand. All was going rather well. Nice service, good food. The place was starting to get a little busy (it was coming up for 1pm, meeting was at 2pm) so we decided to get our bill. I asked the waiter for the bill and it was brought over to our table.

Then the waiter stood over us while we decided how we were paying the bill.

This flustered us a little bit and we felt a little embarassed fumbling around in our purses. I had done some people watching while we were having our brunch and I hadn't really seem him or the other waiters do that with other customers. My friend had been there before with her mum and she said it wasn't usual for waiters to hover over you while the bill was being paid.

A part of me suspected that they may have suspected my friend and I would do a runner. She looks young for her age (she's 22) and I do a little bit as well. Things like that have happened in a few other places e.g. sitting us far away from the door etc. But maybe thats me just being paranoid.

I passed the brunch place on the way home today and it reminded me of the above story.
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Dear Cashier at Coles,

You were friendly enough and certainly made a passable effort to pretend you cared how my day way, but I'd really appreciate it if you didn't put tins of soup on top of my fruit and vegetables. Particularly as Cyclone Larry destroyed the majority of our country's fruit supplies and your company seems to think that $6 a kilo is an acceptable price to pay for bananas.

No love,

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Dear bank:

Enough with the service fees. Enough with changing the fees leaving me to go "huh?" when I check my statement and find a service charge on my account. I will be leaving you in about a month, when I head off to the Navy and use their bank which is getting rave reviews from the people who hold accounts with them.

Yes, I will still need to have a checking account with a civilian bank so that the boy can have a back-up fund for bills etc. since the apartment company won't give us a discount because one of the lease signers is going off to the Navy for the next few years. But, it won't be with you, dear bank! No, it will be with the bank that the boy uses, because a) he used to work for them, and b) they appear to have better deals going on at first glance.

This isn't a new thing...but it is now rather aggravating. There is no response to e-mails sent nor the on line service request form; I had called them and talked to a live human about looking into the fact that I deposited a check and it never went through and nothing happened. She said "yes, I'm sending out a request now because I am unable to help you at this level" and, well, nothing.

So, bye-bye, sucky bank that is rapidly taking over all the banks in the US!
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