April 24th, 2006


I hate to post this because I have always received stellar service from Borders before this incident. I special ordered a book that I needed to have as soon as possible like yesterday and kept repeating over and over how badly I needed this book that that I needed to be called the day it came in so I could go pick it up. I was reassured that it would take a few weeks because they didn't have it at their warehouse but I would be called the moment they got it.
I waited and waited and waited and nothing so I began calling them and I'm sorry to say a lot but I really needed this book and again they said they would call me as soon as they got it in. I told them (four and a half weeks later)last Friday that I would be out of town at my parents for the week and could they please call their number because my cell didn't get service there they assured me they would so off I went.
On Wednesday I got a call from a friend who had needed the same book and ordered hers with me (and left on vacation the day before me) and didn't stop calling them everyday and was informed that day that our books had been in for longer than the 30 days and we needed to go get them now or they would restock them.
I was almost 6 hours away and it wasn't really an option to drive all that way so I called them and asked if they could hold it one more day and they said that they wouldn't and I had 30 days to get it and I never bothered to. I told them that not only was I never called to inform me that they book was in but I had called several times to see if it was in and was always told that it wasn't. He said he found that really hard to believe and that if I still wanted the book it would be on the shelf. So I got in my car and drove the almost 6 hours and got my book and again asked when I was being rung up why I wasn't called when the book came in.
The girl just responded that "stuff happens, you know". Yeah but that wouldn't help me if they sold my book to someone else because I have no idea how long it would take to get another in or if this would happen again.

Me: 2, Compunet Clinical Labs - 0

Okay, so after me writing directly to this scum company more than once over the years to tell them my insurance company verified they paid a claim that this scum company says I didn't, they finally decide to call the insurance company after I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Gee what did they find? The insurance company told them the claim *was not denied*. Duh.

As all scum companies do, they tried to make is sound like I got off on a technicality, though. "Since we cannot confirm that this claim was not paid we have closed the complaint." Good grief, you think it would kill them to admit they made a mistake. I'll still sue the bastard who runs this company for libel if it shows up on a credit report again. And I already told my doctor never to submit labwork for me to this company again. This is the second time they've tried to double-bill me!

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I decided to return a skirt I'd purchased at Marices because once I got home, I realized that it had a billion little threads coming out of it in the underlayer of the skirt that I hadn't noticed while trying on.  For $36 I'm not going to wait around until it frays itself to pieces.

As I enter the store, I smile at the cashier, set my bag on the counter, and tell her the reason I am returning it.  Saying nothing, she nods and scans my reciept.  That's when the fun begins.

Her:  Can I have your phone number?
Me: Uh, why?
Her:  It's just corporate policy.
Me: ...Why the policy?
Her:  Huh? *confused, slightly annoyed look*
Me:  I really don't want to be bothered by telemarketers.  *smiles to try to ease the tension*  You can't be too careful, y'know?
Her:  Fine, then you need to fill this out.  Put your name and address at the bottom.
Me:  Ma'am, I don't mean to be a nuissance, but --
Her:  LISTEN, if you want to return an item to this store, you have to fill out this customer information.
Me:  *slightly taken aback*  ...Okay.

I made up an address and put it down.  I guess she was just following orders from higher up, but her tone was very rude and forceful.  It was almost like she suspected I was trying to out of giving away my personal information because I was running some kind of scam on the store. O.o When I finished, she asked if I wanted to look around for something else instead. I was quick to tell her no thank you, I'll just take cash.  I'm not giving my business to a store that doesn't respect its customers.

Can someone please explain the logic behind the Cable monopolies?

Why is it that we can't choose our cable company? We can only choose cable or satellite? Why Why Why!?!
I'm sure that by the end of this phone call I may have made customers_suck but jesus people. Cox Cable needs to go DOWN.

I moved this week. In San Diego if you live South of I-8 you are in Cox Country. North of I-8 you get Time Warner. I don't care what anyone else says. I love Time Warner. The only part where TW sucks is that they insist on doing (free!) home installation of services, which means that you just have to think ahead when ordering service. At my old place I had the DigiPic On Demand 4000 w/ Roadrunner package. $140 (post taxes) a month got me high speed internet, a DVR, HBO, Cinimax, Showtime, Starz, pretty much everything but the porn. All the On Demands I could ever want. Maybe it's overkill, but I never had to say "damn I don't get that channel".

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What the hell is wrong with this company? First I get the wrong cable box. Then I get a defective cable box. Now they want me to pay to have them fix their problems?
And why can I not find their complaint line on their website? All I get is their generic Customer Support page. It's just plain old bad business.

And on a side note, is there any real logic to the goverment allowing these mini cable monopolies? Why can't I still be a Time Warner customer?

PUD (electric company)

Less then two weeks ago we paid, our home bill, a little under $1,000. Today we had to pay our electric bill again, $515.58. Our next bill, according to them, is over $600 and due in less than two weeks. -_-

I swear, I have NEVER seen our electric bill UNDER $400. Yes, we pay our bills but dammit - why the hell is our electric bill always over $400 AND why are we paying between $500 - $1000 each month in electric? Really, why? It pisses me off that we have two weeks to pay the $600+ or else we'll be disconnected. I am so sick of paying such a high bill and NO ONE - not even them who came out to inspect our house - knows WHY our bills are so outrageous. I keep saying it HAS to be the meter itself and that has to be inspected and replaced by the PUD (state law).

In the two years we've spent over $20,000 in electricty. There is simply no fucking way we could have wasted THAT much electricity. Even when NOTHING is on but the basics (water heater, brand new - replaced last year; fridge, brand new bought last Feb) the meter is spinning like crazy!

Oh and my favorite was - last year - we had two totally different bills from them (within as many days) and yet when we called them about it we get told, "their computers NEVER make mistakes" despite the fact that their computers crash ALL the time (every time I've called their computers are down) and that we got two totally different bills (one was for something like $250 while the other was for over $500).


Every single time I go down there or try to get a manager to talk to I'm always talked to as if I NEVER pay my bills. Hello!? I'm paying them around $1000 a month.

Oh just looked at the reciept.

Previous payment $998. Current payment made $515.58. Current balance $690.61.


Icelandair (via Expedia)

Okay, I booked a flight and hotel for my vacation to Iceland in a few weeks via Expedia.
The tickets are paperless, you just kind of check-in at the desk... and in the confirmation email with my intinerary they pretty much recommended that I call and check in with my hotel and airline directly, ESPECIALLY for an international destination. (And, why wouldn't I, really? That's just a smart thing to do when you're using a third party booking service. )

Anyway, the call to the hotel was perfectly fine, but when I called

Rep: Thanks for calling Icelandair, this is XXXX.
Me: Hi, I booked a vacation to Iceland through Expedia, and I wanted to confirm my flight reservation with your airline.
Rep: *pause* Why?
Me: Because I used an outside booking service, and they recommend confirming your flight and hotel directly.
Rep: Oh, you can do that the day you leave.
Me: That seems a little late to make sure my flight is actually reserved...
Rep: Well didn't Expedia send you a confirmation email?
Me: Yes, but the tickets are paperless, and in the email they recommend calling the airline directly. Especially for international flights.
Rep: Well if Expedia sent you an email you should be okay.
Me: That's probably true, but I'm spending a lot of money and I'd just like to have direct confirmation.
Rep: LOOK, if you don't trust Expedia then you shouldn't have booked a vacation through them to begin with.
*I started getting pretty mad and I think the representative caught onto the fact that I wasn't going to take this crap and would probably get her in trouble. She immediately changed her tone and asked for my last name. It took all of TEN SECONDS for her to confirm my reservation in her computer. So WHY didn't she just do that in the first place?
I get really bitter about these things, I kind of still want to call back and talk to someone about it...

wtf O_o

My sister relayed this to me.

She was researching medical insurance rates--for a nanny position she's being hired for, trying to figure out that if the family couldn't pay some of the insurance, if she could. (woo, run-on) She found a website that required contact information for registration, and got quotes online.

For a few days after that, she's gotten calls about insurance. Today, she received a phone call on our HOME phone from a guy about her insurance quotes.

Phone: *rings*
Sister: *answers*
Guy: Hi, yes. This is Blah Blah with Blah Blah and I'm calling about the email you sent, regarding insurance quotes?
Sister: ...I never emailed anyone about insurance quotes, sorry.
Phone: *hangs up*

A few minutes pass.

Phone: *rings*
Sister: *answers*
Phone: *hangs up*

A minute or two go by.

Phone: *rings*
Dad: *picks up phone and puts it back down*

A minute goes by.

Phone: *rings*
Dad: *picks up phone and puts it back down*

Seriously. 1) Incredibly rude and unprofessional way to talk to someone. 2) WHO CALLS BACK LIKE THAT!?

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This isn't terribly bad service, but it just made my day kind of sucky :(

I called Planned Parenthood about obtaining low-cost birth control and was told I could just come in and fill out a form for it. I got there and filled out my initial "reason for visit" slip and explained to the receptionist that I just wanted to obtain the form, so she made me an appointment with a counselor at 1:30pm and told me that the application process would only take about fifteen minutes.

I read the sign that stated that walk-in's would have a longer wait, etc, and to not be discouraged if other people go in before you. I'm perfectly okay with that, so I wait. An hour goes by since my appointment was supposed to be called. I went back up to the front desk to ask if by chance my name had been skipped over, and the receptionist kept trying to hand me a new patient slip, telling me that I had just come in (repeatedly, until she finally realized that I'd been here for an hour past my appointment time) and then proceeded to shout (literally) at me that I needed to go sit down and wait. About an hour later (it's almost 3:30 by this point), she called me back up to the desk and said "Oops! I forgot to tell the counselor you had an appointment, looks like you'll have to reschedule!"

I do realize that clinics such as these usually have a long wait time, but there really was no excuse for her forgetting my appointment altogether, or for yelling at me :/.