April 23rd, 2006


A short bad service story about hot dogs

This one is from my parents...

Last Sunday, my parents went to Giant to buy their groceries for the week. My mom always checks the Giant ad from the Sunday paper every week and makes a list of everything that she wants that's on sale. Last week, a brand of hot dogs that they like (Ballpark, I think? We'll say it's Ballpark) was on sale. The ad said, "Ballpark Hot Dogs: Buy One, Get One Free! All Varieties."

So they go to the store, and my dad picks up two packs of low-fat, turkey-and-pork Ballpark hot dogs. Again, the sign above the hot dogs was "Ballpark Hot Dogs: Buy One, Get One Free! All Varieties."

They go to check out, and the hot dogs don't ring up as on sale. My dad tells the cashier that they should be on sale, and she calls a manager-type on her phone to check on the price of the hot dogs. The manager calls back and tells the cashier this:

"The price is only good for Ballpark hot dogs with meat in them."

My dad at this point is kind of cranky, and counters, "Well, what do you call TURKEY and PORK then?!"

And the poor cashier asks her manager over the phone, and relays the message that "Turkey isn't considered 'meat.'"

My parents ended up just not buying the hot dogs because it was too much of a hassle... but it was irritating for them, and I was a bit o.O myself when they told me about it. Here's what bothers me about it:

1. The ad clearly said "ALL VARIETIES." So did the sign above the hot dogs. So what's the issue? Either they're mislabeled, or they're SUPPOSED to be on sale. It seems like the manager just made up a random reason for them not ringing up properly rather than accept the fact that someone made a mistake...

2. Even if you don't consider turkey a "meat," (what do you call it then? Poultry? Fruit? Vegetable?) the hot dogs still had PORK in them. Last I checked, that's a meat.

This ended up being way longer than I expected, hehe. Stupid Giant and their hot dogs.

But I *DID* pay!!!!

Every single month for the last three plus years, I've called in my payment to Carmax. (One of those "Call us and we'll print the check for you from your account" kinds of things.)

This includes the last five months. But, regular as clockwork since January, I call in on the 15th (my payment is due on the 21st) and do my payment. It clears. Then, right around the 5th, I get a letter reminding me I hadn't paid. Around the 6th, I send the letter back attached to a copy of the cancelled check (my credit union puts them all online for easy access).

Then, on the 15th, the cycle repeats itself.

Five months in a row, I've gotten a "reminder" to pay a bill I had already paid. Grr . . . But at least my car is still there every morning when they think I'm a deadbeat. (I don't think they can repo for being allegedly one payment late, anyway.)

(Luckily, I only have 4 payments left, so I won't have to put up with this much longer. But something is clearly screwed up with their computer.)
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Worst McDonalds Ever.

Ok, it's almost a fact that fast food resteraunts will mess up your order sometimes. I normally order a plain hamburger with the rest of my meal, and so I always check it, because it's an unusual order (And a lot of people are really stupid... "You want cheese on that plain hamburger?" NO!)

I normally don't mind, because fast food places are usually all rush rush, and if you explain the problem they fix it immediately.

However this one time, my friends and I (5 of us total) did a midnight run through a McDonalds drive through. We needed to split the order, because we were all paying by debit. We asked if this was fine, and they had no problem with it.

So we all make our orders, get cited a price, and drive up to the next window. We all proceed to pay, and the guy working there hands us two bags. While we're waiting, we check those two bags, and find that both orders are wrong. One guy was missing his drink and fries, while the other guy had been given two of the wrong burgers.
No big deal we think, we'll just get them to fix it when they bring the next batch.
Five minutes pass, so we knock on the window. The guy working there pops it open and asks us what we're still doing there.
Hello? Where's the rest of our food? We all payed for our food seperately, how did you miss three orders?
We explain the problem (our missing orders and the incorrect ones) and he huffs off to make more food. He passes us three more bags, only one of which is correct, and still fails to correct the original mistakes.

We complain again, he brings us more food, but still fails to fix everything. In the end, he practically threw food in our window and told us to get lost.

I wouldn't have had such a problem with it if he hadn't been generally rude, acting like us being their was such an inconvienience the whole time.