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The Center for Cultural Interchange (CCI)

Not only did we host a HORRIBLE exchange student for a month and a half (drug addiction to beta-blockers that he took for anxiety, stealing, lying, severe depression) but they LIED about why he was moved from his first host family. Our CCI rep told us that the host family heard a noise outside, got guns, told the brat to hide and ran outside. She claimed he was in a dangerous situation and he needed a new host family right away. It was a lie. When I asked him about it, he had no idea what I was talking about. He was moved because of his severe behavior problems, flunking all of his classes, refusing to speak or participate in every aspect of life. He did the exact same thing here and our Area Rep wouldn't help at all. Everytime she'd call, he was in bed asleep because that's all he did. Come home from school and go straight to bed until morning. If we made him stay up, he pouted and refused to speak to us. He was supposed to be on academic probation from flunking all his classes in Texas but our Area Rep decided not to file the paperwork because she wanted to give him another chance. He flunked every class here too, including Art. How do you flunk Art? We took him to Disney, to Seaworld, to holiday events and he wouldn't speak, wouldn't participate, nothing. He snuck around the house in the middle of the night and ended up drinking all of my cooking alcohol while we were asleep.
Long story short, we told the area rep to come get him We waited longer than we should have because the Area Rep kept saying that if he screwed up at our house then he would be sent home. We felt sorry for him and kept trying to talk to him and work with him. When we gave up, she wouldn't take him. She wanted us to wait a little while longer. When we said no, she told us that she couldn't come get him. When we told her that she comes and does her job or we drop him off at the police station, she finally came for him. On January 13th.I went to the school and told them that he was not staying with us and that we weren't responsible for anything he did at the school (because our Area Rep lied to us once again and had found him a new host family).
Today I get a bill from the school. $277.69 for his textbooks that he never turned in.
I. Am. SO. Pissed. Off!
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I had brunch today at one of my favorite restaurants. I've been eating there fairly regularly for nine years. The food, as always, was superb. The restaurant, as always on weekends, was packed. So I was not bothered by the fact that the woman who took my order and delivered my food never found time to check on me, or to ask whether I wanted anything else. She did come by once to refill my coffee, but she did not say anything to me when she did so. Which is fine, because as I said, the restaurant was very busy.


About five minutes after I finished my meal, the other server, who had also refilled my coffee once (also silently), came to my table to clear my plates, and give me my check. I stopped him, and said that I would like a piece of coffee cake... and he got huffy. He told me that he would bring me my coffee cake, but I should have ordered it with my original order, because now I've held up the table and they need it to seat more customers. I told him that I had been waiting for someone to come and ask me whether I wanted anything else, and I could hardly be blamed that nobody did so. He went away, and shortly brought me my coffee cake.

I ate the cake without dawdling, and went to the counter to pay (not wishing to hold up the table waiting for my check to be delivered). I gave a 21% tip, and attempted to explain that I had not meant to camp out at the table, I was only waiting for my server to ask whether I needed anything else, because I couldn't know whether I had room for dessert until after I'd eaten my meal, could I? The cashier - who was also the server who gave me my check and told me I'd been holding up the table - brusquely informed me that it was not their policy to ask diners whether they wanted to add to their order before delivering the check. I admitted that apparently was the case, but that it had not been that way at that restaurant in the past, and then I left.

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Bad Bus Service

this is my first post here - hi

i go from place to place via public transit and usually the bus drivers are very helpful and nice. if you knwo them quite well they will get you as close to your stop as possible (even though they're not supposed to). they're usually pretty awesome.

but then today i got this guy

firstly i want to explain that busses are not supposed to pick up up or drop you off just anywhere. only at a designated bus stop. again if you ride them enough and they knwo you and you're on friendly terms with them (the drivers), they'll let you off where you ask them as long as it doesnt take them out of their route. anyway today this bus stops about about 10 feet AWAY from the stop, passing me up. no problem it happens i just walk to the bus.

me: morning. all day please
bd: (ignoring my greeting, talking on cellphone)

the ticket comes up and i take it

me: thank you
bd: (ignoring me, talking on cellphone)

this is 10 minutes later, i get off at my stop

me: thanks
other people getting off at stop: thanks/take it easy/catch you back around...
bd: (ignore, ignore - talk on cellphone)

i'm not even sure what bothered me more.. that he was talking on the phone and driving or that he didnt even acknowledge that people had spoken to him
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