April 21st, 2006

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Res Life

The recent post about the residential life office at a university took me back in time to my own dealings with res life at my alma mater.

When I was a freshman and moved into the dorms, my roommate, my suite mate, and I saw that our bathroom was totally ICK. Stained walls with mold in some corners. So gross. The sliding glass door on the shower was also wobbly on its track.

The res life materials said we should not attempt repairs on our own.

As we were just naive, bright eyed freshman, we went to the front desk in our dorm to request the bathroom be painted and the sliding door be fixed. Our request fell on deaf ears. We called a few times to follow-up. Nothing.

Shortly thereafter, as I was getting out out of the shower, the sliding glass door crashed in on me. I was SO lucky the glass did not break. I was trapped though in the very small bathroom because of the way the door landed. I eventually had to kind of vault over the door using the towel rack to help me pull myself. It was awful.

We called to complain and, get this, they said they would not fix the shower door because it would just "break again".


Then we went out to the hardware store and bought some tools and mildew resistant primer and paint. Hell yes we attempted repair ourselves even though we weren't supposed to. We straigtened out the track on the sliding door and sanded off the mildew then painted. The work didn't quite match in color and looked patchwork, but at least it was CLEAN.

Interestingly enough, some maintanace guys had to come into our bathroom a few months later to check things out because of a leak upstairs. They asked about the paint job and we explained the whole situation. They were pretty shocked at the administration's response with regard to the door and that they hadn't painted (or even sent anyone to look). Within a week, our entire bathroom had been repainted and they had looked at the sliding door (which we had repaired well as it turned out). Even if the dorm administration sucked, the maintenance guys rocked!
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work....Enough Said....

Wow, where do i start. lets see if i can do this in a timeline for less confusion. pay close attention to the dates..

July 29th: Injured pushing a cart, killed my knee.
July 30th: go to doctors (on site), fill out report with my manager naming my lead as the cause (she wouldnt let me have help pushing the several 100lb cart), he choses not to put her in the report. im required to do a slightly modified version of my current job, which said lead ignores. I call my union, they do nothing...
Aug-Oct: doctor weekly, physical therapy for an unknown problem with my knee. Modified lifting at work. this is on my own time, im not paid extra for this...union still doing nothing....
Oct: Doctor gives up, orders an X-Ray, shows nothing.
Nov: Doctor orders an MRI, shows nothing, since i have healed from whatever was wrong, but still in pain, reason unknown. Put on transitional duty, meaning greeter at stores, letter stuffer, etc, against my will.
December: Sent to a specialist. He orders a special knee brace. I try and pick it up several times, has me working the exact hrs my dr is open to pick it up. I try and change shifts but since im in transitional duty i cant. Also not allowed to pick up extra shifts for more money... I decide to wait till next dr appt.
January: Show up for my specialist appt. Try the door, its locked. I knock, no one answers. I go home to call, they say the dr has moved but they dont know where. I go to work 30mins early to explain to them what happened. They spend 30mins trying to track them down. the lady yells at me cuz im not at my location (5 mins before i start)...
Mid January: Forced un-documented medical leave, still cant find my specialist, try and switch doctors. Lots of paperwork, no one returning my constant calls. They wont tell me if the medical leave is paid or not, luckily it is. Also, many calls to my nurse case manager, who never answers or returns my calls, same with workers comp......
Late Feb: I get a call they FINALLY tracked down my doctor. I make an appt....he still doesnt have my knee brace.....he orders physical therapy for me. Im on medical leave , so i cant get backstage so i cant go to their physical therapy, so i try and make it with his. they have to get it approved by them first.
March: Therapy not approved yet....physical therapy calling them daily, as am i. nobody responds.
Mid March: Dr appt gets changed. I get a call the next day asking where i am, my shift started at 2pm. I explain the dr note means i cant go back to work till they approve it, so im not supposed to be working. they say i get points for not being there. I get put on undocumented medical leave, yelled at by like 10 people (10 different phone calls to figure this out) and a letter in the mail saying if i dont have a dr note by "insert date here" im fired.
Early April: Physical therapy FINALLY approved!
Last Week: Dr appt. Dr says i dont come see him till i complete 12 physical therapy appts. Nurse giving me note to give to them says she has to make the appt and says May 9th. My dr is out of town that day, the appt doesnt go through but is already on paper. I go to turn in my note and explain.

Me: ok, im supposed to have my next dr appt after i finish 12 physical therapy sessions. May 9th isnt supposed to be on there, it means nothing.
her: when is your next dr appt.
Me: there isnt one schedualed...::explains again::
her: when is your next dr appt?
Me: explains again
her: when is the next dr appt?
me: ok fine, its may 9th, but its going to be changed to later in may.
her: well may 9th we need a new drs note.
me: AHHHHHHHHHH (inside my head)

3 Days ago: I get a call from works physical therapy, saying they got paperwork from my dr and want to schedual physical therapy for me on site.I was told by like 5 people who were supposed to be handling my case that i could not have it there, which is why it took over a month to get approved for off-site physical therapy. Thats an extra month of 2/3 of my salary, which is barely enough to live off of, and the inability to get a second job.

As far as my knee goes, i lost 90% of muscle control on the inside of my left knee. It causes the left muscle to make the kneecap pull to the left, causing it to be out of place and grind. Now im going through a lot of painful stuff to get it back....all because they took several months for an MRI they should have done the following week.
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I'm not sure if I'm being too picky about this, but it kind of made me go O__o

I work at Bath & Body Works in the mall. Before work, I tend to go to Chik-Fil-A to grab a bite to eat, especially when I'm closing and won't get off until after 10:00. I'm always really nice and patient, so I'm hardly a customers_suck candidate, but today I was... well, perturbed.

I waited in line for about 10 minutes (normal, since it's a Friday night and they get busy near dinnertime) and then walk up to the register so I can place my order. The guy looks at me, then starts to fill a bunch of cups with ice, then slooowly fills each with a drink. So I'm like, "OK, cool. I don't have to be at work for another 20 minutes." So I waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, some girl (I think her nametag said crew leader or something) comes up to the register next to the one I'm standing in front of, looks at me, then looks directly at the woman behind me, and says, "I can help you."

This made me go a little "Uhh... wha?" Of course, I didn't say it out loud, but it caught me off guard and sort of frustrated me. The guy who had been filling drinks ran off to do something else (I'm not entirely sure what, he slipped off stealthily), so I waited a good 8 or 9 minutes longer while this girl was helping everyone but me. She even started taking people from the other line that had been standing there maybe 2 minutes. Eventually, the original guy came back to the register and took my order. He gave me the wrong soda, but that I could live with as long as it was diet.

Every other time I've been there, they've been nothing but nice and on top of things. I don't know what was with today and the girl who randomly decided to take a bunch of orders... but not mine. It's not something so drastic that I'm going to complain about it, because it's not like it's a pattern or anything, but it was frustrating. I'm not broken up over this, don't get me wrong. Simply a little perplexed.
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