April 20th, 2006


Medical bad service

My older sister told us this story last night. Jaws dropped.

When Sis was 17 (nearly 10 years ago now) she wanted to be put on the Pill for birth control reasons. She didn't want to go to our GP because, although she knew he couldn't break confidentiality, she thought it would be a bit awkward since he'd been her doctor since she was five.

So she rang a new doctor's surgery, explained she was a new patient and asked if they could take her on for just one appointment.

The receptionist said "May I ask what this is about?"

"Um... sorry?"

"Why do you want to see [doctor]? What issue is it regarding?"

Sis managed to stammer: "Um, I was wondering if I could get a prescription for the Pill..."

The receptionist snorted "Well I'm sorry, we don't do THAT kind of thing in THIS doctor's surgery!" and hung up on her.

What. The. Fuck? If they weren't taking on new patients at all, it'd be one thing... but... *shakes head* The Pill is perfectly legal, and my sister was over the age of consent (not that they asked her or anything, they had no way of knowing how old she was or what sort of circumstances she was in.) Plus, the Pill isn't just used because you're a dirty, dirty whore who has sex as birth control.

Naturally, my sister didn't exactly complain about it, she was thoroughly humiliated.

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At around 12:30 I decided I really needed to eat some fast food. I'm also visting my Dad who lives in the sticks of Ohio. So, it was quite a journey to Burger King needless to say.

I ordered four cheese burgers and some chicken tenders (I don't eat the hamburger buns) and that was it. I pulled up to the window and waited about 5 minutes. The entire time the guy who rung me up is joking with his boss. This wouldn't have bothered me until I touched my hamburgers and they were cold. It felt like they had been sitting in a refrigerator for a while.

About 5 miles up the road I realized they had also forgotten my chicken tenders but charged me for them. I wasn't going to drive back there over a dollar so I kept going. Shame on you, Burger King!

I drove 15 some odd miles for missing chicken tenders and cold burgers.
Elmo is sad

Reslife Woes

Our university's residential life department is notoriously inconsiderate and evil, primarily due to the director that was hired several years back. Many people have attempted to get this woman fired, but to no avail. Their primary problem is a general and total lack of concern with student needs, and more of an obsession with creating as little hassle for themselves as possible. I've had several dealings with them in the past, and every time I wonder why in the world the administration hasn't done anything about them.

Last summer I volunteered as a student teacher, which meant that I returned to college a week early for an orientation program. Since this was before the normal move-in date, I called res life to ask when the dorms would be opened for us and when I could expect to move in. Paraphrased because I can't remember the exact dialogue:

Me = moi!
MRA = moronic reslife assistant

Me: *dials reslife* Hi there. I'm a volunteer teacher and I need to return to school early for an orientation program on August 25th. Since I need to book a roundtrip plane ticket home and back, I was wondering if you could tell me when our earliest move-in date would be? (Note: this was apprx. two weeks before our deadline for move-out)
MRA: You'll need to talk to the director for that (Note in the second: I don't know why I would have to talk to her head for this info. It's just a simple date)
Me: Okay. Is there an extension I can reach her at?
MRA: No, she's not available right now.
Me: Is there a better time for me to call back?
MRA: Well, she's very busy at the moment. She won't be able to speak with you for two weeks.
Me: .......But we're not at school any longer then.
MRA: Yeah, well we are.

Seriously WTF? I ended up having to guess at the return date when booking the tickets and ended up having them two days early. Fortunately I was able to stay at my friends' apartment for that extra time, but I still thought that it was a moronic and ridiculously unhelpful way to handle a simple question.

They've also attempted to screw us over on a larger scale. I currently live in a special-interest house of wonderfully crafty individuals... although we're on-campus housing we operate outside of the housing distribution system and chose our own members based on compatibility and the fact that we have extra duties that we all must volunteer to preform. However, upon returning from winter break last year, we were surprised to find that reslife had magically stuck a clueless boy in an unfilled slot (left vacant by someone who dropped out). We were shocked of course and so was he when he realized what entailed living here. Furthermore, we have a heavy screening process because there is a large amount of trust in our house - we leave our doors unlocked, rely on each other to do our jobs, etc. Needless to say, that he demanded to be moved and we complained to reslife about this bizarre mistake on their part. But surprise surprise, in another effort to stick as many students as possible in rooms, the very next day they sent a new girl to live here. Sent her here, gave her they keys to her room without informing her new roommate (university policy) - who might I add she walked in on while in bed with her boyfriend. Another call to complain to reslife, demanding to know why of all things they didn't even inform us of these new students or this new policy. The answer? They couldn't reach anyone in from the house all winter. Nope. All fifteen of us unavailable.

God, go to hell and try to help some people other than yourselves for once..