April 18th, 2006

Kaorin RAAAH

The best part of waking up...IS UNAUTHORIZED ROAMING ON YOUR BILL

There's nothing better than waking up to check your cell phone bill and finding a shitload of roaming charges to a phone number you don't recognize, to a city NINE GODDAMN HOURS AWAY.

What's even better is when you talk to a supervisor (after the first lady lectures you for five minutes simply because you slip up and drop the F-bomb because the stupid bitch says "It's only $13.50 in charges, it's not that much to worry about!" OMG RAGECAR BLING BLING) and are told "NO YOUR PHONE COULD NOT HAVE BEEN HACKED ITS IMPOSSIBLE ZOMG YOUR STOOPID AND DONT KNOE HOW TU WERK YR FONE ELEVENTYONE11!!!"

Then call back five minutes later and get another person who says "Yes, it sounds like your phone has been hacked, let me put you in touch with our Network Fraud department."

I swear, competency and niceness are not required for Sprint's customer service, though when you do find someone who IS both competent AND nice, it's definitely worth putting up with the bullshit.

Letter to my Apartment complex

Good Morning,
I am writing to you in regards to the notice that was left on our door after 5:10pm last night. This notice informed us that there would be a Verizon contractor in our apartment on 4/18 (today). It also asked us to lock up our pets and to clean out our closet for their convenience.
My fiancee and I did not get this notice until 9:30pm as we were out with some friends. Needless to say, by this time both your office and the contractor were unavailable for discussion.
I find the short notice for invasion of my home to be both rude and inconsiderate. Upon reading my lease I do see that you are allowed to let contractors into my home without my permission during "reasonable" hours, but there is no note on how much notice you are required to give.
I would submit to you that when requests such as locking up my pet and cleaning out my closet are made that 18 hours is insufficient notice of entry to my domicile.
I know that my frustration at this policy will likely fall on deaf ears. However, I felt that in order to curtail future indiscretions on your part, that I should make my displeasure known.

Please know that this incident will factor into my future considerations when deciding whether to stay with your community.
Your frustrated customer,
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Drug Test Question

Is it customary for a potential employer not to tell you WHY you failed a drug test?

I was trying to get a job around here as a cashier and I went in weeks ago to fill out an application and go take the test.

The tech didn't ask me any medications that I was on, to put on my form, of which I have several at any given time because I have a serious issue with my jaw.

I never heard back from the potential employer. I did notice that they had their ad up again so I inquired as to what exactly happened last time.

"When we send applicants to drug testing we usually hear a pass or not pass within a few days.  I can't look at any details but our HR department sent an email saying that you did not pass. "

How hard is it to send a letter saying what they found so you can defend yourself? Does any company ever tell you why? How about companies not tell you ANYTHING?
I've never failed a test for employment. I'm off-eased enough with my facial condition and the fact that I just moved to this state, and now thinking 'how many more times can this possibly happen'?
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Is this bad service?

So, over spring break we got some hail damage on my poor little car. We contacted the insurance company and set a date to have the damage repaired. I dropped my car off on April 1 for what I thought was going to be a five day job. Little did I know two weeks later it still wouldn't be finished.

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If they don't get moving on my car I may have to ask them to make my next car payment.

EDIT: I got my car back this morning. They seem to have done a beautiful job fixing it. They washed it and even vacuumed the inside for my! YAY! for a nice clean car!
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bad experiences, the french fry incident, bad service

bad service at the tattoo shop?

okay... i just got part II of my monster tattoo last night... and my issue is NOT with my tattoo artist. i love my tattoo guy! he rocks, and i would recommend him to anyone looking for some custom work.

my problem was with the receptionist or whatever she fancies herself as being. when we (gf and i) walked into the shop, she wasn't exactly welcoming us with open arms. when she asked for my ID, she acted like she really didn't care. we called on saturday and talked to the tattoo guy, and he said that coming in during the week would be better, so we called again yesterday afternoon to see if that was still a good plan, and he said yes... so she KNEW we were coming.

cut to the end of the ink session. artist says he wants to call it quits for the night, which was cool with me. he asks if $250 sounds reasonable for this session (he was working at another shop when i started this tat, and we mutually agreed on $100/hr. so last night, he only worked for 2.5 hrs.) i know she heard him say $250. but when i walked up to the desk to pay, she said, "oh, i can't run this until he comes back." never mind the fact that he was LESS THAN 5 FEET AWAY FROM THE DESK. then she proceeded to TURN THE VOLUME UP ON THE TV--like i was keeping her from watching WWE 'rasslin'. he says, "hey, it's $250 for that session, and can you schedule her for thursday evening?" she says, "are you SURE?" so i handed her my debit card to swipe, and after she swiped it, she threw it back at me. tattoo artist and i keep chatting for a bit, and then he says, "hey, do you have any cards for this shop?" i told him that i didn't think so, but i might have one from way back when i got pierced... and she made no motion to hand me a business card. he had to get up and get it himself.

i don't know what her problem was... i thought that maybe it was me... but my gf said that she was pretty rude to everyone that came in the shop. she also said that the desk chick was downright nasty to one guy in particular.

i'm curious to see if she's this rude on thursday night. it's a tattoo shop; i don't expect to hear "yes/no ma'am." but as big as my tattoo is, i DO expect to be treated decently by the staff. if that was my first experience with a tattoo place, i would have walked out of the door. bad vibes and body mods don't mix. so am i crazy, or was it bad?
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