April 15th, 2006


another dentist story...

I guess I'm a stress case... I grind my teeth at night. I went to a new dentist (based on location and convenience) in august of 2005. He didn't seem to notice that I was wearing my teeth down by grinding at night... therefore, I was not instructed to use a night guard. So, about 3 months ago... agonizing nerve pain when I would chew hard on this one tooth. I get it looked at...he tells me I have a cracked tooth... "it's possible you will lose it but we'll try putting a crown on it to save it" he tells me. Okay...schedule...get it done... wearing temp tooth until crown is ready. great. Get crown put on... holy shit... he cleaned off the tooth (ouch) then put cotton on the tooth to dry it out. When he put the cotton on I jump up in the chair crying hysterically and I actually squealed (as much as you can with a mouthfull of cotton). He yells at me "I HAVE to dry this out for the glue to stick". I have tears streaming down my face and now I'm shaking... part of me thinks I was going into shock. He yells at me to hold some tool to hold my tooth down... apparently I approached with the wrong hand and got yelled at. I'm shaking so bad I can barely hold on. I'm crying so hard I can't breathe and I'm doing that shaking breathing thing and I can barely keep my mouth still. He ignores it. Now he wants to fit my night guard by getting behind my head and FORCING my jaw up and down to get an impression onto the night guard. I'm in agony. "you are fighting me!! relax your jaw! I can't get this done if you keep fighting me!" I walked out 30 minutes later before he was done. Okay... there are more details but long story short, it took me taking my angry fiance up there to get some of our money back (he responded well when a man got in his face). Cut to a week later... talking about it to a customer, she had a very similar experience with the same dentist. If you live in the los angeles area, do not hesitate to contact me so I can give you his information so you can STAY AWAY. I may lose the tooth afterall... it may be from his negligence, but... we'll see!