April 12th, 2006

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Ok, first off this is by no means bad service, but more "what the hell just happened?" service.

I bought a Creative Zen Micro mp3 player in June of 2005, which started playing up in late October.. the sound was all crackly and distorted unless I twisted the headphones a certain way and held them down (I tried more than three sets of headphones).

Finally, I got off my arse and rang the company and they sent me out an RMA application form, which I filled out and mailed off. I got emailed my RMA number a day later. Anyway, I sent off my broken product in the middle of March 2006.

I never got a conformation email saying they received it or how long it would take to fix. I did not hear anything for three weeks, so I rang the company and some Indian guy with a VERY strong accent and quiet voicetold me they had received my player, they were working on it and I could expect to recieve it in 5 to 7 days. Fine...

I went to Uni and at about 2 o'clock, I had a lady ring me from Creative, telling me they were replacing my mp3 player and it should arrive today and what colour did I want, as they did not have pink in stock.

What happened to 5 to 7 days before they would send me my old one back? Huh Huh?

Bad Service at Pizza Hut

Ok, never posted here before, but this is worth it. I called our local Pizza Hut last night and decided to have it delivered to my house. No problem. I call them up, order a medium Pan Pizza and an order of Cheese Garlic Bread. Total is about 13 dollars, and I ask to pay with my credit card. Give the guy the number over the phone, and the expiration date, and all is set.

About 25 minutes later, the delivery driver arrives. I meet him on the porch, and he says he needs to see my credit card and drivers license. No problem, though I've never been asked this on a pizza delivery from anywhere else before. I go in the house and get the items and come back outside. He pulls out a credit card imaging maching and takes an image of my card - again, no problem, stores do this all the time when they don't swipe the card. I understand they need this in case something is not entered correctly in the computer.

Things go downhill from here - he copies my Driver's license number onto the card image - I think this is odd, but I can't say for sure at the time if they are allowed to do it or not, so I let it go. I sign my receipt, add a tip, and he breaks off the top copy of my receipt and hands me the receipt and the order. I ask the guy for a copy of the credit card image, and he tells me that I don't get one - this annoys me and I let him know that I should get a copy. I'm annoyed, but I let it go and take my order in the house. My wife and I get plates and this is when I realize the guy has delivered two pizza boxes, and two small bread boxes - obviously more than I ordered. I open the two boxes and one is my pizza, the second is an order of wings. Let's note that it's now late at night, and as much as I like wings, I'm just not in the mood for them.

Here's where things get very interesting. We are eating out pizza and there is a knock at the door - it's the Pizza guy. "I gave you an extra order of wings - can I have them back" - WHAT? I am thoroughly pissed at this point - hand the guy his order of wings and finish my dinner.

What was wrong -

1. It's not sanitary to deliver something to someone's house then come and take it back and deliver it to someone else. I'd like to know that my food was not contaminated or messed with by someone between the pizza shop and my house. I guess if I ever order from there again and I get a Pizza with a few slices missing, I'll know this is a common practice at this location.

2. I looked it up - It's against Visa rules to write down a driver's license number on a credit card sale. Serious chance of identity theft here.

3. If you are going to take an image of my card, I should get a copy of that receipt as well.

I have called Pizza Hut corporate and filed a complaint and also let Visa know of the violation of their practices. Corporate agreed that taking the wings back after they were delivered was not a good thing. I'm supposed to hear from a district manager in the next few days. I'll keep you posted.
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I was reminded of this incident with the pizza/wing tale. I love to tell this story but I've never told it here so . . . We were at Jack in the Box waiting for our order to be called. They called a number but I couldn't hear it clearly. I asked my husband if it was ours but someone else had already got up and took the food so we assumed it wasn't. It was odd because we were there before them but that happens sometimes, so OK. Meanwhile the people that took the food are munching on the fries and opening the sandwiches when they start to realize it's not their food. We're talking unwrap the sandwich and then lifting up the bun to see if it's what you ordered. So I am starting to figure out by watching them that they have our food. As they walk up to the front, I follow. I ask the guy behind the counter if that was my order. He says, yes it was here you go and hands me the food! I said, UhhhhhNO. Then dumbass asks me if there is a problem. I said, well, you mean other than the fact that they ate half the fries before they brought the food back and pawed through all of the sandwiches? Meanwhile, the person who took my food is looking at me all indignantly. Sorry, dude, I don't care how clean you think you are, I ain't eating that food. So the counter guy gets all huffy and says, fine, we'll make it again. Ya think?
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I earned a free $5 gift certificate from my work the other day for a job well done, yay! I walked down the street to Subway. I had to wait about ten minutes there were so many people there! I finally got my food and went to pay, and I handed the cashier my gift certificate and my debit card for the difference. As I was signing my receipt, I notice it's for the the full ammount. The cashier says "Oh, I didn't know you wanted to USE your gift certificate." Nope, I just wanted you to see it so you know I have one!!! They would not give me a refund because it had already rang through. Pretty stupid.
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Telephone service...

Greetings everyone...my first post here!

I recently started having home phone problems back in the last week of March. I called the telephone company and go through all their automated bull to get someone to fix the problem. I figured after the first phone call, they would get right on it and have it fixed. Boy, I was wrong.

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bad experiences, the french fry incident, bad service

UPDATE to the "am i gonna have to choke a federal employee?" situation

thanks all!!

this is the letter i received today from my congressman's office Collapse )

maybe i'm still a bit irate at having to go through all of this, but i was never given any information about a "supplemental disability payment." EVER. fort stewart basically told me to pop shove it when i asked about the rest of my money. i'm happy that i got the money, but i'm still bothered by the fact that i had to file a congressional complaint. i feel like i'm reading way too much into this letter, but it sounds like i wouldn't have ever got the money if i hadn't complained.

so to all that had helpful suggestions, thank you.
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