April 11th, 2006

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Is this bad_service, or just plain stupid?

I really couldn't figure out where to post this, but it was one of those stories that I just had to post about, and since it is related to service, I figured this place was as good as any (because it surely wasn't going to fit in over at customers_suck haha).

Basically, while I was at work on the train I received a voicemail from a woman named Liz saying that I've won a major prize from a contest I entered at the local mall where I live. Yes, she stated the mall's name and I do in fact remember entering said contest. Sweet. I won four round trip airline tickets!

Now, I knew there would be a catch. Nothing in life is free, even contests where you "win" one of the prizes. I called them up and talked to Liz again. Basically to get the prize, you had to sit through a 90 minute presentation about the hotel resort you could have won the grand prize for. Hey I figured no big deal, right? I can waste 90 minutes of my life sitting through an advertisement for however much those airline ticket's cost. So then the woman verified all my address information, and then she started asked me questions about my job -- which I thought was slightly odd.

Since I never "won" anything before, I didn't quite know how to answer (and if I lied, would they be able to find out later on? *shrugs* Whatever.) This lady asked me if I made over $40,000 a year, or $750 a week. Well I replied with a silly "Yes, sometimes I made that much a week," because honestly I do, but sometimes I don't.

Well, apparently because I DON'T make enough money, I am not qualified to win the prize. *laughs*

Bad service? It probably wasn't the fault of the woman who called me of course she was just doing her job, but it just seems like a sucky thing to get someone's hopes up about winning a contest, and then telling them "Ooops you don't make enough money, you don't get it!"

Then again perhaps it was just somehow a scam.

Either way, not an hour later I got off the phone with her, someone left me a voice message congratulating me on winning a prize for the brand new Escalade. *sighs* *head desk*
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Subway Bad Service

Dear Subway worker;

When I walked up to the food court in my school's Student Union yesterday, I saw you chatting on your cell phone. Expecting the usually stellar service I receive from this particular subway, I stood patiently, waiting for you to finish your phone call. I understand, it's Sunday. There's nobody around, but you still have to be here, working. Sucks, I know, but at least you're getting paid.

For your future reference, glaring at me like I'm the one being rude is not appropriate behavior. I waited for you to hang up for a good three or four minutes. You continued talking, rolling your eyes, and ignoring me except for those wonderful exasperated looks. Yes. I expect you to hang up your cell phone, and make me a sandwich. Because thats what you're being paid to do. It will not kill you to hang up for the five minutes or less it would have taken for you to make me a sandwich and send me on my merry way.

Wendy's got me my food in less than the time I spent waiting on you, and it came with a friendly chat with the manager and extra ketchup.

You suck.
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Mod post: Ad hominem attacks and other clarifications

By nature, this community is closely related to customers_suck. A lot of the charter members (and the community creator) are/were members of that parent community. Both groups are alike in the fact that there's a membership overlap, and that there's a low tolerance for people we perceive as being wrong or stupid. The primary difference is what side of the counter we're usually standing on when we post about our experiences to either community. In CS, you're working for the business. Here, you're patronizing that business. Some of us are quite familiar with being at work dealing with a crappy customer, then running errands after work to deal with a crappy clerk. So both groups (in addition to a few other related communities) are, indeed, about dealing with crap.

But sometimes what some of us perceive as being bad is not being viewed the same way as others would view it. Pennies are pretty important to someone who has rolled them in order to buy cigarettes or ramen, they're not too important to people who regularly toss them out into the streets.* And sometimes, we're all in agreement about when someone is behaving badly. We all rally to the poster's cause, or perhaps we step on them for their actions (or more recently, their lack of actions or competence in parenting, and zeal for censorship). It's easy to express ourselves here on teh internet**, and at times, it's easy to forget ourselves. So as much as I dislike needing rules, this community does have them. Hopefully they're not as draconian as some other communities' rules can be. And we do sort of expect people to scroll down a bit on the info page when they join or watch a community.

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Comments and discussion is welcome. This isn't aimed at anyone in particular necessarily, but an attempt to clarify what this community is about.

* Disclaimer: Yes, that's me picking pennies off the ground. No, I don't smoke. Yes, I like ramen. 8 cents got me one pack at one point in my life.
** Which is hard for some people.

[I swore I proof-read this for typos before posting.]

Just a rant, not much can be done about it now

Ok, so to start off with, I've been going to the same dentist my whole life. I've never had any major problems. Just the usual get a cleaning at the dentist and everything's fine. I've never even had a cavity in an adult tooth.

When I moved out here I had to find myself a dentist. Seeing as I've never had to pick a dentist before, I pretty much just went "eenie meenie miney moe" and picked one. Keep in mind, I've never had a problem going to the dentist... in fact I rather enjoy it because I get to go home with nice clean super smooth teeth. I like that feeling.
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So, now I have a hole in my tooth (that wasn't there before), I'm late for a cleaning, and I'm going to be out $25 to get my xrays from them. However, I am now set up in a good office where they do things the right way. I go see my new dentist this Thursday to see if they'll take me on as a patient, and if they do then I'll be getting my teeth cleaned correctly and my cavity filled for $25 using a laser rather than a drill. Through all this I managed to still be a decent customer, I never yelled or ranted at anyone (until I got home, then my poor husband had to listen to me bitch about it for hours.) Eh, I guess I learned my lesson, and when we move again in December I'll sure as hell be able to pick a good dentist the first time. I guess the silver lining is that at least my nice teeth and $5000 in orthodontic work didn't get messed up too badly. A cavity is a cavity, and it's fixable. I'm just glad that they won't be getting their hands on my teeth (or my money) again. And I'm firmly convinced that my first ever cavity is directly related to the shitty non-cleaning that they did when I first saw them. I've been brushing my teeth the same way for 19 years, and I've never had a problem before. Jerks.

PS- Hi, I'm new! *waves*
rage, anger

Northwest Airlines and disabled passengers

This is my first post here, and it isn't even about bad service to me.  I'm posting this as a service to a friend who is not (yet) a member of this wonderful community.  

The following are letters from and to my friend concerning Northwest Airlines and a trip through Minneapolis Airport recently: 

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My friend is not asking the airline to pay for transportation -- simply to have Access-A-Ride or some other type of transportation suitable for wheelchairs, etc. available to transport disabled passengers to a hotel.  In a strange city, it is nearly impossible for a person to arrange this for themselves.  Is this such an unreasonable request? 

Edit:  I do have my friend's permission to post this in this community.