April 7th, 2006

My first post - Discover Card, Aargh...

Discover keeps on f**king with my interest rates - I am ready to beat them.

In December, I was looking at my Discover Card statement (credit card, fairly common in the US), and realized that somehow, my 13% interest rate had snuck up to over 17% over the span of about 3 months.

So, I called, and asked them to move it back down. They said they would have to mail a form for me to fill out and return. I thought this was a bit stupid, as it seems like the only reason they couldn't do it over the phone is that they were hoping I would forget. I filled out their little form, and they responded in late January that they would move my interest rate back down to about 14%. Not perfect, but I could tolerate it. This was what showed up on my March bill.

So today, I opened my April statement, to see that the rate has snuck back up by a half of a percent. This is STUPID. I have very good credit and I pay my bills as soon as I get them, so there is no logical reason for the continuous increases except that they are greedy bastards.

I have sent a pissy e-mail to their customer service, asked that they fix it, apologize nicely and promise it won't happen again. If they don't, I will be closing the account next month, and using my other (8%) credit card exclusively.
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Bad/Good Service, and a question.

Ok, this particular story is about a co-worker of mine. Me personally I get great service from the company.

My co-worker and I are both members of Gamefly.com, we have similar taste in games and at time have mailed our games from the same mailbox at the same exact time. Yes this all has a point.

If we both drop our disks in on a Wed, I'll have my new game that following Monday. He how ever will not have his for another week or more. He cancelled and complained about this. They sent him all those "We have fixed the problem, please come back" E-mails. So he signs back up. It takes them 3 days to send out his first shipment.

My question is about Netflix. Occasionally they will send me random things from my list. Like my top ten picks will all say Now under avaliblity. But they will send me #35. I'm not annoyed enough to drop the service, but I'd like to email them and ask them why. But I can't find their complaint e-mail, can anyone help?
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My apartment is a magnet for bad service

As the title says, my apartment is a bad service magnet. I live just inside the city of Baltimore, Maryland... like literally, less than a mile away from the nearest suburb. This is not a happy place to be.

First of all, I can't get a pizza delivered. Even though I'm a mile away from the nearest Papa John's, because I'm "in the city" (even though it's very suburban here), they won't deliver. o.O It is a largely black neighborhood (I'm one of like three white people in the apartment complex of several hundred), so I have to wonder if that has something to do with it. Either way, it's not cool.

But I can live without a pizza. Collapse )

As you may have gathered, I'm moving out next month as soon as my lease is up. I want to move somewhere where I can at least get utilities that consistently work. Gah.

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So. I'm not entirely sure if this is bad_service or coworkers_suck, but anyway.

I worked at a place for 2 weeks before my uni schedule was changed and I could no longer work the hours required of me (4 hrs 3 consecutive days a week. I could still do 3 days but not consecutively and I can remember in the time I was there a coworker being fired because of the same thing, lack of flexibility much?). I requested my final pay in my resignation letter. Here, the law states that final payments must be made within three working days of termination of employment. Come this week I still hadn't received the pay, so I wrote a letter stating the various legislations that said I have to have been paid by 3 weeks ago, no matter what. I got a call from the lady in payroll today, who had gotten my letter (it was addressed to her, not my former manager - former manager I have tried to contact via phone during her working hours and I'm always told she's not available, so I figured I'd go straight to the ones who are supposed to pay me). Anyhow, she was calling to get all the details I had supplied at the commencement of employment. The reason? She'd never received them from my manager, nor had she received my clock in-clock out card either (instead of a timesheet). She was, understandably, as pissed off as me. She made special effort to get the money into my account today, and even had the company pay for quick clearance. She was so apologetic, and was even going to report the manager to the upper management, although she was pretty certain nothing would happen because she's related to one of them and dating another, so she's pretty much untouchable. She asked where I was working now (I said nowhere, getting Austudy and ended up picking up an extra subject) because she's considering leaving.

It just really pissed me off, the lack of regard this manager has for her staff, and the staff in other departments. I mean, the reason I was concerned about the money is because I need it before my 21st which is next weekend and I have to buy massive amounts of food. *sigh* I just didn't need the added stress on top of midsemesters and organisation issues (why oh why do people not RSVP even though it's stated they must... and then tell me 2 weeks after it that they're coming?)

Edit: Pay came through today and there's more than there's supposed to be. I worked it out, and the cashier paid me on the rate that I technically shouldn't be getting until next monday. I <3 her.

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Our saga starts several days before Christmas in 2004 when the Mr and I decide to buy ourselves a big-screen TV. Armed with dimensions for the entertainment center we'd only had for less than a year, we went shopping around. Then we found a television that would fit PERFECTLY in our cabinet. It is made by Toshiba, is HD-DLP, and was on sale for $1995. That is a really good price for something of this nature. And, knowing this was a hefty chunk of change for us, we bought the three-year extended warranty to cover our butts.

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Tonight, a bunch of girl friends and I (we're all around 15-16 years old) were going to a local concert and we were hungry, so we decided to go to a Mexican restaurant beforehand. We had about two hours, so we figured it would be okay.


We get there and it takes almost half an hour for us to get seated. I know we were a big group, but COME ON. They were seating other people who came in after us.

When we finally are seated, we order and sit back and wait. One of us has ordered a salad, which comes first. She eats us.

And we wait. And wait. And wait more.

About an hour had passed now, and we were going to be late to our concert if we waited any longer, so we decided to just leave money for the one girl's salad (we were all drinking water) and leave.

We left a $5 bill on the table (the girl's salad was $3) and left. We were about a block down the street when the restaurant man comes CHASING us down the road, telling us we have to pay. We tell him that we didn't get any food so we don't have to. He says that the owner of the business is threatening to call the police if we don't come back and pay.

So we all go back inside. Miraculously our food has arrived within thirty seconds of us leaving. We have to pay anyway, so we take our food inside a million to-go boxes. We ended up eating it with our hands, running down the street to our concert.

I have to go scratch that off of the list of places I will EVER go to again..


Okay. I realize now that expecting to be seated with such a large group quickly was stupid, and walking out without saying anything was wrong.

However, some of you must SERIOUSLY have some issues. Apparently, because I was a shitty customer once, I:

1. Am a brat.
2. Am an entitlement whore.
3. Have not hit puberty.
4. Am not "off my mother's tit".
5. Giggle about the OC!?(Which I have never even seen. Not that it matters.)
6. Have no idea how anything in the real world works and I need to stay home for the rest of my life.

Obviously there are bunches of you bored enough to make personal attacks against people on LJ who you have never met.