April 6th, 2006



Recently I booked two flights from Edmonton to Sydney through AMA (Alberta Motor Association). We were told we would definitely not be transitting the US, and I was very specific on not wanting to do this.

Two weeks later we confirm our flights with Air Canada, and we're transitting Hawaii.
Don't they realise Hawaii is in the US?

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As a follow up to yesterday, my boyfriend did call the office.
He started to leave a message with the receptionist who heard his entire issue who then transferred him to the guy in charge of that office.

He said it was entirely our fault. Because of us the doctor was running behind by at least an hour.
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/maybe hearing "surgery" doesn't mean anything to you and hearing it doesn't fuck with your head, but it does mine.

I guess having left out that this is an Internist means nothing.
and I realize I should have written that yesterday, but I also said I wasn't good at writing when I was upset

Yesterday I was upset about the entire situation but I am more so concerned that I was told testing, blah blah blah, maybe surgery, blah blah... I want you to sign up for insurance. END OF CONVERSATION.
I don't know what a gall bladder does. I don't know why that fits into that I was telling him. I told him an issue and he just says "oh it sounds like your gallbladder" and I sit there with a puzzled look. I clearly heard him blur "surgery" into all that. I've had surgery before and it sucks.

When I asked for a prescription for my sinuses, the nurse came back and said that "the doctor mentioned you didn't have insurance so he didn't think you'd want to go out of pocket on these that they're expensive"

If any of you let yourselves be handled like this by a physician then it's your own fault. I don't appreciate being told that I should have accepted it when you're talking about my body and using the "S" word when you just heard a minute before about running tests but that they are costly to someone without insurance.
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This isn't extremely evil bad service, but something that annoyed me and I want to rant about it.

I live in an apartment complex and needed to make a complaint at the front office. I went to the receptionist because she was the only person who seemed to be on duty at that point (I didn't see anyone else around) and she was on the phone. I waited for a minute, and her conversation just seemed to be idle chatting. She was talking about her kid and his upcoming play. So I waited, getting slightly impatient.

Finally, another woman walks in, and she takes me to her office. After getting my complaint filed away and thanking the nice lady, I walk out and run into the receptionist. She gives me the dirtiest look, then pushes past me. Yeah, sure, I'm the rude one here. Eyeroll.

Well, it doesn't matter, because I'm moving by summer, anyway. This place has gone to pot with crimes and rapes and such.
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Hi, I'm new here. I just want to say how appalled I am at the bad_service so many kids apparently get from their parents -- specifically in terms of little to no public supervision as well as sub-par physical and emotional care.

Sorry this isn't a post against a particular entity or company, but I think it certainly fits the theme of "bad service".
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If you say your restaurant closes at 10pm.. then it closes at 10pm.. NOT 9:10!.. seriously, we went to CiCi's pizza last night.. I totally understand that its a cheap restaurant and not to expect much.. but when the restaurant is 20mins out of your way.. and you go in to see NOTHING at the buffet.. NADDDA>. nothing there at 9:10 (let alone the resturant putting ALL THE CHAIRS on tables.. and yes the doors were open.. so we walked in) yet CLAIM they close at 10pm.. expect someone to be a little ticked off.. YEAH.. you offered to make us a pizza to eat.. but I came for the buffet part.. you know.. the salad.. dessert.. and about four diff types of pizza!.. if I just wanted ONE PIZZA I WOULD HAVE had a pizza delivered to my home and saved the time and gas that I spent coming to your BUSINESS!.. not a big deal really.. but if restaurants want to close at 9pm.. or stop serving food at 9pm.. PUT IT ON THE HOURS OF BUSINESS! so I don't waste my time or gas.. gas isnt cheap these days ya know :=D

A&W stands for Angry and Wude

I went through the drive thru for my boss and me yesterday at A&W. She wanted no pickles. The guy repeated back the order perfectly.

I get to the window (see, I'm not going to complain about the huge freaking line, since it was a little after one). Window chickie gives me my total and starts to hand me the 2 32oz woot beers. I stop her and tell her I'm gonna need a cupholder please. (No freaking way those things would fit in a Metro cupholder)

Cue eyeroll and window shut.

She comes back. I hand her the money; she hands me the receipt and the drinks, and shuts the window again. I read the receipt, which says, +A&W Pickles. She opens the window holding the bag. I tell her what I see, and ask if the cheeseburger was made with extra pickles, or no pickles like I asked. Cue eyeroll again. She actually says to me:

"I don't know - I didn't make it."

I stare.

She finally pulls the bag back to have it checked. It was right when I got it back.

You better believe I did the online survey from the back of the receipt.
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a minor thing

not so much bad service as a "huh?" moment.

when you tip at Cold Stone, they are supposed to sing.

so i had just been paid and was over at trinitylayne's house. i offered to make a Cold Stone run. it was about 9:30 on a Saturday night. she and her friend Melissa decided what they wanted and i went over there to get it.

i go over there, get the ice creams. they are cool abt lidding the cups and putting them all in a bag. i get my change--about 40 cents or so and toss it into the tip jar. but the girls don't sing. so i asked.

me: don't you guys sing anymore?
girl: only for tips over a dollar. :insert little smirk here:

i still need to scrounge up the phone number to call the manager cuz i'd REALLY like to know if that's the case now. i knew there wasn't going to be one at that hour so i didn't bother asking for one. when they opened last summer, i saw all kinds of people just tossing coins (not dollar bills) in and getting a silly song in return. the sticker on the tip jar says "if you flip one, we will sing one". it does not specify minimum amount.

[made minor grammar edits]
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This will be brief. It doesn't need much explanation.

I work in a daycare center. The drains in the kitchen haven't been working, so Roto-Rooter was called. They were given access to the center during the weekend, because obviously we can't have them doing whatever they do while there are children there.

Monday morning rolls around, and a teacher, Kelly, goes into the staff bathroom. And finds...feces smeared all over the toilet seat.

And we know for a fact it wasn't there Friday night, because the director used the bathroom right before leaving, and she was the last one out.

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Home Depot woes

i almost forgot this one!

here in lovely sunny California we are on STORM WATCH OF DOOOOOOM 2006. okay it's more like spring rainy season but fellow southern Californians will know how much drama the LA media likes to make of said season. XD

a bit of background on me - now normally i LOVE the rain. however when my window frame (this is important) in my bedroom (the window is above my bed) leaks then i cannot sit and enjoy the drumming of rain on a metal roof. i go into panic and upset mode, to say the least.

it was too late for my dad to come over (he owns this place, i'm buying it from him) so he told me to go to home depot, buy necessary stuff and he would pay me back (since it can be written off on taxes).

so i hurry over to the local pain in the ass Home Depot. i went there once just looking and their craptastic service annoyed me no end but that's another story.

halfway there i remembered a product my best friend's hubby (JJ is Mr. Fix It) had talked about using to patch a leak when it's wet--inside or out....in fact had done it on the roof out in a pouring deluge: Henry's rubberized patch.

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this is the second time i've been in our Home Depot and i swear to God, they really need to hire a new crop because it seems 99% of the employees don't even fucking know their products! yes i don't expect you to know every single small little tiny screw code number but a big name product--that people have been purchasing ALL DAY due to the weather conditions--come on.

unfortunately LG and BE had no name badges on or else i would have called management the next morning. i plan to go down there anyway to speak to someone because i'd like Mark to be given a kudos or a good note on his record or SOMETHING for his helpful attitude. if i can bring myself to even SET foot in that idiotic place again....
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Follow up to a complaint

Follow up post for this entry about my bad service at Kinko's, I called the Kinko's hotline number provided by dennisthetiger and proceeded to tell the representative, in detail, exactly what happened. I think she misunderstood me when I said that I'm short, she thinks I'm a midget, and thus I worry that maybe she went and asked those employees if a midget came in asking for some jpeg printouts...

But anyways, I told her the whole story, she thought that the $15 image conversion fee was indeed, way too expensive and that the manager shouldn't berate his employees in front of the customers and that he should have "known better" , and that they were obviously actling like they didn't want to help me for some reason and that I had every right to complain. She said that she will notify the District Manager for that particular location and she asked if I would like to be contacted with a follow up. I said yes of course, and gave my number. So far nothing...but I doubt they would call me back anyhow.

Then today I went to Staples and got my copies done (because, believe it or not , the Office Max I attempted to place my order at's computer went down, making Staples the 4th copy shop I tried) completed my order for UNDER the cost of ONE Kinko's image conversion fee, perfect color, perfect service, I left all smiles.

...and just to spite them I went to a Kinkos (not the same one unfortunately, wasn't on my way) to use their papercutter. without buying anything. Just to spite them >:)