April 5th, 2006

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So, on February 28th I went to a Hess gas station at around 10:15 at night and bought $16 in gas. Two days later, I went on vacation and stupidly, I figured it had cleared (didn't have access to my account online for 5 days, made a lot of purchases while I was away ... figured it had cleared when it hadn't). I wasn't keep very good track of my account, something I'm trying to rectify, but anyway.

I go into my account and on April 1st, they finally took the $16 in gas. Twice. They gave it different tracking numbers or ID numbers or whatever they call them -- the string of numbers that shows up on the transaction, and I have no idea why. It's a gas station location I've stopped at ONCE in my life, so there's no way I bought gas twice in one day.

Now I have to get it fixed. This is going to be fun.
bad experiences, the french fry incident, bad service

UPDATE to the "do you want shrapnel with that?" situation

someone from the wendy's corporate office called me back today.

she said that she would forward my info and my complain to that particular franchise's operations dept. i let her know that i will be taking the piece of metal over to wendy's and showing them. i also told her that i would have been okay if i found it in the first handful of fries, because i could have taken them right back. but finding it after i finished off the fries was a little frightening.

know what she said?

well, at least if the metal came from the fry basket, it would have been clean because it had been in hot oil!

i'm still debating about busting someone's head to the white meat...

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This and that about Radio Shack

All right, I came into the Radio Shack this afternoon looking for voice recorder. Things were going fine until the salesperson asked me what kind. I answered, "One that'll record from 2 to 4 hours of audio. I'd preffer digital, but I can't spend too much." He shown me a few models that would've been nice--if I had the $50-$90 to pitch out at the time.

At the time I just got done with an interview, so I was wearing my nice clothing and polished shoes. So maybe he didn't believe me when I said I didn't have too much to spend. I saw some analog tape recorders and questioned about those. He said, "Oh, $50's the lowest amount we have that'll fit your needs. You need digital that'll hook up to the PC, right? Right, $50. The digital one is much better." I tried my best to look unimpressed and I told him I didn't have much to spend, and he gave me the same routine. I kind've doubt those analog ones with the tapes cost more than $50. So I left immediately.

Now, I normally would take this with a grain of salt; but this wasn't the first time I've had problems with this particular Radio Shack.

Last time I went there I wanted for your run-of-the-mill, USB keyboard for the PC. I picked a cheap, $15 one off the shelf and took it to the register. The guy looks at me then the keyboard, and while he's ringing up the order, asks me why I didn't buy the wireless. I said that all I wanted to spend was that amount of money, he answered that the wireless was better. It wasn't really about what he said, but more how he said it. He sounded pissed off to me and wouldn't make eye contact.

I don't want the $50 audio recorder. I don't want the wireless keyboard. If you wanted more money, you should've tried mugging me in the parking lot. I don't know how Radio Shack teaches their employees sales skills, but they must really suck.

I suck at writing

I've rather dumbfounded today by what happened at the doctor's office.

My boyfriend and I went for a new patient appointment and we had 2 set up; one for 2:45 and one for 3:15. The doctor didn't get to either of us until nearly 3:40. Then he only gave us 10 minutes a piece and left us hanging.
Here was the manner of approach: He spoke with my boyfriend about his MAIN concern, and nothing else. Then when it came to me he asked me to just list my top two (wtf!?). I got a rush job. I haven't been to the doctor in at least 2 years and I don't have health insurance so I had a few things on my mind, one of which is anxiety and depression and I'm being told to give my "top two concerns".
Well of course I said the ones that I thought were most fixable to get them out of the way, one being my sinuses. So I get quizzed very briefly on issue number 1 that I gave him and he said he wants to run alot of tests, but suggests I try to get the state insurance to help cover them. Issue number two being my sinuses I get samples of an antibiotic and an over the counter but I get -zero- prescriptions. I don't even know what I'm getting until he leaves and send the nurse in and the nurse tells me and I ask why do I not have a prescription for this problem? She said that he mentioned that I didn't have any insurance.

Ok. I may not have insurance but since when does that imply that I am cheap to things that I know I need? Collapse )
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bad experiences, the french fry incident, bad service

UPDATE: the resolution to the metallic french fries

i went over to wendy's and showed the piece to the manager. all of a sudden, the employees were saying things like "that looks like it came from the oven!" now, unless they're talking about the heat lamp thing, i really would like to know why the french fries were in the OVEN. the manager apologized profusely, and gave me a refund for the fries.

at least she didn't offer me a comp'd meal. i would have probably hit her.

but maintenance was still looking at the grease traps when i left, so there could be way more to it than i know.

lesson learned: always dump your fries out onto a plate or a napkin before consuming.

right now, i'm sticking with places that make my food in front of me. i'm still thinking about calling the health dept though. i saw all kinds of stuff that would have made me change my mind about eating there if i had gone into the dining room instead of the drive thru. that place was FILTHY. there's no way they would pass a surprise inspection.

i really wish they would have let me keep the piece of metal for posterity.

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