March 30th, 2006

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hi. :) i'm new. i've been at customers_suck for a little while, but after seeing a post there today about motorized scooters [the one in that story was in a grocery store, but it doesn't matter], i couldn't keep this story quiet any more. it happened in late july of 2003, but it starts about eight months earlier [so december-ish of 2002]. my mom saw one of those "get a scooter" infomercials and thought it would be great for my grandmother [her mom], who couldn't drive any more. so she called the number and someone told her that they would get back to her.

fast-forward to july 2003. my grandmother dies unexpectedly of a heart attack on the first. two weeks later, my family and i are sitting at dinner when the phone rings. i get up to answer it, thinking it's one of mom's sisters, but it says Unknown Name/Unknown Number. i pick it up anyway, expecting to politely ask the person please to not call again. this is where my story truly begins.

Mom: mom
Dad: my awesome dad, a HUGE guy with a super-deep voice
SG: how the hell did this scooter guy get hired?
Me: generally on cloud 9 because boyfriend and i had just started going out
telephone: *feels bad for letting all this happen*

SG: Hello, I'm calling from Scooter Company! May I please speak with [my mom]?
Me: *suspicious* Are you a telemarketer, sir?
SG: No. :) [my mom] had contacted us about obtaining a scooter.
Me: Hang on.

So I relay the situation to mom, who's a little confused; it has, after all, been about eight months. But she takes the phone anyway.

Mom: Hello? ...Yes. ...Actually, I'd been interested because I wanted one for my mother. But I don't need it for her anymore. *slightly angry* Actually, it's because she died suddenly two weeks ago, but that is irrelevant. Please don't call back.

She hangs up, walks back to the table and sits down, a little shaken but okay. Resume dinner. About a minute later:

phone: I'm sorry, but *ringringring*

I stand up, but Mom beats me to the phone. Unknown name/number again.

Mom: Hello? ...I just told you not to call this number any more. I am -not- interested in your product.
SG: Well fuck you, bitch!
Mom: Excuse me??? How dare you! Do not call this number again! *slams phone down; explains*

Dad is, needless to say, livid. And Dad is terrifying when he's angry. Mom is polite for a while, but Dad has a very short fuse.

A few moments later:

telephone: Guess who! *ringringringring*
I stand up to get it, out of habit, but Dad has stood up and reached the phone in the same amount of time it took me to push my chair back.

Dad: Hello? ...Listen, buddy, I don't know what the HELL your problem is, but if you do not stop calling my household, I will call your company and get you fired. ...WHAT?? Are you THREATENING me?! how DARE you do this to my family, you asshole! Forget getting you fired; if you call my house again, I will find you. *slams the phone down*

Dinner continued as normally as possible.

The next day, Mom got on the phone with Scooter Company. She explained everything. The person she talked to was apparently very sympathetic - and she talked to someone very high up - but I don't know if that guy got fired or not. Getting fired isn't enough.

Seriously, how the HELL does something like that happen? I'm upset just writing about it, two and a half years later.
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LifeAlert ripoff

This is my grandmother’s story, but considering her level of internet knowledge equates to “all e-mail is Hotmail,” I’ll have to tell the tale here on her behalf. Collapse )

ETA: Totally forgot to add that they've already called the state consumer affairs office for their state and the state where the company is based, and they've got information to file complaints with the BBB both places as well. The state council on aging will also be getting a notice. :)
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