March 26th, 2006


Olive Garden

I went to an Olive Garden witha friend of mine and we were feeling kind of shitty so we wanted a nice meal. We get there and the place wasn't crowded at all really, and the waitress seats us in the back room which is jam packed with noisy families with really little screaming kids. My friend has a headache and I'm not anti-child but I really just wanted a nice quiet evening and so I asked "is there a possibility we can please be seated somewhere that has less or no children?" The waitress says "no there's no room". Which I knew to be utter bullshit because we passed this room that had only 2 groups in it and they were couples on dates. Why can't we go sit with them? I made note of this and she just went "sorry", put our menus down and walked off before I could say anything else.

So we're in the Olive Garden equivalent of Chuck E. Cheese, when our waiter comes by and takes our drink order. Our salads come before our drinks, but not only that, there was this large family seated across the room and our waiter was also their waiter and he was spending more time with them. What happened was, he came out with the tray of salads, leaves the salads on the tray next to our table, DOESNT SERVE US, and goes over to talk to the other large family's table to chit chat and milk them for a big tip, meanwhile our salads are sitting their in plain sight. My friend tries to serve herself and thewaiter notices and comes by and quickly throws our salads on the table without offering us cheese or breadsticks and without another word goes to get our drinks, gives them to us, and goes back to the other taible.

He finally comes back and gives us our appetizer but by this time our drinks had run out and we're scouting for someone to give us a refill and get another waitress to give them to us.

Finally our food comes and he puts the tray with our food next to the other family because their food is on the same tray, gives them their food, and then SITS DOWN TO TALK TO THEM with our food on the tray next to that family, quickly cooling.

Eventually he gives us our food and then goes back to that family, not asking us if we needed anything else.

Needless to say when the check came for "tip" we wrote "Here's a tip, how about trying to make sure your customers are well taken care of...ALL of them"


Another time at the same Olive Garden I went with another friend and our waitress came by NO LESS than 10 times asking us how everything was. Sure its courteous to do it once or twice, but I'm not exaggerating when I say that almost every 10 minutes she would come by and ask "how is everything tasting" "is everything tasting okay?" "is everything great?"


We were in the middle of a conversation or a mouthfull, I don't really want to be talking to my waitress when I'm trying to eat.

So yeah, don't go to the Olive Garden in Caramel Mountain in San Diego County, CA.
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This story of ultimate suckiness takes place at a convenience store that I frequent near daily thanks to it's extremely close proximity of across the street from my house.

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Now, I probably shouldn't have intervened and said anything about the whole debit card fiasco, but I seriously was only trying to help. I was polite and courteous and got a curtly spoken "Fuck off" for my efforts.

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I went to a local bar/hotel with some friends last night. I've never had stellar service, but its never been so irritating either.

The first waitress came and took our drink orders, and said she'd be back for take food orders. Five minutes later another waitress came and took our order for food, where three of us ordered dessert. I ordered the cheesecake, which according to the menu came with a rasberry topping. I was sort of confused when the waitress asked if I wanted strawberry, chocolate or rasberry topping but I said I'd stick with the rasberry.

Our food comes, all is well and the cheesecake is delicious. The problem came when we got the bill. We asked our (now third) waiter to split up the bill three ways - which he messed up and took 10 minutes to fix. No problem though. My bill comes and has the cheesecake on it for $5.50.

Now here's the weird part - there is ONLY the cheesecake on there but mysteriously the total is $6. There is no other charge on there so none of us can figure out where the mysterious 50 cent additional charge came from. I double check the price on the cheesecake on the menu and its $5.50. The waiter comes back 10 minutes after dropping off our bills and I ask him about it. He tells me that the rasberry topping was extra. Normally, I wouldn't argue but nowhere did it say the topping was extra - it said "served with rasberry topping". I point this out and he still tries to argue but finally says a frustrated "FINE, I'll fix it."

It took him another 15 minutes to bring the right bill. I know it was only 50 cents, but for once I didn't feel like being cheated out of anything. If you are going to charge extra, say so. Or don't say it is served with a topping!

We were kind of in the wrong here but still...

Last night my parents and I went to a large arena for a comedy show. It was something we had been looking forward to but this put my mother in a really bad mood. And she wasn't even driving.

There are two parks, one near the venue and one a bit further away. It was pouring with rain so my dad tried to get into the other car park i.e. the one near the venue. He did a sneaky turn round a roundabout but the parking attendent starting shaking his head wildly and shaking his arms. The bit that really pissed off my mother is that he was mouthing/saying "Fuck off!" at us. However, he was letting cars from another direction into the car park! My mother was furious and was all ready to complain inside the venue. But my dad is a bit more laid back and asked her not to.

I know it's a shit job being a parking attendent and it was pissing with rain so the guy was soaked. But telling us to "Fuck off" was not a great thing to do.