March 25th, 2006

ruminations on WCS (White Coat Syndrome)

I have a little time to kill so I thought I'd share a few thoughts on the subject of doctors. I've had some great experiences with doctors in my time, so believe me, I am not knocking the entire medical profession.

I do tend to notice that some doctors seem to suffer from what I call White Coat Syndrome, the symptoms of which seem to include intermittent deafness and a tendency to regard anyone else in the room who isn't wearing a white lab coat as unreliable at best and at worst, a blithering idiot. And then, some doctors are just strange. Very strange.

There was the gynecologist I went to on a friend's recommendation and who, once I was in a rather...vulnerable position, proceeded to interrogate me about whether or not I believed in Jesus and did I "testify". I don't normally, no, but I can testify to this: when there are a lot of sharp metal instruments in close proximity to my cervix, it tends to make me reluctant to express a dissenting opinion. I just nodded a lot and then got the hell out of there.

I went to a new doctor recently (a G.P. or "family doctor", not an ob/gyn) for a check-up. Since I'd never been there before, we had to go through all of my medical history. I sat there on the table and gave him the rundown of all the illnesses and surgeries I've had. He listened intently and scribbled some notes as I talked.

I don't want to inflict a lot of icky medical TMI on you but for the story to make sense, I must mention that I had major surgery in 2003 to remove a tumor from my chest. I was in intensive care for a while and it was a long recovery, but it sure could have been worse. Fortunately for me, it was a fibroid tumor and not cancerous.

So I'm sitting there telling him about the tumor I had removed from my chest and he looks up at me with a straight face and asks, "Are you sure it wasn't your uterus?"

Excuse me?

Did you just say am I sure it wasn't my uterus?

Well, gee Doc, let me see. Considering the procedure was performed by a thoracic surgeon, and considering they had to deflate one of my lungs to do it, and considering I have a nice big scar that's nowhere near that part of my body, I guess I'd have to say that yes, I'm pretty goddamned sure it wasn't my uterus.

I just gaped at him in amazement and he went all sheepish and said "Well, it's unusual to find that type of tumor in the chest." No shit, Sherlock. I knew that and I didn't even go to medical school.
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CH dvd club rant.

First. I'm fairly certain that the number you have is my cell phone number, not my home phone number. Why you called my home phone is beyond me.
Second, i appreciate that you offered me the 2 for 1 tv series deal. There are a few tv series that i'd like to start buying. Unfortunately i'm currently at a crap job that pays me very little, and can't afford to spend money on things like dvds if i want to eat. You had no way of knowing this, i understand.
Thirdly, when i reply to your speil with "thank you for the offer, but i'm not interested right now", the correct response is not "are you sure? It's only eleventybillion dollars, and you're getting two sets!". My reply of "no thank you, have a good evening" was polite. You didn't need to respond with "but you'd get two sets for only eleventybillion dollars!" I refused you twice, very politely. Don't argue with me over what i want. I'm pretty sure i know what i want better than you.

But, on the other hand, the local Wendy's is the best ever. They never get my order wrong and they have my food ready when they hand me my change, every time i go. They rock, and should all get cookies.

This was my worst bad serice ...ever!

This happened to me quite a few years ago but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I think about it.

After receiving a decent bonus from work I decided it was time for a new bedroom suite. I wanted a solid wood suite. There was a local store called PineCraft that specialized in solid pine furniture. I looked over their stock and picked out a queen sleigh bed, large dresser with mirror,nightstand and an armour.

The factory was in another city 140km away and they told me that my suite could take a couple months. The salesman told me that if I paid the full amount then chances are my order would be processed sooner then later. I took out my cheque book and wrote out a cheque for $1475.00. He gave me a confirmation number and said he would call me later in the week with a delivery date.

True to his word he called and gave me a date 6 weeks from when I purchased the order. No big deal. It gave me plenty of time to de-assemble my pain in the ass waterbed and buy a new boxspring and mattress set.

A few weeks later, the new boxspring and mattress was delivered and I temporarily put it on the the waterbed pedestal.

The delivery day came and my bedroom was stripped bare for the new furniture. I was happy and excited. The delivery time was around 1pm.

One pm...came and went...two pm....three pm. I was starting to worry. I called the store, no answer. I jumped in my car and drove over to the store. All the lights were off and no one was there. I went into the store next door and asked if they were open at all that day. The clerk said no one showed up and people have been coming all day. I went home....still nothing. I called the factory and only got voice mail. I called my parents who live in the same city the factory was located. My dad went to the factory and it was locked up tight. I called the factory and tried to leave a voice mail, the boxes were full.

I was fucked! My heart sank and when I watched the evening news a couple hours later my fears were confirmed. They went into receivership. I never got my suite and since I paid by cheque there was no recourse. I filed a claim but with less then $10,000.00 in assets I knew I wouldn't see a dime. And I didn't. If I would have paid by credit card I could have had a charge back.

Live and learn. I never buy anything anymore outright unless I can take it right away. If I have to order something I now use a credit card.