March 22nd, 2006

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I don't really know if this is bad_service, but it's something I paid for and I'm not getting what I paid for.

I have a certain teacher for English. Really nice guy, really smart. But then he goes off for about half an hour of class about how much he hates republicans. Sometimes, he talks longer. He just talks and talks about how our government is ripping us off and spouts off all this bull shit about conspiracies.

Now, I'm all for democrats... but I paid to learn how to improve essays. While he could spend time helping us improve our writing, he's talking about other things. He's not really teaching us. The past two essays I've gotten mediocre notes on how I need to improve my subtopics. I've gotten a lot of information about global warming though.

Is this bad_service? I paid over one hundred dollars to take this class. Is there anything I can do besides telling him to stay on subject? I'm already well past the deadline to drop my class and recieve a refund. But with all of the time he isn't on topic, I feel that I won't necessarily be ready for the next level of English. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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Last week my family and I went to Howley's for breakfast (it's a diner-type place that serves breakfast til 3, for those that don't know).Collapse )

And hopefully this isn't totally off-topic, I read this article and this community came to mind so I thought I'd share. Collapse )
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ph34r the language barrier

Hi, my name is Jo, and I am an American foreign exchange student living in Germany. This entry is NOT about culture or race or whatever, so nobody get freaked out.

I'm learning German. German is my minor. I have a fascination with other countries and their languages, so I wanted to travel and put forth an honest effort to broaden my horizons and become bilingual (and also learn to type on a German keyboard. It's hard!!)'s been two weeks, I'd say it's coming along fairly well, but I am FAR FROM BILINGUAL.

I went with one of my classmates to a travel agency to ask about train ticket prices to different parts of Europe. My classmate went to the desk for flights, and I went to the desk for trains. Where I met his highness, Evil Bitter Travel Agent.

I was just asking him about bahncards and the cost of Interrail tickets, but he was a complete buttmunch until my (male) classmate came back and sat down next to me. I mean, he typed out the price and threw the calculator down in front of me!! Yes, seriously, he really did toss the thing onto the counter in front of me. I KNOW my question was phrased very very simply, I said before, my German is limited. I told him I understood very little German!! So it takes me a minute to phrase my question. Do not assume I am stupid!!! There's nothing wrong with my brain, just my language capacity. Switching languages has been particularly hard for me, because when I speak English I have a very large vocabulary. Shrinking my words down so much to the limits of my German vocab can be very frustrating.

I still had questions but in the end I just said that was all and we left, because for the life of me I could not phrase the question in German specifically enough for him to understand what on earth we wanted to know.

I know there is probably a very valuable lesson to be learned in this, for an American to know how it feels to be mistreated because they for once don't speak the local language. I'm from a southern border state, and I've worked in customer service, I KNOW about people who don't speak English, only Spanish. I believe a person should learn the language of the country they live in, but I also believe in the locals being PLEASANT and UNDERSTANDING during the process. Luckily most people here have been quite patient with me, so I know it's not a characteristic of the culture to fling office appliances about.

I'm sure this guy just assumed I was another rich student on vacation, wanting to frolick about Europe on my parent's money. But I guess that's another reason why I'm here, to hopefully disprove some of the stereotypes...Meanwhile I think I'll just go to a different travel agency.
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