March 21st, 2006

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(Hubby and I, along with another couple were headed to a funeral last Saturday 2 hours away from our home. Because of the drive and the timing of the service - 11 am - we decided that we'd leave early and grab breakfast beforehand. Yeah, wrong idea.)

Dear Denny's in Alamogordo, NM,

I'll admit you all were busy when we arrived, however when we were seated pretty quickly, we figured that we wouldn't have to wait very long to order/eat/etc. We counted 8 waitresses for this rather small restaurant with about 3 of them just standing in back of the counter, gabbing away. After a second wipe-down of the table and the glob of butter that was on the back of the seat, it took you 10 minutes to get our drink order and then another 15 minutes to get our order and we were still waiting for our drinks. We told you we were ready when you took our drink order but you were there and gone so fast that you probably didn't hear us. We were very nice and cordial to you, Ms Waitress so you didn't have to get snippy with us when we asked for silverware after you brought our food.

When you asked us why we were so dressed up (hubby and friend in suit/ties, myself and friend in dresses), we told you we where we were going. Your "Well shit, that sucks" didn't help matters any. Perhaps that should have been a clue to you that we didn't have all day? Maybe not.

When I waited tables, I could tell the 'pace' of my customers by the way they ordered. If they said, "We're ready to order our meals" when I took their drink order then I could tell they wanted/needed to get in and out quickly.

We had to gulp down our meals and then our friend had to track you down to get our check. (Took about 5 minutes to get thru the cash line as well.)

We planned about 45 minutes for the meal. An hour and 15 minutes later we were out of there. If it hadn't been for the fact that there weren't a lot of breakfast choices, we would have gotten up and gone elsewhere.

Thanks, but no thanks. Next time we have to stop for breakfast, we'll just bring granola bars.

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The cause of my irriation this evening is a small one, but I can't stand people talking over me!

I am on several lists in the Los Angeles area for focus groups. I get calls about once every two or three months for various ones, and this guy called about something to do with cable or television.

Here's my concern: I have an L.A. number to my cell phone, but I've recently moved to the Phoenix Arizona area. I'm not about to drive 7 hours for a damn focus group. The number on my phone indicated this was an L.A. number (310) calling me.

So I state before after the first question he reads - "I need to know where this is"

he pauses like he's hearing me but proceeds to ask the next question.

i give him a second after answering incase he was bothering with finding the information.

I answer the above (whatever the hell it was) question and state firmly " I have recently moved and I need to know what area this is going to be in"

i have to ask these things because there are some groups that I think I have updated my location since I moved

He then continues again to ignore my question and read onto the next question.

I mutter something along the lines of Fuck This and hang up.

I'm not feeling well tonight, I know these pre-screeners can last up to 15 minutes, and if he can't answer my asking what location/region/area this is in within the first minute of my asking twice, and the number indicating it's Los Angeles then it's not worth my time.
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I've had Cingular for about 2 1/2 years now. First two years were great. I never once had a problem. Seriously.

After my 2 year contract ended, I figured hey, cingular is pretty awesome I'll upgrade and start a new contract. Got a new phone. It's a piece of a shit. Dropped calls, horrible reception, etc. Oh well it's not bad enough that I can't live with it.

I decided to add a line to my account for my mom because she has no home phone and it terrifies me to not be able to contact her. She received the phone today and when she tried to activate it, it said the sim card is invalid. So she drives to her local cingular store and they somehow fix it. I told her to call me when she leaves the store. 3 hours later I realize.. Mom never called me back. I grab my phone to try her new number and low and behold my phone doesn't work. What the fuck?

I call Cingular Customer Service and my sim card has been deactivated. WHAT the hell?! So now I have to go to the Cingular store tomorrow to get this sorted out. Which will cost me ~$20 bucks in gas. Not to mention -my- valuable time. Plus I had to pay $36 activation fee. For what? To deactivate my other phone?

I hate Cingular.
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