March 20th, 2006


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I understand you probably work the night shift so that you don't have to interact with customers, but you are still a cashier, and that's part of your job.

Edit: She was restocking when we came up, she turned on her heels and walked away towards her machine without a word, didn't make any eye contact, and the only thing she said during the transaction was "do you have a frequent shopper card?" Last time I was there, I chatted it up with the cashiers about various things, but this girl seemed about as social with me as she was with the magazines. I dunno, not terrible service, but A simple 'Hello' goes a long way.

Edit #2:

People want to argue that it's not a job requirement to so much as acknowledge the customer. Taken from the company website reguarding employment:

RESPONSIBILITIES include the following and other duties may be assigned as customer needs dictate:

1. Your job performance should demonstrate that Harris Teeter's aim is TO BE THE BEST GROCERY RETAILER AS MEASURED BY EACH AND EVERY CUSTOMER. Associates are expected to provide "knock your socks off" customer service. Greet each and every customer promptly and courteously. Our Associates treat each customer as the highest priority, offer samples and practice suggestive selling.

2. Our ASSOCIATES INITIATE INTERACTION WITH OUR MUCH VALUED CUSTOMERS on the sales floor. We ask our customers questions regarding his or her shopping needs, provide information needed to meet his or her taste and meal requirements and follow through on customer requests.


I was at the local chain book store on Saturday when I was having trouble finding a book so I located someone one worked there and when she glanced in my direction I said excuse me I'm having trouble locating a book. Then she started walking away from me and started typing on a computer when I thought she was ignoring me she said are you coming over here or not? I'm not looking up this book for my own purposes. Feeling like a puppy who had gotten its nose whacked with a paper I walked over to the computer and told her what book I was looking for when I told her she looked at me like I was retarded and said isn't that a kids book. (Not that it's any of her business but I needed it for my adolescent literature class) and I said yes it is. She stopped typing and said well why didn't you just check the Y.A. section then? I told her I did and she said well if you really did you would have found it. So she looked it up and marched over to a Y.A. section that was on one side of the children's books which was way on the other side of where the rest of the Y.A. books are on the other side of the children's section. A- It's not my fault that the Y.A section is in 3 separate pats of the store. B- She didn't have to talk to me like I was retarded or something.

How do these people get hired?

I arrived at the restaurant to meet a group of people at 7:30. Our waitress came by trying to figure out who had ordered an iced tea. I said I thought it was someone at the end of the table, but could she please come back so I could order something?

She left the table. 15 minutes later, I couldn't find her, so I asked another waitress to look for her. She came back another 10 minutes later, picked up some dirty dishes and tried to leave again. I flagged her down.

Waitress: Oh shit, what kind of beer did you order?
Me: I didn't order any beer, you haven't asked me if I would like anything.
Waitress: Oh no!
Me: I'll have a Rickard's, please, and an order of chicken wings.

The beer didn't take long, but the wings took forever. 20 minutes after I finished my beer I still had not been offered another one. The hockey game was almost over, and she finally came back to ask if we wanted anything else. No thanks, I said, we are all done. The bill never came.

She refused to split up the bills for our table of ten, saying we all had to come up to the bar individually and deal with it there ("It's SO much EASIER that way"). When there were two of us left, I went up to have my credit card put through. She swiped the card - and walked away.

So I tore the slip off the machine myself, found my own pen, and tipped her 25 cents. What awful service.
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Hey, first-time poster. Hopefully last?

So there's this small chain of sandwich shops in Rhode Island. Their subs are delicious, and their restaurants don't smell funny like Subway. Usually I am very happy with the service. Yay. Except this last time...

I walk in and the place is empty of customers except for one guy waiting for his order. I stand at the register and wait to take my order and the cashier doesn't notice me for a while because he's sitting down a few feet away scribbling doodles with a pen. I finally say "Excuse me" to get his attention and he looks up and goes, "...Oh." and takes my order.

This is the part where I tell you my order is NOT TOO COMPLICATED. A medium soda. A small turkey sub with just provologne cheese and pickles. One small bag of chips. The usual. Woo.

He types my order into the register and then stares at me for a second. I stare back, waiting for my total. He keeps staring, looks around, then finally says, "What?" To which I reply, "Umm...I need to know how much my order costs." He does the blank stare thing again. Then he does the "...Oh." thing again. So he gives me my total and I stand back and wait. And then I wait some more. And then some more.

Meanwhile, behind the counter, the cashier has gone back to sitting down and scribbling while the cook is filling out the other customer's big order. Finally I walk back up to the counter and ask why haven't I gotten the cup for my drink yet? Cashier Man does the blank-stare-and-"...Oh." thing again. So I get my drink and sit down nearby and start eating my chips while I wait. Then Cashier Man says "Hey." to me. I look up. He asks, "Um...What was your order again?" OMG. You've got to be kidding me. But hey, whatever. I have time to kill. So I tell him my order again and he says "Okay." and I go back to eating my chips. Mmm...chips.

Five minutes later (which is usually the amount of time it takes for them to complete my pathectic little sandwich) I get yet another "Hey." I ask what's up, and he asks, "Okay...what was on your sandwich again?" WTF. But hey...I'm a very spineless polite person, so I tell him again without getting mad or anything. Woo.

Finally, FINALLY, I get my sandwich. All in all, from ordering (the first time) to receiving, it took 27 minutes! Seriously. Why it took so long was beyond's just a roll with cheese, pickles, and turkey in it. I thought at first that it was because the customer before me had such a large order, but there was ten or so minutes between the finishing of his order and the receiving of mine.

On my way out, I slip the usual two dollars in the tip-jar. I'd say that's a pretty generous tip for a meal that cost barely five dollars, wouldn't you? Yet Cashier Man sees me put it in, looks at me and goes "Two bucks?" as if I've just kicked his baby. WTF? Even the cook looked up at him like he was nuts. I left without a word.

Am I being too harsh? I always try to understand that people in the food service business are often overworked, but this was...confusingly bad. I don't know. Guh.

EDITED TO CLARIFY: Holy crap, people. I tipped because I've worked in a sub-shop before. Guess what? Cashier Man doesn't get a special tip-jar...the tips are POOLED. That means that my two dollars goes to EVERYONE working there, including the cook and the lady who was sweeping in back. Why should I be a bitter brat and snatch the money away when those two people, who my money will ALSO be going to, have done nothing wrong? So, please, stop commenting over and over "OMGWHYDIDYOUTIPUSUCK!" and even going so far as to E-MAIL ME (WTF!) about it, okay? Okay.
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Annoying Experience with Lens Crafters

This story was told to me on last night's shift by a supervisor.

She's dog-sitting a relative's Golden Retreiver puppy, and well when she went in to take a shower, the dog decided it would chew her glasses, so she was in need of glasses in order to be able to work and drive next week.

She went the Lens Crafters, early Saturday, and they promise in all their ads that they can fill glasses within an hour. She gets there only to find out it's specific products (they don't tell you that in the commericials), and she can get sunglasses within an hour, but not glasses, glasses take longer.

Whatever, she thinks, she's not going to pitch a fit, she'll wait. "Are you open Sunday?" She asks. They say yes. "When do you open Sunday?" 11AM. "Will you have them ready for that time?" Yes.

Alright. She goes home and comes out again Sunday.

Guess what? They're not ready. She was a bit annoyed but thought she has to do grocery shopping anyways, she'll come back. "When would they be ready?" In an hour they said.

Alright, so she returns in an hour, and guess what, they're STILL not done. Well, now of course, she's POed, she's spending $600 on a pair of glasses and they can't tell her a proper quote on time. The person said, "I'm sorry" but still. Sorry doesn't cut it, because of the time she's wasted she said she's never going back.

They weren't rude, but you shouldn't quote someone a time if you're unable to live up to it. She eventually got her glasses at 2pm (3 hours after they said they could have it ready on Sunday).

And I don't know if non-Canadians are aware of Canada's gas prices that rise and fall, they were particularly high this weekend (high 80s low 90s) so it uber sucks she had to make so many trips.
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Sonic, you let me down

I'm a regular - 4-5 times a week kinda customer. It's the ice that I crave. Anyway, yesterday I placed an order for two bags of ice, and a medium root beer. I get the total, swipe my card, and it's accepted. (Meanwhile, yes, for two bags of ice, I had a cash tip waiting). It starts to hit me that my total seemed too high.

Chickie brings out my order, and I ask for my receipt, something I never do. I barely glance and see 2 beside each line, as in 2 root beers and 2 bags of ice. I catch chickie before she tries to escape, and tell her that I was overcharged. She takes the receipt inside, and I start sipping on my large root beer. See, that - large.

She comes back out and tells me that the manager can't change it, but she has cash to give me for the second soda. BUT - she needs to take mine back. I assumed they charged me for two large, but no, they charged me for two medium. So to get my money back, I have to turn over the drink I had already been sipping.

They totally knew they double charged me - that's why they sent the large in the first place.

woes at the Wal Mart eyecare center

I accompanied my mother to a trip to Wal Mart. She planned to drop off her glasses at the eye care area to get new frames put in and to get them adjusted. We dropped them off and went to shop for an hour. hour later, we go and are told (by some guy who was whining to a co-worker about not getting to go on his break) they're not ready yet. So we wait. Fifteen minutes laters, some young guy brings my mother's glasses out. She tries them on to find out they weren't adjusted. So she tells the guy and he takes them into the back to adjust them. Fifteen more minutes later, he returns with the glasses...

but they're broken in half.

He said it was an 'accident,' but he wanted us to pay for the service. *laugh* we didn't. So he tried to offer us another pair of glasses for my mother. We call for the manager who only defends the co-worker's offer.

We left and ended up goings to LensCrafter. *groans*