March 18th, 2006

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My problems with Dell...really, I wish that someone had told me what a crap company they were before I'd bought a laptop, but I suppose that it's a learning experience, albeit one that cost $1500.

The summer before I first went off to college, I went laptop-shopping. Now, I was on a budget, and my aunt said she got an employee discount from Dell (she works for GE, thankfully, not Dell). So I bought a computer from them. Really, my first clue should've been the absurd amount of time they took to just order the damned thing, or the fact that, when I ordered a RAM expansion with the computer, they sent it to me in an envelope and made me install it myself.

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Letter to the Silver Reef Casino, Ferndale, WA

What started out as lousy service at a casino back in November ended up as sort of good service recently.

We had dinner at the Silver Reef, and our dinner came with dessert. Our server had told us that we can have our desserts to go and that they would be sitting up at the deli counter. So long as we put our name on the carton, we could leave our desserts there until we felt it was time to leave. So we did.

Two hours later we were ready to leave, and I remembered about our desserts. I went up to the counter and the lady there plainly stated, "They're not here. Are you SURE you brought them up?" I answered in the affirmative. After all, I had paid for our dessert, I wanted to bring them home. She got all huffy, grabbed a to-go box, got a slice of cheesecake and literally slapped it into the box, and then shoved the box at me and sneered, "I don't normally do this. I won't do it again. How am I to know you're not trying to scam me?"

I was dumbfounded. Several days later I went back to fill out a customer comment card. The night manager saw me fill it out and asked me if everything was okay. I relayed to her what had happened, how this server made me feel like a thief and a liar, and she and her boss knew who I was talking about. They made sure my comment card got hand-delivered to the Director of Customer Relations. Several months later I received a letter of apology from the Director of Customer Relations, along with a certificate for a free meal at their restaurant, which is nice but was totally unnecessary. At least the night manager is really, really nice, as described in the letter I just sent to the Silver Reef.

My friend Ron and I went there the other night, and what dismayed me was that same nasty deli counter person is still there, and she STILL has that lousy attitude.

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I took my 5 year old and my 12 month old there today, to pick up a used Playstation game as a treat for the boychild (he inherited his older sister's Playstation at Christmas).

1. Dude, just because I'm a 40-something with two kids, don't assume that I don't play video games. He waved me towards the used movies and disappeared before I could ask any questions (I was the only customer in the shop.)

2. When I'd finally found what I needed, a creepy customer came in, and monopolized both clerks and moved back and forth between both registers, keeping me from approaching (he set off all my insanity radar and I wanted me and my kids out as soon as possible.) Both clerks were so busy avoiding eye contact with him that I couldn't get the attention of either one.

3. Listen, asshole, I realize they make you ask about those damn cards. It's the only reason I didn't jackslap you the fucking third time you harped on about it. I DON'T WANT THE FUCKING THING, and YES, I know how they work - they make Gamestop $14.95 - and yeah, I'M CERTAIN. When I say no, I fucking mean NO. Grr.

4. When I got home, the stupid game was so scratched up it looked like somebody had dropped it on a gravel driveway. Thank goodness we invested in a cd cleaner - but it took a good 15 minutes worth of cleaning before I got it to work (because I damn sure didn't want to go back to the store.)

There's a reason I do most of my shopping online.
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