March 15th, 2006


bad dinner experience

my friend and I went out tonight for some dinner after a movie. We haven't seen each other in months, so we were chatting and catching up. The service was so bad we ended up walking out.

we arrived at about 9:00-being a tuesday, it was not very crowded. We were going to get some appetizers, maybe some desserts, and both decided on a drink. When the waiter came over, he asked if we were ready to order-we ordered our drinks and asked for another minute for the rest. he brought out our drinks and then didn't stop to ask what we wanted. he ran off to another table. we talked for a little while, pretty much ready to order but not 100% set-we could have ordered if he showed up. He kept walking by without acknowledging us. After about 10-15 minutes, we closed our menus, in case that was why he was ignoring us. At around 30-35 minutes, we asked for a manager. about 10-15 minutes later, the manager finally showed up. He was not very apologetic. He offered to put in our food right away and get it out, but neither of us wanted to stay there any longer with the waiter who didn't want to serve us. We tried to inform the manager, but he didn't care. I'm not surprised, since it took him 15 minutes to come talk to us. Funny thing was, our waiter NEVER showed up again. Not while the manager was speaking to us, and not in the moment we were there after he walked away. And the waiter DID pass by at that time. So we left.

We ended up getting excellent service at another restaurant. The waitress offered us tips on getting more food for less money, brought everything promptly, and was really great. It was quite a change from our previous choice.
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Stupid Camera

I bought this camera online on 12/10/05. Add a week for shipping So far, I haven't even taken enough pictures to wear out the battery. It died in January. My last pictures were of Chinese New Year. No one can fix it locally so I had to send it to New Jersey. They had it for 3 weeks. Apparently it needed the camera equivalent of a new mother board. I get it back and they had the nerve to list it as received in, "fair condition." WTF? How about brand new? What are they trying to pull?
And now, I use it for the second time and it's screwing up the pictures. It should die any second.

I paid with a credit card, can I just tell them it's a lemon and get my $320.54 back?
If anyone is looking for a new camera, avoid the Finepix F10.

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the previous post reminded me of a few general complaints about medical bad service I've received in the past.

Nothing so much about the general quality, but just the terrible customer service I've gotten.

My first complaint would be about my dentist, who I have to say does decent work, but man, he turned me into a nervous wreck when I got there. (Ironically enough, this is another Gentle Dental)

I'm deathly afraid of dentists, and told him that at the beginning of the appointment. He just grunted. we went through the whole normal check up thing, and then he grabbed my jaw and forced me to look in a mirror while he chipped at my teeth. He just grunted look at this disgusting cavity! Ew! your teeth could be so nice if they weren't such a gross color and if you didn't have this nasty cavity.

He just went on and on and on and on about that. It was my first (and if I have any say in it, last) cavity. He made me feel absolutely disgusting about it. I just wanted to run home and scrub myself all over just because of how dirty I felt.

I wasn't exactly thrilled to go back there to get my filling, and they left me in the damn room alone for about 45 minutes, and I'm not entirely sure the lady assisting him completely understood english, which is fine, but no excuse not to answer my questions.


Carl's Jr in Williams, CA

I do not suggest ever going through their drive thru.

My husband and I were on our way home from christmas vacation on the 27th of december 2005. We decided to go through the drive thru at Carl's Jr in WIlliams because we were hungry and the kids were asleep. We have the same order every time.

Hubby: Double Western COmbo meal, no western rings with a coke.
Me: Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich combo with criss-cuts and a coke.

Pretty easy, no other place has screwed it up.

I notice on the order screen that it says 'western ring .30 cents'

Hubby asked for NO western rings on the burger. So I ask them why it says they are charging us for it. They say they are not, I told them it is showing up on the screen that they are. SO we finally pull around to the window and they take our money. I tell them that I want my receipt and they would not give it to me. They said to pull ahead to one of the waiting spots and someone would bring it out. WTF? So we do, and no one comes out. I go in and ask for a manager and my receipt and he says that they cannot find it. FUCKING LIARS! I was pissed. I left and as we were leaving, I looked at my Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich and it looked like someone had spit in it. I threw it way without eating it.

That was just uncalled for. Yes, it may only be 30 cents and if they had not tried to lie, and then "lost" our receipt it might not have been a big deal. But I am pretty sure that they spit in my food and that was gross.

I have worked many, many years in fast food and have never treated customers like shit for questioning their mistake on the charges. They should have not been a charge for NO western rings. But whatever. Just be careful if you ever end up having to eat there. You don't want to piss them off.
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The worst experience...

This is the worst experience I've ever had in a restaurant.  It happened in Aberdeen, North Carolina at Sonic's.  If you've never been to Sonic's, you drive up to the menu, park your car, and place your order through the com system.  A waitress usually comes out to your car with the food and you eat it while listening to 50's music.

My brother and I drive up, push the button, and order.  He gets a chicken wrap combo and I just get a rootbeer float and cheese tots.  Nothing complicated.  Twenty minutes go by, and we decide to push the button again.

"Can I take your order?" the voice on the other end says.  We're ten feet from the big windows of the restaurant itself, but it's understandable they might not have noticed us sitting here for so long.

"Uh, hey, we ordered our food about twenty minutes ago and we just wanted to make sure it's coming," my brother says.

"Well, when it's ready, we'll bring it out!" 

"Oh, okay," my brother says, a little bewildered. We weren't rude, why did she just snap at us in that tone?

Another ten minutes goes by and finally, our food comes out.  We make the mistake of paying before looking at our food.  My brother wasn't given any fries with his combo and the "chicken wrap" was a piece of chicken between two hamburger buns with nothing else.  My tots were ice cold -- so cold that the grease had congealed in huge chunks.  My rootbeer float was this syrupy know how rootbeer floats get when you let them sit for, oh, say, thirty minutes?

My brother pushes the button to speak to someone in the restaurant, but no one answers.  Finally, I get ouf of the car and go inside.

The first thing I notice is that the back door is open and that there are several flies buzzing about.  The second thing I notice is that the stainless steel countertops in the kitchen are so dirty that they look almost black.  I've spent a good chunk of my life working in restaurants, but this was a new kind of gross factor.  I also noticed that there were three children running around the kitchen screaming at each other.  Food was laying out on the counters interspersed with papers and used gloves.  All of the staff were sitting in the back of the small kitchen, laughing it up.  I stood there for a minute before calling out to them.

"Excuse me?  Our order was made wrong, could we get another?" I ask.  A tall woman stops talking, slowly gets up and walks towards me taking her good time.  She doesn't look happy.

"You're not allowed in here." she says.

"I know," I say, not wanting to argue even though I know people come in here all the time to place pick-up orders at the counter.  "But your speakers don't seem to be working, and our order was wrong. We need a chicken wrap, a medium fry and cheese tots."  I hold out my ticket.  She takes the bag of food from me, dumps it on the counter, and carefully goes through it with her un-washed and un-gloved hands.

"This chicken sandwich is fine," she says, wrapping it back up and thrusting it at me.  I stare at her, then take it numbly, because I'm so shocked at what's just happened.

"What's wrong with the tots?" she demands, looking pained.

"They're ice cold."

"Charlene!  Warm these up, would you?"  Her co-worker takes the box and goes back to put it in the microwave.

"Listen --" I couldn't address her by name because she wasn't wearing a nametag and hadn't introduced herself, "We waited twenty minutes for our food, and our order was cold and parts of it were missing.  I want you to make everything fresh.  I'm not going to eat something you just touched with your bare hands."  She gapes at me like I've just suggested kittens are evil and should be drowned.  She recovers and scrunches up her face in a scowl.

"Your food is FINE.  You shouldn't even be in here.  Get outta here!  Out!"  She looks furious, which pisses me off because I made good effort to be polite considering the circumstances.  And I know you should NEVER tell a customer the food is "fine" when it isn't, much less just tell them to go away when you don't want to fix it. She has this look about her that makes me think she's the kind of trash that would actually spit in your food for fun.
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Little story and question

This isnt a big deal, but I went on a trip and on the way back around 11 at night I went into a gas station to use the bathroom. (In other words, I was exhausted from the trip and slightly cranky from being in a plane and car and my feet hurt).
Me-Excuse me, do you guys have a bathroom?
Cashier-Yes, its around the back **points**
Me-**seeing its outside** Do I need a key?
Me-Thanks! **goes out the door towards the bathroom-find it locked-pull on it a few times in frustration and then walk back**
Me-Hey, the door seems to be locked.
Cashier-Yeah, I need to ring you in.
Me-**stare stare**
Cashier-**stare stare**
Me-Well, can you do that?
Cashier-Yeah, just go on back.

Like I said, not a huge deal, but wtf? Why wouldnt he ring me in the first time when it was painfully obvious I was walking to the bathroom? And when I asked if I needed a key, why didnt he mention the ringing part?!

Question-my apartment changed owners and we got a new net service with an automatic rent bump because of it. (Basically being forced to use the new net service). For the past month, it has not worked. Long periods of time not working at all, periods of time where it disconnects literally every 2-3 minutes, or where it moves so slowly its not even worth it. (Slower than dialup-I found myself WISHING for dialup). Plus it wont open most pages. I have corresponded with the "net" guy for the apartment complex multiple times and he has said its mainly network problems and trying to get things to run smoothly. I emailed the manager and asked if I could get a slight drop in my rent for next month just because I have been effectively without internet service for a long time (I have been going to the freaking library to use the internet)
I dont know if thats reasonable or not...It would be nice to get a little refund though. May make me forgot the hours of frustration of trying to use my "high speed great internet service" (as advertised-HA!)