March 13th, 2006


The last time I went to go visit my parents my mom and I went to Subway. While we were being helped the woman who had been before us held her sandwich up to the guy that had made it and asked "where's the meat?" and he responded "in my pants". My mom just and I looked at completely shocked and finally she told him that was an incredibly inappropriate comment he told my mom if she didn't like it she could just leave.

Completely dissatisfied with Birkenstock/Tatami Sandals

Hi, this is my first post in this community. Someone suggested I post my story here after they read about it in my city's LJ. So here it goes!

Basically, I am dissatisfied with a pair of Tatami (Birkenstock) sandals I purchased 10 months ago. All of the details are summarized in the letter below. Apparently all Birkenstock companies divided in January of 2006 (Birki, Footprints, Tatami, etc.), and no one wants to step up and help me with the problem I'm having. The letter below was emailed to both Birkenstock USA and Tatami last week, and both have replied that it is up to the store I purchased them at to deal with it. The store has told me they will not give me a credit for the shoes because they will lose money...guess they'll lose more money by not having me as a customer anymore (my family has spent more than $800 there in the last two years). I can't believe a $140 pair of shoes that have lasted less than a year, and really can't believe the customer service, or complete lack there of, at the store in Gainesville. I honestly think the pair I bought is defective, and don't think I'm asking for too much from the store, but whatever. So if you're going to buy some nice shoes, I suggest you go somewhere besides Classic Comfort Footwear by the mall!

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