March 11th, 2006


Weirded out.

Not really bad service but I felt awkward. And kind of pervy.

I am a regular customer at the local neighborhood subway. This morning I stopped in for the usual after shopping at walmart. *shudder*

Anyway the staff pretty much know me and the girl behind the counter greeted me and all was great. She knew what I wanted and confirmed it with "the usual?" :)
I politely smiled and said yes.

She started making my breakfast deli sandwiches and asked if I was working today.
I replied "No, it's my day off. I just figured I would pick up breakfast before going home to clean my house."

She replied "I'll clean your house." *smile*

I was kind of speechless and there was an awkward silence. I'm old enough to be this girl's father. She is rather sweet but should be a little more careful. I could be a psycho. ;-p
Nicole jealous/angry

Fast Food Stuff

-Once I went to McDonalds with my grandpa and I wanted 2 cheeseburgers with ketchup only. We get up to the window, they give me my burger. I look at it and there's no cheese on it, so I take it back and restate my order. I said I asked for 2 cheeseburgers with ketchup only. They give it back to me..

...they forgot the meat this time. It was only bread, cheese and ketchup. :C Needless to say my grandpa went in to complain and came out with free fries and a free drink and the correct burger order.

-I ordered a salad for a vegetarian friend and all their salads have some sort of meat on it (I talked about this dilemma with the clerk at the counter) and I asked the the cashier if I could get a caesar salad with no chicken on it. And she's like "if you want a salad with no meat on it, the cobb salad doesn't have any meat on it". I said "yes it does, cobb salad = bacon, ham, egg etc etc, that's meat". She's like "bacon isn't meat, It's bacon". So I asked for the caesar salad with no chicken. She proceeded to ask me if I wanted grilled or crispy chicken on that. *sigh*

Burger King:
-It took not one, not two, but three people to take my dad's order when I went with him to this Burger King. All my dad wanted was a burger just the way it came, but with an extra patty of meat. The first guy didn't "speeka zee ingles" so he brought over his manager. His MANAGER /also/ didn't speak English very well, and so they had to get another employee who spoke English but with a very thick accent. This is in Southern California so I'm not surprised but damn, deviate from the menu only slightly and you're fucked.

Jack In The Box:
-The one by my work has given me so many problems. Once, the mayonaise tasted like mint. I mean not even subtly like mint, but like someone took their gum and blended it into the mayonaise. It was foul. I would have thought it was some employee's vendetta against me if it weren't for the fact that I always try to be polite to fast food workers because I have to see them everyday and well..I worked in the food industry myself.

-Another time my sandwich tasted like coffee and was strangely soggy. I didn't order coffee so how my sandwich got into contact with coffee I have no idea.

-Another time I was in the drive thru and asked for an orange juice with my sandwich and the guy handed it to me upside down and wrapped in napkins. I thought it was really odd but didn't think much of it until I took it, turned it right side up and SPLOOSH!!! Orange juice all over my car.

See....that fucker knew that orange juice was leaky, hence why he handed it to me UPSIDE DOWN AND WRAPPED UP LIKE A CITRUS MUMMY! Real considerate asshole. I sat there in horror as I was all sticky and nasty from the OJ and he just stared at me. I told him to "don't just stand there get me some napkins, you knew it was leaky!" He looked pretty embarrassed. And no he wasn't foreign or mentally handicapped, he just didn't give a fuck.

I'm happy to say I don't eat fast food as regularly anymore.
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Buffalo Wild Wings

Last night, my parents, my sister, my husband and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. We get there around eight and are told there's a thirty five minute wait. No problem, it's a Friday night and college basketball games are on -- we didn't expect to get right in. We can watch the games and the trivia from where we're standing.

We wait in the vestibule as the people in front of us are called to their tables. As it empties out, my mom, my sister and I sit on a bench right next to the hostess stand. We're the last ones left at this point.

A group of four walks in and tells the hostess "We have four people, with a fifth on the way." I heard this clearly, as did my sister -- we were two feet away. The hostess says "Okay," and seats them! My mom went to the counter and asked why they were seated first and the hostess just says it's because they had four people, even though we clearly heard them say they had five. The manager comes up and all he can say is that there's a list that we're on, blah blah blah. We just left at that point and went to Chili's.

Is there some protocol I'm missing here? I mean, it makes no sense to me that we wouldn't have been seated first.
are you staring at my ass?

Jimmy John's

I had the worst experience EVER at Jimmy John's in Lawrence, KS today. I went there for lunch with my mom, since I was home visiting her. I attend Kansas State, so I'm usually in Manhattan.

So, we walk in, and walk to the counter to order. The cashier lets us stand there for a few minutes, waiting, and then points to a register CLEAR across the room. Obviously nobody knew to go there, because people were lining up behind us. That sort of caught me off guard, but I wasn't too bothered. My mom, on the other hand, was slightly irritated.

We go over to the register the cashier had indicated and order. She gets a turkey club (or something, I can't remember) and I get a tuna sandwich - I added cheese to mine for an extra 75 cents. I order a medium pop and she orders water - she's just been diagnosed with diabetes, so she can't drink pop. This is relevant.

I get my cup and stand there looking at the chips to decide which ones I want, when my mom asks if she can have a medium sized cup for her water. They'd given her this tiny little styrofoam cup, and she didn't want to run back and forth across the store a million times to refill it. The cashier rudely informed her that they were $1.50 for the cup, not for what you put in it. She was immediately put off by his tone and the fact that he seemed to imply that people who take those cups for water end up stealing pop. Also, who the hell charges $1.50 for a paper cup of water? She told him that she'd just been diagnosed with diabetes and really only wanted a large cup of water, but he refused. So, she buys a bottle of water. The cashier takes her money, gives her change, and wanders off. No water. She was already pissed as hell that he had insinuated that she was going to scam them by stealing soda that she can't even DRINK.

Meanwhile, I'm curious as to where our food is. There are a couple subs just sitting on the counter, so I walked over and asked if they were ours. The guy making the subs was slightly less rude than the cashier, and he informed me that yes, they were ours. I took the subs back to the table, and my mom was upset because the cashier had never bothered to give her the water she'd paid for.

Now rather angry, I walk back and tell the guy making the subs that my mom had paid for a bottle of water and the cashier had never given it to her. He immediately goes back and gets it (which was awesome), and all seemed well.

About halfway through my sandwich, I realized there was no cheese on it. My mom was upset that she'd never gotten the chips with her sandwich, and was afraid to because she thought the cashier would accuse her of stealing. They did NOT give us a recipt. She was already pissed off about the cup of water thing, and I was angry because we'd paid for a few things and never gotten them. I was going to go demand a manager, but she just wanted to get the hell out.. so we left.

All in all, it was a bad experience, and I don't plan on going back again.
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