March 7th, 2006

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The day after my little brother's 21'st birthday (which was yesterday, but anyway), he went into a gas station to make his first beer purchase ever.

He placed the beer on the counter and was about to take out his ID when the cashier said,

"I need your ID."

Now, go you, cashier. Yay for doing your job. I work around alcohol too, and I know the importance of doing what he did, and yada yada.

However, when my brother gave the cashier his ID, the man stared at it..and stared...and stared...and stared some more. His eyes flicked to my brother, back down to the ID. Up...down..stare...stare...

Finally, the man said,

"Mmm. I think this is a fake ID."

My brother, of course, was stunned. For one thing, his ID is not fake at all. For another, it was the freakin day after his 21'st birthday. If you were going to make yourself a fake ID, wouldn't you make one with a birthdate that wouldn't draw such attention (as in, not a 'whee, it's my birthday!' ID card.)?

Here's what really gets me and makes this extremely, bizarre, bad service.

The cashier winds up the interchange with,

"Okay. Now, man, I'm going to sell you this beer, but I don't believe you're twenty-one."


First of all, if you were going to sell alcohol to a (supposed) minor in the first place, why the fuss about the ID? Second, this guy obviously doesn't know what a fake ID looks like. In Texas at least, there are several easy signs you can look for to quickly determine if a driver's license is fake. You're taught them in TABC (alcohol seller) classes. If you're just flicking your eyes from the front of the ID to the customer's face, you aren't looking for those signs; you're just thinking that, hmm golly gee, the customer doesn't look all that old.

No, he had no obligation to sell my brother alcohol if he didn't think he was of age, but for chrissakes, learn to tell a fake driver's license from a blatantly legit one. And, for the love of all things holy, don't kick your righteousness in the ass by, in your mind, selling booze to the 'minor' anyway!

Study woes

I found a course I really, really wanted to do, which made me happy because I've sort of been skipping from thing to thing for the last couple of years, not sure of what I wanted to do with myself. So back in late November I applied. In January, I hadn't heard anything back (which is odd, because they usually send a letter of receipt when you apply) so I called student services to see what was up with my enrolment. Collapse )
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How many times do I need to repeat myself?

I do not have insurance; I have health savings program which gives discounted fees for certain service. I used Relay to make my call and I pre-type my information to tell operator to disregard the automated system and get to a live person. Fine, she does that and first thing I tell the agent is that I need to be transfer to the Dental Department. He ignores this and goes on with his spiel about how we need your number etc etc. Again, I tell him that I do not have a medical account with this company; only Dental Account and I know he would not be able to help me. Again he ignores this information and ask for my number again; so I give him the information and he couldn't find it in the system No Shit Sherlock

So I told him I would like to be transfer to their Dental Department. He ignores this request again and ask me if I was sure if I was part of their network and ask for my information yet again. So I had to slowly explain to the agent that why I'm calling was to try to find out how much is the contracted rate for a teeth cleaning because the dentist could not quote me over the phone and how this is part of the Dental Savings Program within the company. He then asked me if I wanted to be transfer to the Dental Department?

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UPS saga

So, for my first post here I bring you my UPS tale. This all started back in September 2005 (yes, going on six months ago!); behind the cut is my six month UPS saga, all over a $100 insurance claim...

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...and I don't mean "all over $100" as if $100 is nothing- trust me, $100 is HUGE in my life these days. :) But it's one of those things where you start thinking about the cost of your time involved in all of this, you know? But I am so getting my money, now, though- now it's become a 'principle of the thing' thing.

CVS again

You would think I would learn my freaking lesson, huh?

Backstory - My shoulders were injured by my abusive ex about nine years ago, and I've been through PT twice so far. Today was bad. Normally, I can do some stretches, and even pop them, to relieve the pain somewhat. Not today. It felt like someone was holding a lighted match between my neck and my shoulder half the day.

I called at 4:30 to have my pain meds refilled, after I realized I had NONE. I was told they'd be ready at 6.

At 6:30, driving my stick shift with no power steering, I wait in the drive-thru for three other cars, only to find out they don't have it. No record of the call either. Jackass asks if I can come back in forty minutes. I told him no, that I did what I was supposed to do, and they were the ones that messed up, and I would be back in fifteen minutes. Almost crying, I drive home to drop off my groceries, delaying my kids' dinner at least 30 more minutes now.

My daughter and I had a conversation on the drive back. She said that she's realizing now how bad service isn't just an inconvenience, how it can really affect people in other ways, and how because of them, I was in pain longer than I should have been. I told her to be prepared, because if they weren't ready then, I would raise quite a big scene, the kind that if she were older would embarass her quite a bit.

It was in fact ready when I dragged my kids inside when we got back. I wasn't going to wait in the long line again. And at least, this time, he apologized. You know, I can imagine how it looks to have a druggie raising a scene for more narcotics, but I just wish the pharmacist could put himself in my body for that extra 30 minutes.

Sorry for the ramble. The meds have kicked in (and yes, I'm still in pain).

bad, but amusing, service

The abundance of stories about alcohol sales and ID lately reminded me of this story.

About a year ago, my husband, my two sisters, my great-aunt, and I went out to a locally-owned restaurant in Rochester, MN. We started to order drinks; it got around to me, and I ordered a margarita. I didn't have my ID with me - we were on a trip and I had lost it the day before we left, and I wasn't driving anyway. My husband is 12 years older than me, and if he's with me when I order drinks, I almost never get carded, so I figured I'd try it. Of course, the server asked for my ID, and I explained that I didn't have it, but I wouldn't mind getting a Coke instead.

He says, "Oh, no, no, don't worry about it; I think it'll be okay. Are these your parents?" *indicating my husband and my great-aunt*
Okay, my husband is way older than me, but he doesn't look old enough to be my dad. My great-aunt is in her seventies - she looks waaaay too old to be my mom. And no logical person would ever, ever assume they were a couple.

I was highly amused, and my husband was mortified. I got my margarita, even though he probably shouldn't have served me. He didn't get a great tip, but it wasn't just that one flub - he screwed up the drinks, we had to ask repeatedly for refills, ketchup, etc, and he kept hanging around trying to flirt with my sisters and making conversation difficult.