March 6th, 2006


Just a warning: I'm drunk, please excuse typoes

Dear Allegros,

I understand that you may be worried about taking fake IDs, being on a college campus and all.

However, please take the time to consider this:

1) If my ID was a "fake," I would have used a picture that looks a bit more like I currently do with long hair.
2) If my ID was my "brother's" as you suggested, it would have had the sex listed as MALE.

I am so freaking pissed. I mean honestly. Yes, I understand my ID picture is back from when I had really short hair and I sorta looked like a boy if you ignored the massive boobs.
I understand you don't want to sell to minors.

But did you have to accuse me of using my "Brother's" ID? That's like saying "when's your due date" to a non-pregnant woman.

(And by the way, HAHA, because I ended up getting drunk off of the beer you sold my 19 year old friend, who happens to be 6'3". So thanks for letting the underage kid get the of-ager drunk.)


Annoying service/is this normal?
I went to put in for my new apartment
They had 4 forms-a roommate form, a lease, an application, and a guarantor form.
I filled out my stuff and said I wanted a 10 month lease, that I would be living with 3 of my friends, and then said I would be seeing my father on Monday to get the lease and guarantor form signed by him (I am under 24 or 25 or whatever the age is to need a parental guarantor). They said fine, any time is ok.
A day or two later, they start calling my parents saying they need my paperwork NOW. My mom says...she said she would be seeing her father Monday and bring it in on Tuesday and was told that that was ok. They say that the owner is coming Tuesday and they need proof that people are interested in the place and thats the only reason they are rushing the paperwork. (I was originally told that I needed it any time before I moved in-which is AUGUST)
Cut to today. I get a phone call from them-rather nasty, saying that I needed to have my paperwork in by the end of the day and how I was holding off their placement of me with roommates. As they are saying this, I look down at the lease and realize that they put me down for 12 months, not 10.
Firstly, jesus, I said I would have it in by Tuesday and twice I was told and my parents that that was fine...and that it isnt even like we have a DEADLINE-they are just rushing it to have proof for the owner. Secondly, I already have roommates. We put in our applications to be together and its on my lease and application which unit I will be in. I call back and tell them all this, and he says well...we thought YOU said Monday, thats the only reason I called, and please have it in Tuesday as early as possible, we will be waiting for it (in a tone of voice that was not pleasant)
Is this normal? Or are they being a tad annoying? I just dont like being treated like a child who missed a deadline when they originally told me that any time would be ok before I moved in...which is months from now.
And I do not have time to get the lease changed today-I just dont. (Not before their office hours are over)
If I get my dad to sign what he needs to sign and then NOT sign it myself, will they be able to just cross off the 12 month and put 10 month and it be ok? (and I only sign after the times are changed)
John Cena

Some help needed

I will try to keep this as breif as possible. Firstly, I live in England (this may be relevant)

Last night I could not sleep for coughing, so went to get some cough medicine from the bathroom cabinet. My mom was in there, and came out, and she was dizzy, could not walk straight, etc. I asked what was wrong, and she said she had run out of her heart tablets, as she has a history of heart problems, as well as it running in the family.

I put her to bed with some water, her phone right next to her and the promise that she will ring me or come get me if she gets the SLIGHTEST bit worse. I decide to stay awake anyway, and just check on her every 30 minutes. I text a friend of mine, because I was panicing, and she told me to take my mom to the hospital. I decided to ring up the doctor's for some advice first.

I ring up, and because it is past midnight, get transferred to another surgery. They take my details, and a few minutes later the doctor rings me back. The conversation goes like this:

Me: -explains situation-
Doctor: there are no heart tablets anyone has to take at night.
Me: Yes I know, I am not talking about night ones. I mean the fact that she is dizzy, can't walk strai-
Doctor: -interupts- There are no tablets she has to take at night.
Me: Yes, I understand this. But I did not know if this was just something that would go away, or a genuine medical emergency. Could you please advise me?
Doctor: Ok that's it, bye -hangs up-

By this stage I was really in a state. Like I said, my mom has previous history of heart conditions. All I wanted was for someone to just tell me whether it was just something small, or something that she needed to be admitted to hospital for straight away. I called a nearby hospital and the receptionist said she could not give me medical advice, but suggested if I have concerns I ring the ambulance.

I am so annoyed at the doctor. He didn't tell me his name, or give me an oppurunity. I want to report him, but the only thing I have to go on is that I was transferred to somewhere in Suffolk, the doctor was male and foreign. What can I do?


Gotta love those Emachines tech support IM boxes.

Me: My computer won't start up. Every time I try to start it up, I get a black screen with the message "Windows cannot start because the following file or directory is corrupt: C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM"

Tech support: Are you currently on the computer with this problem?

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. At least five times before I can make them understand that THE COMPUTER WILL NOT START WINDOWS.

What part of "WILL NOT START UP" don't they understand?

(Side note: I've since given up on the piece of crap and am getting a new HP laptop. Hopefully it won't sound like a piece of industral equipment when it runs. And perhaps Windows won't get corrupted every other week.)

bad cafe service

New to the community, hello!

Ok on to the story:
This past weekend I traveled to Milwaukee with my sister and brother. We were only in town for the night and decided to check out some of the sights and eateries. Someone had given my sister the name of a nice coffee shop/cafe on the water, so we decided to try it out.

We got there and I ordered their sandwich special, three cheese panini. I specifically asked the girl taking my order if there was any type of sauce or dressing on the sandwich, she wasn't sure so she asked a co worker. Her co worker was rude and impatient, she was annoyed that I even asked a question. She told the girl ringing me up that "No, there was no sauce or dressing" and rolled her eyes. The girl ringing me up said she would put "no sauce" into the computer just in case, the girl told her not to do that b/c there was none on the sandwich and rolled her eyes again.

So in a few minutes I get my sandwich...there was dressing on it. I've worked in food, I know that mistakes are made, but what pissed me off is the attitude of the girl working. Not only did she roll her eyes, but her tone of voice was unacceptable as well. I took a bite of the sandwich and the dressing actually happened to be good, but that's not the point...

I didn't say anything b/c my sister and brother were begging me not to, but I feel now that I should have.
Dr Who, deranged

Student housing woes

emptyobsidian's post reminded of my own story of (student) housing woes, so here it goes. :)

I applied to study psychology last year, and because psychology is one of the most wanted majors here in Germany, one does not apply to the universities directly, but to a central placement authority (ZVS, if you've heard of it). That process in itself is the height of bureaucracy, but alas, it is not the point of this story. It is relevant, though, because due to the extremely bureaucratic application / placement process, it happens very frequently that people get in in the second or third of even fourth round of assigning people to schools, and of course that means that those people will receive VERY short notice of having scored a place. (I know, it's complicated. Sorry, I tried.)

Of course, that's exactly what happened to me. On October 18th, 2005, I got a letter telling me that I was accepted at Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz. I live roughly 250km from that city, which is quite far for German standards. And the semester was going to start on October 31st. Naturally, I panicked because as in all (German) college towns, student housing is very, VERY limited in Mainz and the rent index is VERY high. So imagine my surprise, relief and complete delight when I called Student Housing the next morning and was told that they had a room in one of the campus-based dorms for me.

They told me to fax in the most important paperwork immediately and send the rest via regular mail, which of course I immediately took care of (within the hour, in fact). They also told me that I would receive the lease paperwork in the mail. Bliss. So I waited. And waited. And waited. After a week, I got really worried and decided to call again (the third time, actually).

Collapse )

They eventually found me a tiny temporary "guest room", at least something to sleep in for the first few weeks. I later got extremely lucky (the girl that lived in the room I'm now staying in very suddenly decided to move out), and they bumped me up to the list because they "knew my story", as they told my now-roommate. "KNEW my story"? More like CAUSED my "story"!!
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