March 5th, 2006


Me Being Whiney

Nothing TOO specific-but I went to the Cheesecake Factory and the service took forever...coupled with the waitress trying to shoo us out as quickly as possible.
At least, thats how it felt. It was just frustrating to be made to feel very unwelcome...yet at the same time taking forever for everything (our meal, to get our tickets, get change)

And this is NOT bad service, but I ordered chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake and there were nuts on top AND in it. Gross! I hate nuts. And I am a cookie dough lover-ice cream, cake, various pie things, candy, cheesecake...Ive had it all and I have never, ever ordered it anywhere where it came with nuts. At this point, I was too frustrated and wanting to leave to change out my cheesecake, so I just lived with it. (and I am guessing its probably just a different recipe they use-I dont guess its written anywhere that cookie dough cannot have nuts in it)

Im just annoyed right now because we planned a nice night and had a bad time. And we got to the theatre too late to see any shows (which was our fault, but still makes me feel whiney and cranky-though not as much as the nutty cookie dough)

Horrendous service.

My boyfriend's birthday was yesterday. We decided to stay in last night and ordered dinner via Just yesterday, we got a booklet in the mail that had all of the menus of participating restaurants in it.

We chose a bbq place that is about a mile away from us. He got a steak tip entree and I got the full-rack memphis pork spare ribs wood smoked platter. On top of the platters section it says "all platters include baked beans, cole slaw, cornbread and watermelon". Mine was $24.95 and the boyfriend's was $17.95. With tax and tip and the delivery fee, it was over $60.

Ok, delivery took about an hour and 15 minutes. That was fine. I brought the food up and we opened it and discovered that my ribs didn't come with any sides. I called diningin and told them and the man said "well, do you want us to redeliver it?" I was kind of shocked and said "YES, I ordered and paid for them so why wouldn't I want them?"

10 minutes later, he called back and said he called the manager at the restaurant and the manager said the wood smoked platters don't come with sides. I said "that's funny because I have the menu right here and it says that it does". He looked and said "oh, it must be a menu error on our part. The sides will be delivered in 30 minutes or so."

We were pretty bummed but I tipped the driver who came back again because I felt bad for him as this wasn't his fault. Seriously, for a $60 dinner, we expected better service.
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Dear Cabbie,

I was quite smashed last night, otherwise I would have done something immediately about your behavior.

1. You weren't the cabbie assigned to pick me up. I know this, because you told me that this 'wasn't (your) call', but you decided to pick me up anyway because you saw me standing outside the dorms and no one does that at 3 in the morning unless they're waiting for a ride. Kind of sucky to do to your co-workers, isn't it? I felt very guilty when I thought about it, but there was nothing to be done because you didn't tell me you weren't the 'right' cabbie until I was already in the car and on my way home.

2. You proceeded to tell me that we were going to go 'the long way' 'round because you were working off the book and didn't want your dispatcher to see you. As in, not being dispatched to pick people up. You told me that your dispatcher thought you were driving someone else to another town. That person had evidently not shown up, so you decided to take some people on the side. (You said your dispatcher had you running on 'dead calls' all night. I know that means that no one was there to be picked up, but you acted so damn creepy I wanted to ask to make sure. Because I honestly thought you might've meant that you were killing these other people and making bowls out of their skulls. Dead calls indeed.)

3. And that is all VERY creepy to a college-aged female alone and under-the-influence at 3 in the morning. If it weren't so cold out, I would have just asked you to pull over and gotten out. But then I would've worried about incurring your wrath.

4. Then, THEN, you overcharge me. By two bucks. I've taken cabs from the dorm to my house before, it's $6.50. You charged me $8.50. I wish I'd gotten your name or cab number or ANYTHING, because I would be calling your dispatcher about you today.

No love,
The girl you drove home last night.

I don't think I can accurately describe how creepy this guy was. He drove several blocks out of the way, down dark roads, to avoid driving us by his dispatcher's office. And if something HAD happened, there would've been no record of whose cab I was in or who was driving me, since it was 'off the book'. Plus, the matter of his overcharging me. I mean, two bucks is two bucks.

I'm so angry that I didn't get his name or cab number or anything, or even a good look at him - I know he was a larger fellow, with dark hair. That's it.

No idea what I can do about this, but I just wanted to vent.
My hair is on fire!

Stupidy all around.

After twenty minutes of the people at Wendy's explaining to a customer that #1-4 were beef not chicken (much to the customer's surprise and dismay), and that cheese on #1, 5-8 would cost 30c extra, I got served. (He left btw, without buying anything, it was sorta a wtf-amusing moment, because you can clearly see in all the pictures what's chicken and what's beef).

Me: *places order*
Him: To Go?
Me: Yes please. *holds up debit card*
Him: Ok, swipe.
Me: .... (there's no debit thing, so I'm looking around for it.)
Him: Swipe.
Me: Uh...
Me: Where?
Him: Oh, here it is. *pulls it out from behind the counter and tosses it at me.* SWIPE.
Me: *does so*

Just whoa. I know the beef/chicken guy must have taken it out of them, but don't yell at me impatiently like I'm stupid because you have the debit machine behind where you are, and don't give me .5 seconds to CATCH the debit swipey thing and yell at me again. I didn't do anything to warrant it ><

Posted on behalf of a friend:

I went to McDonalds... and ordered two cheeseburgers, simple right?

Apparently not.

Me: Two cheeseburgers please.
Her: Ok, two hamburgers.
Me: No, cheeseburgers.
Her: Right. Hamburgers.
Me: No, cheeseburgers.
Her: Right. Hamburgers.
Me: No, cheeseburgers.
Her: Right. Hamburgers.
Me: No, cheeseburgers.
Her: Right. Hamburgers.
Me: No, cheeseburgers.
Her: Right. Hamburgers.

On and on it went for a while until I finally gave in and took the stupid hamburgers. Seriously, she shouldn't be working if she can't find the "cheeseburger" button on the cash register.


I went to McDonald's a bit back and had one of those coupons. On the coupons the text detailed, buy a large sandwich and a medium or large fries and get a large sandwich free.

Well I ordered a Bacon Double Cheeseburger and a medium fries.

The cashier told me that the Bacon Double Cheeseburger was infact not a large sandwich.

News to me because it wasn't exactly around the price of a small sandwich. So, I asked to speak to a manager, who agreed with me that YES, the Bacon Double Cheeseburger is infact a large sandwich.

Then she told me what drink?

I said, I didn't want one.

She said I had to buy one and the coupon said so.

I said, nowhere on the coupon did it say such a thing.

Then she said Large Fries.

I said, no, medium please.

She said, that the coupon said large, then proceeded to read me the text of the coupon.

I said, for the love of God, it says OR. Then I asked if someone else worked there and if they could serve me.
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