March 4th, 2006

not so much bad service as um...uncomfortable service

Last night, I went to Hannaford (a grocery store for those of you who don't know) to purchase a pregnancy test. I tried my best to be discreet about it, since it was really nobody else's business. I got up to the counter to check out and the first thing the cashier said was:

"So are you looking for a yes or a no?"
I was kind of in shock that she was asking me this and stammered "n-n-no..."

She continued on about how she's been in the same situation and kept saying "good luck" and such. I know she probably didn't mean any harm by it, but come on. You don't ask people about private matters such as that. If you were a pharmacist filling a prescription for Valtrex, would you tell the recipient "Good luck on controlling your genital herpes!" or, upon dispensing the RU-486 pill, announce "I HOPE YOUR ABORTION GOES WELL!"? No.
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Collection woes

Okay, I admit it: I'm in a financial tight spot right now. On top of college expenses, I'm currently injured and between jobs, and have not been able to pay any my creditors for a long time because of my situation. Long story that would just make this tl;dr material. More than it already is. Anyway, at the moment I owe money to a couple of people. And by couple, I mean... a couple. Two. Chase and JCPenney. Since the debt to Chase is nearly a year past due, they told me they had had to turn it over to third-party. But they were reasonably upfront about it, and that third-party's been really nice about it too and is willing to work with me to deal with it a bit at a time.

Then we have the New Jersey-based MRS Associates, bestowed upon me by JCPenney in order to obtain a back payment of roughly $500. The lovely ladies and gents of this charming company aren't really a collections agency as much as they are a Mafia extortion racket.

Or that's the way one of their reps behaved. I'm not sure exactly what I said to set him off, but the guy was pleasant for all of two or three minutes before he went from reasonable human being to abusive asshat. Total personality change. Enough to leave me silently gaping at him over the phone and going "WTF?"

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I fully plan on contacting the FTC about this, among other people. I mean... just... in what universe would anyone who claims to be a professional would think this kind of behavior is in any way appropriate?


Also, hi.

edit: It's been brought to my attention (thank you, sayonara_snot) that this might or might not technically count as a "bad service" post, but I'm kind of unsure where I would put it if not here, since financial services are AFAIK considered a service. The closest I can see otherwise is solicitors_suck, but that falls more in line with phone scams and telemarketers than collectors...

Anyway, please let me know if this is off-topic, and I will remove it. (Or failing that, the mods are obviously free to do so as well.) Thanks.
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(no subject)

This isn't bad service. In fact, it's downright good service. Still, it ruined the meal.

I decided I really wanted to go somewhere nice with my boyfriend, so we went to a seafood restaurant on my treat. We got there kind of late, so there was nobody else there. We had a waiter who came quickly, chatted us up for a very long time, talking about everything from the music to what my boyfriend was wearing. This made him uncomfortable.

Normally, when I go to a restaurant, I don't want to see my waiter except when we need drink refills, and once shortly after a meal to make sure we didn't find severed fingers. If someone comes by every couple of minutes throughout the meal, it ruins conversation and is just ackward.

Not only would this guy constantly linger, he would stare at us. He'd be walking around the restaurant, and constantly be staring at us with this huge, fake, and very creepy smile on his face. Seriously, he could be walking in the opposite direction and would turn his head all the way around just to keep smiling at me. I'm a private person, this made me extremely uncomfortable.

I dunno, it just irritated me that I really wanted a nice meal and paid an entire day's wage for it, and I spent the entire time being stared at by a stranger.

Also, I understand where he's coming from, he was probably just trained on customer service skills, but it made me very uncomfortable.
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Phone Banking Woes

I hate using Telebanking, but I can't pay one of my CC's through the ATM. It's either the phone or the internet and I don't trust my computer with my banking information ><

Anyways, call up the Voice Recognition System (I hate it, but it automatically logs you in there and not in button pushing option). I go through their speil and I've never had a problem ever before, until now, when I went to confirm the bill payment.

Automated Voice: So you want to pay X company from Y account in the amount of thirty-two dollars, today. Is this correct?

Me: Uh, no. O_o

AV: Oh, what would you like to correct?

Me: The amount.

AV: Please state the amount you would like to transfer.

Me: Fourty-two dollars.

AV: Alright, let me confirm. So you want to pay X company from Y account in the amount of thirty-two dollars, today. Is this correct?

Me: *a little irritated* No.

AV: Oh, what would you like to correct?

Me: The amount.

AV: Please state the amount you would like to transfer.

Me: Fourty-two dollars.

AV: Alright, let me confirm. So you want to pay X company from Y account in the amount of thirty-two dollars, today. Is this correct?

Me: *annoyed* NO.

AV: Oh, what would you like to correct?

Me: The amount.

AV: Please state the amount you would like to transfer.

Me: FOURTY-TWO DOLLARS. (said it a bit louder incase of bad reception or something).

AV: Alright, let me confirm. So you want to pay X company from Y account in the amount of twenty-two dollars, today. Is this correct?

Me: OMG, NO!

AV: I'm sorry, I'm having trouble understanding you-

Me: I'll say.

AV: Let me transfer you to our push button menu (I can't remember what it was called).

Me: Good grief.

Automated push button menu comes on, and I have to enter in all the information from the beginning but atleast it understood me.

Not the worst service, and really no one's fault, but annoying (and funny) nonetheless.

In what world does twenty sound like fourty? I can see thirty and fourty since they both have a erty end and the pph sound and th sound could be confused but twenty sounds a little harder than fourty Oo. I think someone was fcking with me ahaha, and laughing it up.

Don't you just hate having to post here?

I don't recommend Best Buy Mobile Installation to anyone unless you have a store you know and trust.

I have a Monsoon system in my Jetta. I don't like the headunit with it's features and it is completely obscured by the drop down cupholders.
I have my aftermarket Kenwood EZ500 that I had installed in my Scion xA entirely by myself, and never had any problems.

I was told by a Best Buy in Downey CA that the vehicle would need rewired for the premium sound to be at all effective, as my trunk does have an amplifier.

I was told by the Best Buy here in Tyler TX that rewiring wasn't necessary, and still they kept me there for 3 hours. I'm out here with my family for a week, and I figured it would be useful on the way home to have them switch these out and put XM in. They kept me there for three hours, and still I had to turn around and go back because initially they put the Kenwood in the top pocket of the double-DIN and my cupholders would come out not even all the way and then press the dials. I had to have him switch it. Also, when he put the pocket in the empty space, he used HOT GLUE. Apparently he used hot glue in a few places in the dash. They didn't have all the correct parts for the Volkswagen so he subbed BMW and rigged it to fit. It's crooked.

I know for a fact that it's incorrect because well check this out... the hot glue has already melted after two days and the pocket is trying to fall out. My dimmer wire was not connected (which is completely easy) and won't change the brightness on the faceplate when I turn my lights off and on. There is a setting on my Kenwood to adjust the amplifier and there is nothing coming from it when I increase or decrease and sounds exactly the same.

The car now sounds like a tin can, and probably HALF the quality of my Scion which didn't even come with premium sound.

I called them up and wanted to speak to a supervisor, after waiting on hold for 25 minutes. One of the two guys that was working on the installation was the one that claimed to be a supervisor and didn't seem that anything was wrong with what I was telling him, only saying to bring it in just to have a look at it.

if the installation job is indicitive of what to expect from them and seems to be perfectly acceptable because the man on the phone that helped do the job claimed to be a supervisor, then I'm not going to get anywhere with them.
I'm certainly not ready to put another 120 miles on my car(round trip 2 hrs) to have that moron "take a look".

I called another store further away but still local, and he said the hot glue was totally unacceptable but while they're booked up I am still free to go to any Best Buy even in CA or Phoenix(where I'm moving next week) as long as I have my receipt.

This is so completely aggravating but I'm waiting for it to be done. I am very unnerved because I do everything myself, all the time, and the professionalism of those two were awful for customer service. I would have done it myself for the Jetta but I have no experience with European vehicles. I could save $150 to do it myself but I thought I was getting a professional job, especially when Downey guy said that it would need rewired; something I've never done.

I sent a letter of complaint through the website webform about the store. After being on hold so much to the local place, Saturday is not the day to try to contact the store manager.
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(no subject)

This is my friend's story from today, not mine, but it pissed me off so bad. Here it is:

"I went to go look at this apartment..

Here out in the Excelsior.

The property management company , called Real Management Company, is located at 1234 Castro Street. Yes, way up the hill at 24th and Castro. I went and got the keys, left a photocopy of my DL, and 40$ deposit, and went to wait for the 48 bus, to take to the 14 bus. They said I could have the keys for an hour, and they knew I wasn't driving over there. I get there, about an hour and 10 minutes later. Classic MUNI.. When you need it to be fast. anyhow, the place was really hard to find too, it was a street that's maybe 80 feet long. But it was indeed RIGHT on mission. It's such a small street that the bus drivers, and people in the neighborhood had never seen or heard of it. That's pretty funny. anyway.

So at this point Real Management Company crawls up my butt about the keys. For like the 3rd time. We need our keys back, and were wondering where you were. I tell them I just found the property, and just checked it out. and that I can get their keys back to them now. Previously they had called when I hadn't even found the property, and were demanding the keys. Did they not want to rent this place? I asked, well can I at least find it first and look at it? I can bring the keys back and drop them in your mail slot on the door. They inform me verbatim, "No, that's simply not possible." Upon the 3rd or 4th call, they said, we need them in 15 minutes.

I tell them that even a cab won't get them their keys back in 15 minutes....seeing as I'm at Silver and Mission, and they're at 24th and Castro...They get pretty pissed. I tell them I'm getting a cab, so they shut up and go away. I hang up, and pretend to wait for a cab. They call back, I tell them I'm still waiting for a cab. They get really really pissed that it hasn't come, and they say they're sending "Joel," out to come pick up the keys from me in front of the property. I have to wait about 35 minutes for Joel to show up, (see, asshole? it takes a while to get over here...) who rolls around the corner in a red prius, motions with his hand for me to come over to his car.. says to me, "gimme the keys." Very staccato like.. I inform him that I'm sorry it took so long, and that this was hard to locate, and he knew I was taking the bus. Without flinching, he flips my cash deposit in my hand as I give him the keys from out of my jacket, looks at me with the meanest look I've seen from anybody in as long as I can remember, and says to me straight in the eye, "and don't you ever even think about trying to rent from us or apply with us ever again." He rolls the window up, nearly runs my foot over, and speeds away.


Real management company. a REAL Pain in the Ass."