March 3rd, 2006

Oh Jiffy Lube...

I would normally never use Jiffy Lube for an oil change but I was in a real hurry the other day and they were on the way to my other errands. My wife and I are moving cross country in a week and it had been quite some time since the oil had been changed on our car so we really wanted to get it done. Everything seemed to go fine there, they were fast and all that. I hop in my car and hit the highway, which is less than a mile away from Jiffy Lube, and start to head on to where I needed to go next.

Then the oil light came on.

Well, crap, there's no where for me to pull over since there's major construction on the highway and the shoulder is closed. The next exit is a few miles away and so I attempt to make it that far. At just about the exit my car starts making some very unhealthy noises. I make it about a third of the way up the ramp and my car dies entirely. Screw me.
So I manage to get the car onto the small shoulder area and I pop the hood and take a look.
I check the dipstick, nothing there.

I have some oil in the back of my car so I go get it and pour some in, three seconds later all of the oil pours out of the bottom of my car.

Fuck, now I'm really pissed.

My wife has the cellphone and there's no place within a mile with a phone. I attempt to flag someone down and 25 minutes or so later someone was nice enough to stop and call my wife, who came to pick me up. Now she works about an hour away from where I was, so I was standing outside in the freezing cold for an hour and a half. I didn't want to sit in the car because of how everyone coming around the curve on the off ramp was riding the shoulder. I saw several older people have to swerve at the last minute to avoid my car, which was all the way over the white line onto the shoulder, so there's no way I'm waiting in the car.

My wife gets there and I call Jiffy lube. They say they'll send someone out to see what the problem is. I am no mechanic but I know the car is shot to hell so I tell them to send a tow truck. Nuh-uh, they'll fix it up they say.
So now I wait another half hour for the fine folks at Jiffy Lube to show up. At least this time I can sit in my wife's car and not freeze my ass off.

The two Jiffy Lube employees get there and take a look. Well, look at that, they forgot to put the oil plug back in after they changed my oil. The employees make an attempt to start my car after putting a plug in and adding three quarts of oil. The engine makes several strong attempts to leap out of the car while making the noise of hundreds of fingernails scraping across a chalkboard. Fabulous.

Now what I find interesting is that when my wife and I get back to the Jiffy Lube there's no big puddle of oil in front of the Jiffy Lube. My car was sitting there running for a few minutes while I paid so I didn't lose all of my oil there. My wife and I take the same route I did earlier and there's no oil trail anywhere along the way.

Basically, not only did Jiffy Lube not put the oil plug back in but I have a very strong suspicion that the mechanic didn't even put new oil in after he drained the original oil out. GOOD TIMES. The fact that my car made it five miles before giving up the ghost is a miracle unto itself.

Basically where we stand now is Jiffy Lube is taking care of replacing my engine. My wife and I were supposed to leave on our trip this next Tuesday but I was told that there was no way the engine is going to get fixed before the 13th. Our apartment lease runs out on the 10th along with all of our utilities being shut off.

Add in to this fun little equation that the manager of the Jiffy Lube had the balls to complain to me that the whole situation was really tough on him. I'd sure like to have some sympathy for you chief but you DESTROYED MY CAR and utterly screwed me over. I'm sure the situation has been tough on him, but to complain to me about it? The hell? When I talked to your area manager I even made it a point that I wasn't interested in getting anyone fired.

I just talked to the area manager a few minutes ago. He informed me that the manager and the mechanic from the station had both been fired. When I reiterated that I didn't want someone fired just because of me he told me that a lot of things had been going wrong at that particular Jiffy Lube and this was the final straw.

Heebee Jeebees

All I have to say is wow.

Last night after work I was starving tired and cranky. I settled for McDonalds since it was still open. I pull into the drive through.

Me: BLT meal crispy with coke.
Him: You have a pretty voice.
Me: Thanks? Thats all...
Him: $6.13

I pull through and this guy keeps it up
He hands me my drink
Me: May I please have some honey mustard, I'll pay for it
Him: Naw, you're so sweet you don't have to pay.
...walks away...
..comes back..
Him: Girl you so pretty its a shame you on lockdown(wtf?) with your blonde hair it be my job to make the ladies feel good.
Me: Haha! K!
Him: Aw girl thats a cute little pose you did
Me: (thinking) yeah its the oh my jeeze leave me alone pose

After a few more minutes of awkwardly smiling at him, (I can't hear very well out of my left ear so I didnt understand most of what he said) I get my food.
I pull away from the window practically squeeling my tires and look in the bag.

I got a BLT ... grilled
NO Honey Mustard AFTER I offered to pay. Yeah I really like it.
and if I wasn't already pissed off enough, he gave me a Diet Coke.

Every thing on my SIX dollar meal was wrong. That's a lot to pay for fast food.

He got EVERY part of my order wrong, made me thoroughly uncomfortable, and the entire exchange took about 15 minutes. The fries weren't even hot, he didn't offer ketchup, he was too busy bugging the hell out of me that he didn't get my order right.
I didn't want to pull back through because I was so freaked out and just wanted to get home so I left. I still haven't called them to complain, but I will. I don't even know his name, he didn't have a tag.

Steak and Shake Follies and a WTF

1. I really loved your dark chocolate milkshakes made for Halloween, Steak and Shake. You delighted me by continuing to offer these well into the new year, and have just recently added them to your full-time menu! This has been me ever since about mid-February:

cashier: Welcome to Steak 'n Shake, go ahead with your order.
me: I'll have just a regular dark chocolate shake.
cashier: Okay, so that's a regular dark chocolate shake? Anything else?
me: No thanks, that'll be it.

And the item will register as a "Regular Dark Сhocolate Milkshake" on the screen. At least half of the time, the cashier will make an acknowledgment of my dark chocolate shake as they're handing it to me.

The past six times, at LEAST, I have not received what I ordered. Four of those times, I've received a regular chocolate shake, once a Chocolate Fudge Sippable Sundae, and once a LARGE STRAWBERRY shake (the two sizes are very different and the milkshake comes in a clear glass so there was NO missing that one, not to mention the girl said "and your dark chocolate shake" as it was handed to me). I know chocolate and dark chocolate might seem trivial, but their chocolate shakes are extremely light in colour, versus the deep colour of the dark chocolate. The tastes are also very different...there is no mistake, and I've been told they're made with different syrups so it's not merely a case of "not adding enough" (and even if it was, why would it happen a half-dozen times in a row?)

Today was the last straw, though. I found four broken pieces of plastic blended into my shake -- what appears to be part of a broken up fork -- and a tiny piece of paper. As much as I love the milkshakes, they have absolutely lost my business for a long time.

If you're not going to serve dark chocolate shakes any longer, why did you even go to the trouble of adding them to your menu -- as that's about the time when I began to have difficulty ordering them. And how can you keep getting it wrong? The milkshake is the only thing I order! I know I'm a little chubby and I come through often, but if this is some subtle hint to stop coming (as has been suggested to me), then you can just fuck the hell off.

2. This is the third time in about two weeks that I've pulled up to the drive-thru and had absolutely no one answer. I won't sit there for longer than two minutes, so I drive off, and the person behind me gets their order taken. Then when I double back and get back in line, my order is taken quite speedily. I don't know why this happens but it's really very annoying, especially when I'm on a lunch break and those five minutes spent waiting and getting back into line COUNT.

And, the WTF. Is there any such thing as a "Dr. Pepper Milkshake"? Not at Steak 'n Shake, there isn't. So, the last time I ordered my dark chocolate shake, why did the order taker think that's what I asked for? Also, "that's all" is not "and a malt". I understand sometimes the reception is poor through the drive-thru speakers, but it's never noisy when I order, I can always hear them perfectly, and I enunciate rather well and loudly while ordering.

I realise this probably came off like I'm a bitch, but I'm really pretty upset.

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New poster here.

This happened a while ago, but I thought it's good enough to join in on the fun.

When I was very pregnant with my first child I had just moved to VA and didn't really have any friends or know anyone yet. I was lost all the time for the first few weeks basically.
One day as I was out driving by myself, I couldn't really see any good places to eat so I wound up at a McDonalds at Wal-mart. (barf)

When I got there, the line was really long but I had to eat so I waited. There was this guy behind the counter making cracks at all the coustomers trying to make them laugh, but I just thought it was annoying and only could hope to be waited on by someone else. This guy obviously thought a lot about himself, they way he just couldn't shut up and kept laughing at himself.

Anyway I did not get so lucky and he had to take my order. I told him I just wanted a salad and then he interrupts me and says "Oh girl- were you tryin' or was that an accident?" (pointing at my huge belly)

I was too much of a disoriented state of shock to respond, but I was fuming. Apparently it was all over my face and he could tell so he said "Woah- girl don't you be gettin' so mad, it was just a question!" Then I woke up and gave it to him.

"Why the HELL is it ANY of your business how I got pregnant?" He straightend up and just got done with my order. But if I wasn't so tired that day I would have said something to the manager. I mean.. how do they train these employees??

What a jack-ass.

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I love Subway. I usually go there every day for a sandwich and one of their yummy salads. They are always nice and make awesome food. But the other day I think we got their only crappy employee. She's this old baggy looking lady with glasses. She never smiles and always looks extremely pissed.

The first thing she says to us is "What do you want?" without even glancing at us. We both order wraps with extra cheese. After asking for our sides she asks what sauces we'd like. She goes across once, and there is barely anything there. Oookay. I could have asked but I'm mousey I guess and didn't. The one thing she did that really pissed me off is that after my card went through she just stood there screwing with a bunch of cups. Didn't scoot our sandwiches across the table, didn't bag them, nothing...just stood there being baggy. So my 5'2 self had to practically climb across the counter to get our sandwiches. My boyfriend was staring off into space while looking at the vegetables.

I know it's not that bad but it really frustrated me that she couldn't even pass me my damn meal. Mean old woman.