March 2nd, 2006


Travel Agency Nightmare!

Travel Agency Nightmare!

Names and File/Booking numbers have been changed

On 18-Jan 2006, I arranged to purchase 2 round-trip airline tickets from Toronto to Las Vegas via phone through Ms. Travel Agent at The Wholesale Travel Group for my mother and sister. Payment was made immediately via MasterCard.

A "Statement of Account" was received from The Wholesale Travel Group dated 25-Jan 2006, indicating the purchase of two round-trip tickets, and indicating the names of the two travelers The price breakdown was shown to be 528.96 per passenger, plus 20.00 Service Charge and 2.80 GST, for a total of 1100.72. It was noted on this statement that the balance had been paid in full. Also included in this statement was Booking # XXXXXX, as well as The Wholesale Travel Group's File Number 999999999.

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