March 1st, 2006


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I need the contact hounds to find something for me.

A friend ordered a vacuum from Wind Storm Vacuum 6 weeks ago and has yet to recieve it. Now, I did some hunting and the company has an F rating with the BBB, so it's not looking good.

However, she's going to give them the benefit of the doubt and try to track her order. The problem is that the only number she has available is the one on the web site and you can't actually speak to a person with that one. It wants you to enter the telephone number you ordered it from to track your order and it keeps telling her that they have no record of an order being placed by that number.

Is there any other number anyone knows of that might lead to an actual flesh and blood human? I'd hate to see her out the money as this would just further cement her belief (and mine as well) that there is a black cloud following her every where she goes.

Privacy Source Update

So I called yesterday to try and cancel the Bank of America Privacy Source Service, around 4:30 when I was finished with my classes. And the phone system was down. I got a message to call back in an hour. I called back in an hour, and still no dice.

So I gave up and called back today. After getting through the stupid Bank of America phone tree of hell, I wound up choosing the cancel my account option. I waited approximately 10 minutes and then was randomly disconnected by the system.

I call back again. This time I go to the "for questions about your account" option, and get right through. I explain my situation, the girl pulls up my account, and goes "It appears you're still an active member of our Privacy Source Service."

I explain that I called 3 weeks ago to cancel the service.

She asks for a cancellation number,

I inform her that I never recieved one from the customer service representative.

She tells me that that would be my proof of cancellation. She asks why I would like the service cancelled.

I inform her that I called to cancel 3 weeks ago because I didn't have the money to pay for the service.

She repeats again that I am still an active member of their Privacy Source service.

"Well, I called at Xtime on X date to cancel. I no longer wish to be a member of this service, and this needs to be rectified immediately."

She tries to give closing speal, and informs me that she is going to keep my account active so I can pull my credit report. This must be where the rep got me last time, as she was sort of incomprehesible at this point in the call, and I pieced together what I thought I heard. I never thought a bank would have the gall, after listening to you state all the reasons why you want to cancel the service, to tell you "no, we're not going to do that".

"No you are not. I have called previously to cancel. I am calling now to cancel. You are going to cancel my account like I requested."

She does so, and gives me a confirmation number. I could tell she was not to happy with me by the condescending tone she used in giving me the cancellation number when I asked her to repeat it.

"And all my charges are going to be refunded?" I ask, to make sure.

"Yes, you will recieve a refund on your account in two to three weeks".

I thanked her and let her go.


I hate yelling at them because I know they're just doing their job. However, this is the most horrible sales technique I've ever seen employed by a company. I know I am probably not going to recieve all my charges refunded, and when that happens in a couple weeks its going to be time for another go-round.

In the meantime I'm going to look into opening a bank account with Citibank, as they've never provided me with anything but good service with my credit cards, and a few branches have been popping up in the area. Bank of America just lost a customer with their sleazy-ass tactics. I mean really, when a customer calls irate over a service and wants to cancel, in what word is it good business practice to just tell them "no" and end the call before they realize what has just happened?

We're out...

Wednesday is one of my two later days at work. I stand all day at work doing hair, so I'm pretty hungry by 7pm. So, I wandered into Jet's Pizza for two slices to take home for dinner. It was only about 730pm...they don't close until 11pm. I asked for two slices with some ranch, please...the girl says, "We don't have anymore slices" and just stares at me. The guy in back says loud enough for me to hear, "Yeah, because we don't feel like making anymore." I give her a look like, what!? and walk out. Their menu says: hot slices served all day. They were still to be open until 3½ more hours and I've gotten slices at 930pm before. It looked like a bunch of high schoolers and someone maybe just over 18. So, needless to say, I was a little disappointed. The girl wasn't friendly about it or anything. That was nice...I ended up having fries and chicken nuggets for dinner. Not as tasty as two pieces of pizza.
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