February 26th, 2006

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Checkout suckage

Hello; first post here.

I went to Kohl's tonight and spent nearly as much time in the checkout line as I spent shopping (okay, it probably just seemed that way, but still...). Kohl's has instituted a queue system in which everyone gets in a single line and waits for the next available cashier to call them. Borders bookstore uses the system and I love it, but Borders understands a couple of things that have apparently escaped that particular Kohl's management:

1) On a busy Saturday evening, you need to have more than two of the ten registers open
2) On a busy Saturday evening, those two registers need to be operated by efficient cashiers

While I waited, I had (way too much) time to observe both cashiers and they were without question the slowest I've ever seen anywhere. The line was bad enough when I got in it; when I finally managed to escape with my merchandise, it had extended well into Women's Sportswear. It was ridiculous.

I wonder how many of the foot-tapping, eye-rolling patrons in line eventually gave up and put their would-be purchases back.

Bad Service from Triple A

So my car was recently giving me break trouble, I initially thought I would need new break pads but come to find out after I drop it off at a Tire Choice that it needs WAY more than that. All the work my car needs done is apparently going to cost about $3000.00, I say no way I can afford that and they say, your car is so bad you're going to need to tow it out of here. Okay, I say, my breaks were pretty bad and I'd rather not take any chances with it, so I'm going to have it towed using my mom's AAA card.

I call them at around 4pm a few days ago. The Tire Choice closes at 7pm so we figure it's more than enough time. They say they'll have someone at the Tire Choice within an hour. Cool, so I wait. 5:00 rolls around and they call to say a tow truck will be there in about a half hour. 6 rolls around and I'm starting to get worried so I call them up to check on the status. The first woman I talk to says "Sure, one moment while I check on that." Then I get the endless hold music for about a half hour before I finally hear that I've apparently been transferred. Someone else picks up and asks how they can help me. Uh, gee okay, I though that's what the other chick was doing. Fine. I explain the situation and ask her to please not transfer me, since that's what the other girl did, I just wanna know where the tow truck is. She says she's going to call the dispatcher and put me on hold. Well, I get hung up on. I try to call back and am on the endless hold music, when I finally get someone I explain to them that I just want to know where the tow truck is since it was supposed to be here a while ago. The lady tells me that it's not in her region and she'll have to transfer me. Ugh!! I get transferred and wait on hold until I see it's about 6:50 and decide to give up because 1) a friend that I was supposed to have dinner with has arrived and waited on me for far too long already and 2) Tire Choice closes at 7pm and I highly doubt the tow truck was gonna magically show up in 10 minutes.

I'm on my way to dinner and I get a call from AAA asking me if I ever got service. Uh, no, I didn't and the place already closed so don't bother. They tell me to put in a call early next morning and they'll send someone out. Due to my work schedule and other stuff I wasn't able to try to get someone out there until today. Partly also because AAA says they need to have the cardholder present with a valid photo ID where they are picking up the car from, well that's not me, it's actually my mom and we work on different schedules so it's hard for us to find a time when we can actually be present for this.

Anyway, I call today at around 4:30 and ask them to send someone out again. They tell us it'll be there between 5:30 - 6pm. Mom and I are home and we get a call from AAA confirming that the tow truck will be there at 6 or before. We're about to have a quick dinner but decide to skip it so we don't miss the tow truck. We show up at Tire Choice around 5:45 and wait, 6:05 rolls around and we decide to call AAA. We call them and they say they're trying to find out from the towing service what's going on, they've currently got that the driver is at another location towing another vehicle but they'll have someone call us with details. Grrr... okay. We wait until about 6:37 and decide to call them again. At this point they say the tow truck is not going to be here until 7:28!!! WTF?! Okay, if that's the case then why did you guys call us and tell us they'd be here at 6?? AND why do I have to call to find this information out, why isn't anyone calling US to let us know that there are these delays?! Especially after they said someone would call us to let us know more! I was pretty frustrated and expressed to the rep that we'd already been waiting an hour, her response? "That's nothing compared to what other people have been waiting." WTF kind of shitty-ass customer service is that? What the hell do we have the card for then? If this is how it's going to be then the next time I'm in real need of roadside assistance I'll just call a cab, it'll be here a lot faster! "I'm sorry about that ma'am, you can let them know that at member services" GEE THANKS FOR THE "HELP"! She puts me on hold one more time before this whole ridiculous convo is over and tells me the driver quoted her he'd be there in 20 minutes. When everything was all said and done we ended up leaving at about 7:30pm.

Now, I understand that some of this is probably out of AAA's control, like if the towing service is dicking them around and we get dicked around as a result. However, a lot of the blame still rests on the shoulders of AAA. First of all, their hold times are ridiculous, it's hell trying to get through to someone and when you finally do to be transferred around all over the place or get hung up on is just unacceptable. Also, if they know the wait time on a tow truck is going to be longer than originally quoted they should call and tell you! Isn't that why I gave them the cellphone number in the first place? Also, in regards to their little "card holder must be present and show valid photo ID" schpiel. I called earlier today when my mother wasn't going to be present, although I had her permission to use the card obviously. I originally was going to have the car towed at 2 but had to wait for 4 for my mom because the lady on the phone flat out refused to send someone out since I wasn't my mother and said my mother HAD to be wherever they were going to be towing the car from. So imagine how pissed I was when the truck driver towed the car without ever making a mention of seeing her card or her ID! I know that may be the truck driver's fault but AAA is the one that uses their service, if they know the drivers aren't doing what they're supposed to then they should use a different company.

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I am so fucking pissed off right now because some idiot won't admit they gave me the wrong fucking salad. I ordered from Soprano's pizza and on their menu it shows several salads. The only one that lists the ingredients is a Greek Salad. Let's see, it says "Greek Salad /w Feta Cheese. Lettuce (iceberg or caeser), Tomatoes, Cucumber, Black Olives, Green Olives, Feta Cheese and House Dressing w/ sprinkles of Parmesan and Croutons."

I don't like any of that shit except for lettuce and croutons, so I ordered a caesar salad. It says nothing but Caesar Salad. What comes in a Caesar Salad? Wikipedia knows! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caesar_salad

So it comes, and lo and behold, my caesar salad contains Tomatoes, Cucumber, Black Olives, Green Olives, Feta Cheese and House Dressing w/ sprinkles of Parmesan and Croutons. So I called them up. This bitch has the audacity to insist that a caesar salad comes with all that shit. I tried to explain that no, that was the Greek Salad according to their menu. On the menu, it simply says Caesar Salad. She has the nerve to tell me I should have asked what came on a Caesar Salad. WHY THE HELL WOULD I ASK THAT? Why in the name of all that is good would I think to ask if the same ingredients on the Greek Salad were automatically included in a Caesar Salad and oh by the way, does it actually come with Caesar Dressing or is it really the house dressing?

Fucking own up and admit you sent the wrong salad, bitch. Admit when you're wrong. Here, I can do it. I was wrong to assume that you morons knew how to make a fucking caesar salad like you did six months ago when I ordered from you last. I seriously am not paying six dollars for something I can't eat.

I know that's a huge reaction over a salad but this woman was so rude to me insisting that I got a caesar salad it just pissed me off.

EDIT: I took it back and the manager had the audacity to scream at me about how he can put whatever he wants on it and call it a caesar salad. I said "You put the exact same ingredients and dressing on the two salads and call them different thing" he's like I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT.

Gave me $5 tho. Assholes. Never ever going there, and I suggest anyone in Dallas/Richardson avoid them if you don't want the attitude of people who can't admit a mistake.