February 25th, 2006

About Ebay and WAMU

Hi. I've had Washington Mutual since 2004 and I've had trouble with their online service. Recently they've given me the runaround whenever I try and call them to see why I keep getting looped back onto a Sign Up page for a new Online Account, but I'm already logged in though. I've called several times, but the people there are so rude on the phone I've just given up. I'm thinking of moving to a new bank. I'm not sure which one, but I'm thinking more of Bank Of America though...still not sure.


Now, Ebay on the other hand, is a great service to me, but what I just HATE is the extra charges they throw in. It's especially hard when you can barely afford payments. Thankfully my account was suspended, so thankfully I got messages like this:

"I will retract the unpaid item strike when payment is finally received. But otherwise I am not going
to wait when you keep saying you will be sending out payment but not actually following through."


Isn't there anything similar to ebay with lower prices that won't jack up? ;_;
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Super Target deli ass

Five. Freaking. Minutes.

That's how long you ignored me before I walked away. And as I did, you looked me in the eye. I glared.

Fuck you. I really wanted that Lorraine cheese and Cajun turkey.

And it wasn't just me. From my point near the checkout line, I could see other people giving up and walking away.

When the cashier asked if I found everything today, I said yes, I found it. Just couldn't get it because of the deli ass. He looked a bit scared, but I assured him I would not take it out on him. He asked if I wanted him to get upper management, but I told him I would attempt a volcano pose, and try to breathe it off.

Thanks for letting me get that out. That sandwich would have kicked ass with the Maple BBQ Chips.
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WTF, Commerce

Again, I had problems with Commerce bank.

I'm a student, far from home, so my ATM/checking account is the only way my mother can get money to me. About two weeks ago, my ATM/debt card stopped working. It was embarrising too, since I was buying dorm stuff from Target and the check-out girl was getting angry at me (bad service for another day...). I thought maybe it was just Target, since my card had worked the day previous without any problem.

I try the card at two ATM machines and in another store. Nope, still doesn't work. Weird. I know I have 100+ dollars in it, so it couldn't be that reason.

So, I went around with my checkbook if I needed to buy groceries and things. Today, my mother drove up to see me at school and take care of some things on campus and in town. We find a Commerce bank and ask them about my card.

They said it had been "closed". The reason for this is that I was overdrawn and after a few days of being overdrawn, the card stops working and is considered "closed". The man assured us it was "standard procedure" but my mother demanded to know why we were never notified of this.

I ask when the overdraft happened, since I put money in a few weeks ago. He said Decemeber. Now, I did get overdrawn during the week of Christmas, but put an entire paycheck in to cover it the next time the bank was open after the holidays. I explain that to him and he types on his computer and goes "Oh. Weird. You did pay that. Wonder why your card was closed then..."

Gee, really? Me too. I told him that even if it was because of being overdrawn, my card still worked up until about Feburary 5th and that that wasn't "a few days" after the overdraft. He had no answer for me except it was a "bank mistake". (I've noticed this bank makes a lot of mistakes...)

He proceeds to cut up my ATM card, since it's "worthless" now, and would I like a new one? Yes! Of course I do, you just cut up my other one! So I get a new card and says that everything with my account is fine.

Just like they told me after Christmas, when I paid the overdraft fee.

Just like they told me in Janurary when they wouldn't let my mother deposit a check to cover my school books because my account was "frozen" because of the "unpaid overdraft".

Just like they told me in Feburary when I called and asked why my card wasn't working.

That's it. When I get out of school in May, I'm getting a new bank. This is crazy. I PAID THE OVERDRAFT! Why are they still trying to penalize and charge me for it? In FEBURARY! Two months later!
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Deli Dilemma with a good ending

After reading pavlovskitty's tale of troubles at the Super Target deli, I was reminded of something that happened a couple of years ago:

This happened in a local Lowes Foods. The hubby and I were grocery shopping. While he gathered things on the list, I went to the deli because it can take a while especially on a Saturday afternoon. I waited politely while several people before me were served. Just as it was my turn, a man came up, went to the end of the deli case and motioned to the clerk. They were obviously friends and chatted for several minutes. I said, "Excuse me," a couple of times and the clerk held up her finger in a "just a minute" gesture. After waiting what I considered long enough - maybe 4-5 minutes, I took my cell phone and called the store (the number was on a sign advertising deli platters). When the call was answered, I asked for the manager and told him where I was and what was going on. He apologized and told me he would take care of it immediately.

The next thing I know the phone in the deli is ringing. The clerk ignores it. It stops ringing, then starts again. Again she ignores it. Obviously it was the manager calling as it happened the moment I hung up my phone call.

There was no way I was walking away now. As I continue to wait and watch the clerk flirting with her friend, a man approached with a very determined look on his face. He nodded at me then went to the clerk, told the friend he needed to speak to the employee and took her a few feet away. You should have seen her face! She went white as a ghost then blushed beet red.

I couldn't hear what the manager was saying because he was speaking forcefully but very quietly, the girl was hanging her head. A minute later, the manager was behind the counter with the girl and they both waited on me and the other people who had come up in the meantime.

Have to admit I admired the way the manager handled it: He didn't shout or make a scene nor did he belittle the clerk within earshot of the public. Even more so, though, he helped her out of the problem by donning an apron, headcover, and gloves and going to work. He didn't appear angry with her just disappointed. He talked pleasantly to her while they worked side-by-side. By the time my order was complete, he had her smiling and apparently working quite willingly and with good spirit.

He did come out from behind the case to give me my cold cuts and I asked him why she was alone on a Saturday afternoon. He shook his head and said he was going to ask her department manager the same thing. I have a feeling the dept. mgr. was in for more trouble than the girl.

By the way, I saw the girl several times after this incident and she was working in the bakery. She seemed much happier and smiled a lot.