February 23rd, 2006


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Dear Independent Health,
Thanks for lying to my mother about my health insurance being "active immediatly".
We were shocked when we got a letter in the mail saying infact it would not be active until April 1st. We were even more shocked, however, at your rep's snide and condescending attitude. Why is it so difficult to grasp the fact that we were told one thing on the phone and then sent a letter that said something else? I know you probably keep records on our account so why not look it up? But no, your hands are tied and you can't do anything.
Thanks Independent health. Really awesome service. I'm just going to love paying for medications out of my pocket for two months.

I don't understand why they can't do anything. They told my mom it was possible to still have me on their insurance until I was 24 if they got a more expensive plan, my mom asked if it was possible for it to be effective immediatly, the lady said yes. Now this other guy is saying no, thats not how it works. WTF? And nobody seems to care that we were told two separate things. Is there a way to file a complaint? My mom told me she would help me cover stuff while my insurance wasn't active, but because I'm a student, my budgets gonna be stretched pretty thin for the next two months :(. (And FYI I am a student, but because I am a student at a trade school and not a college/university I don't qualify for their student health care plans).


I had a waitress tell me tonight that she had been working since 4 am (it was 2 am) with no break, was 17, and had a kid.

I was half tempted to pretend to believe her and demand to speak to her manager. If she wasn't a decent waitress I would have.

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This post (http://community.livejournal.com/bad_service/640563.html?style=mine) reminded me of a similar experience I had with my credit card company and postal service.


We moved to our new house in April. This was in a brand new development with mass mail boxes on one of the main intersections. This is becoming the norm in Ottawa, though I don't know about elsewhere. Since the developement was still being built, Canada Post provided us with temporary boxes that the builders periodically moved around. As sections were completed, permanent boxes were but in and service to the temporary boxes was cancelled. In about September, the townhomes at the end of our block were complete and they got permanent boxes. Apparently, someone at Canada Post decided that our house was to use the same mail box and cancelled service to the temporary box without granting us access to the permanent boxes. We thought nothing of this at first, until we realized that we hadn't been receiving any bills. We call Canada Post and get the matter settled, but by then the damage had been done.

At just about this same time, my bank recalled all credit cards beginning with a certain four digit series. They sent a letter advising of this, and then sent the new card and cancelled the old. The whole prcess would take some time and the old cards would stil be useable until the middle of November.

Now, I rarely use this card, but come Christmas I needed it to buy presents. I go to use it and it's declined. Okay, I check the account and it shows that my card is just about maxed. I pay the card off on-line. There is no mention of the site that my card is no longer valid. Two days later I go to use the card and it is again declined. At this point I'm a bit mifed, but figure that because it's Christmas the banks are running behind on the processing of payments. I get the presents with other cards and put everything out of my mind until after Christmas. My online account tells me that I'm in the clear (again, no mention that my card is invalid), so I go to use it for a purchase. Again, it's declined.

So I call the bank who direct em to the credit card company. This is the gist of the conversation:

Teller (T): Thank you for calling Card. May I have your card number?
Me: Yeah, it's X.
(Various security checkpoints)
T: What seesm to be the problem?
Me: *Explains that my card doesn't work*
T: We recalled the cards with those numbers. Did you get the replacement?
Me: Uhm ... no ... Why didn't you let me know this?
T: We did. Didn't you get the letter?
Me: (thinking: no dumbass, why would I be calling if I had?) ... no. Can you assign me a new card?
T: Are you sure you didn't get the card?
Me: No. Is it showing as activated? (Fearing that the card had fallen into someone else's hands)
T: Okay, we'll cancell the card and issue you a new one. Now, you're sure you never got the card?
Me: (*getting fustrated now*) Yes, I'm sure!

Believe it or not, this continued for a bit longer before he finally agreed to send me a new card. I mean, what did he think I was going to do? Activate the old card as soon as I got the new one?

SO he had the card sent off to my bank branch so that I could pick it up in person (and have my I.D. verified).

Really more annoyance than suckage, but still ....

Dangerous Bad Service that became Good Service

My husband needed a refill on his cardizem. (A heart pill that regulates heart rate and blood pressure.) I called his cardiologist so they could call it in for me since they had kind of forgotten to put a refill amount in the last call in. (Unrelated story.)

The doctor's office called me about a half hour later to ensure he wanted to be on the medicine and to make sure they had the right dosage, 120mg. I told them they had it right and they told me they would call the prescription in in about an hour.

Several hours later I head to Walgreens to pick up that and my husband's beta-blocker. Now this Walgreens pharmacy is hopping. I've never been in there and not had things be on almost an hour wait. They usually have about 4 pharmecies working and the same or more pharmecy techs. Usually, they're really efficient.

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Fuck it button

Please stop calling... and hanging up.

I'm not anti-telemarketer or anything. I don't even hate the people who call you to do a survey. I understand it's a job, you're trying to pay the bills. While your timing is usually annoying as heck that's the times usually the business wants you to call. I'm even polite to people who work these jobs, filling out their survey or refusing 3x (before I hang up). I never even cut you off mid-sentence to tell you to shut up or go **** yourself.

What does make me angry Dr Green Services Care Services is when you repeatedly call my CELL (an annoyance I know, but just another number to them) and when I answer, you hang up. I know it's you cuz I 411'd your number (905) 625-1223 (originally I thought it was kids playing a prank). I don't know why a lawn service company (I think, atleast it sounds like one) is calling me when there's still snow on the ground (and calling my cell at that, I could live in an apartment you doofus) or when you're all the way out in Cooksville and I'm in Scarborough. Anyhoo, I tried to even call you back to ask you what you wanted to say so you would stop calling 9x/day and hanging up on me -but- your line doesn't allow incoming calls ._.

This bugs the crap out of me.

I had to go to my bank today to take care of some business. While I was in line this annoying woman with a clipboard started asking me what I was here for today. When I told her that I would rather wait till I got a teller to discuss my business she told me they are very busy and that she was there to speed things along so I wouldn't "use up so much of their time". I'm sorry but she couldn't even help me with what I was there for anyway and I didn't feel comfortable sharing my business with all the people around me in line. When I told her that was ok she pretty much told me that I have to tell her what I was there for. What the hell when did the banks get a person that does that and why do we have to share what we're there for with them?