February 22nd, 2006


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After being on hold for customer service a couple times now, I've noticed a trend. It seems like the music is purposely made to deter people. I'm not talking about typical music, I'm talking about the type that seemingly tries to make people hang up.

I've listened to some music that would cut in and out constantly, making it impossible to follow if you're trying to listen to it. I've had some that would randomly be interupted by a human speaking, "Thank you for calling ___, we apologize for the wait," so you'd think it was finally someone picking up and dash for the speaker phone, only to have it continue with the music.

For my very own company, the music for employee/tech support is so bad that we can't actually listen to it on company phones, it is impossible to hear so unless you're willing to wait for 3 hours (actual time of tech support wait, trust me) with the phone to your ear while checking out customers, you're SOL.

This isn't just my phone, either. I've used company phones, home phones, and someone's fancy Verizon phone, the kind that's designed to play mp3s so the speaker quality is top of the line.

Anyone else feel the same way?

Package woes

hello all,

Last friday I shipped some customer's packages, 6 packages, from a place called Pakmail
(www.pakmail.com this is in memphis, TN if you are interseted to know.) I mailed them last fri. I got a call this morning that the packges were not shipped due to "insuficent postage". I asked why and the man on the phone said that they were marked as international packeges (probably why I ended up paying so much) but they were all within the US. So I have to go, get the re-metered, and re-ship them... joy... Why did they wait so long to tell me?? I hope I beter not have to pay again!
Has anyone had any issues with Pakmail before? I dont know about you but I am PISSED!

thanks for listening to me bitch
kadaj reunion coffee

Bad window service.

For the past 3 weeks, my husband and I have been trying to get our bedroom
window replaced in our apartment. It's in atrocious condition. The frame is
badly corroded to the point where it's literally crumbling to dust.

Today a guy comes to our apartment, replaces one segment of the window,
and then tries to tell me that it's just crumbling stucco.  Excuse me? I don't
think so. Stucco does not turn into a pile of cruddy little boards. Nor does a
little stucco falling off a window sill make it look like Vyvyan (from "The Young
Ones") took a bite out of it.
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