February 19th, 2006

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Apparently Burger King doesn't want me to "have it [my] way."

Today I went to Burger King wanted to ordered the following:

1 medium Jr. Whopper with cheese
-no mayonnaise
-no lettuce
-no tomato
1 medium fry
1 large drink

So I have everything planned out in order to not confuse the cashier. I've been in her position, I know it sucks when people customise their orders, but when your slogan is "Have it your way," I expected that I could get a large drink with medium-sized food.

I ask her, "Could I please get a large drink instead of a medium drink?"
And she informs me, "No, you would have to get the large meal."

So I had to get the medium drink, which they fill three-quarters of the way with ice. I like some ice, but whenever I tell people "very little ice" they still put mountains in there. I know most people are instructed to fill the cups that way, but I hate watery pop that I paid for!

This just seems absolutely ridiculous. I've worked fast food, and I've talked to other people about this and we all wondered the same thing: "Wouldn't you just hit the 'sub-large' button to substitute a large drink for a smaller one?"

Was the cashier just being rude to me because I had customised my order to a T? I go there pretty often, I'm never rude, I've had her cash me out many times before.

I just want to know...is that even TRUE? I think it's a crock.

Kim Jewellers: The Return of Disappointment

All of you who said I shouldn't have left my ring with them (to be "fixed") a second time...were absolutely RIGHT.

So, Duke was there this time. Wife, baby, and Grandpa were in the back...in the beginning. (I'm really tired so I'll have to make this short, sorry).

I entered the store, Duke asked how I was and I told him, "I'm not sure yet", he asked why and thus the debate began. He retrieved my ring from the cabinet and began to feed me the same story his wife and "Grandpa" (I don't know the honest relation). It was almost as if I was being told it was MY fault this problem had happened with my ring. He claimed my ring was "white gold plated" and not a combination of white & yellow gold, accusing the original jeweller of lying to my mother by stating, "Then what I would suggest is, have him (the jeweller) double-check it." Don't get me wrong, he was very pleasant during our conversation but, its my feeling that everything he told me was a lie. But, at the same time, I felt as if I was being spoken to like a child.

He contradicted himself many times. He said the "colour faded". The supposed plating, faded. I have many gold rings, varying in age, none of them have ever "faded". He said age causes that (this ring was remade last summer!), then he said the melting of the gold causes the fading, and, yet, he also claimed that, when sizing down a ring, they "don't touch" the upper part of the ring (the part that was ruined after their resizing).

He said that it was "probably" his fault since he failed to mention that some details in my ring would be lost in resizing (again, I've had 2 different rings resized in the past, by another jeweller, and NEVER had this problem). He even tried to make it sound like he did me a favour by redoing my ring (after they f*cked it up!) because restoring those details would "cost more". He said, "All we do is we resize the ring for you. If a customer wants *white gold plating*, it costs more." WHAT?! So, I bring in my double-gold ring to be resized and you're going to melt it down which apparently causes it to become just yellow gold, I have to pay more for you to restore the white gold that was ORIGINALLY on my ring?! WHAT?!!! Also, he mentions "we can put it (the white gold "plating") back on at any given time", why the hell do I have to specifically REQUEST that they not f*ck up my ring??? Why can't they assume (or even ask if they must) that, when a customer brings a ring in JUST to be resized, that the only thing they want different about their ring is the SIZE?! ?!!?!?!?!? !?!?!? ?!?!!!!!!! *frustrated and angry*

He also explains that, even when jewellers create a ring in white gold, they still may use a white gold plating on top of it to make it shinier. HUH?! Can anyone validate this because it just sounds redundant to me!

(For reference the "white gold plate" he called "enrollium"--I don't know how its spelled, never heard of it before).

When I explained how I became "emotional" after seeing my ring and Grandpa laughed at me and neither he nor Wife appologized to me, Duke tried to chalk it up to a "language barrier" (yeah, throw that card in there!). I'm sorry but, for one, the wife can speak perfect english and, two, I think CRYING needs no translation (and obviously they knew I was dissatisfied, they took the ring back and offered to fix it)!!! Language barrier my ass! It was plain rude. Duke DID appologize several times though but, his many excuses (or lies), made them meaningless to me. It just wasn't enough.

I tried the ring on in the store, it fit. I looked it over and it had seemed okay, but, their lights are deceiving (amoung other things) because, on my way home (I was walking, I don't drive), I began to see the flaws...Oh man...
I would've stopped and returned to the store but, I had to get my baby home and, quite frankly, I was sick of dealing with them!

The "white gold plating" looks terrible, there is a drip mark and bleeding in some areas, the yellow gold looks a little fake, there is a line running across my ring in an odd place, and the setting is uneven... Overall, my ring now looks VERY cheap. :'( Its just not MY ring. The only thing recognizable is my beautifully flawed diamond (diamond in the rough!).

When we got home and I got my baby all settled, I called them.
Wife answered, "Kim Jewellers..."
Me: "Hi. Can I speak to Duke, please?"
Wife: "Where are you calling from?"
Me: "Umm..my home..in *city name here* (Odd question). Can I please speak to Duke?"
Wife: suspiciously, "Who is this?"
Me: "My name is *first name here*, I'm a CUSTOMER."
Wife: "Uhh...one second...I'll see if he's here."
(Meanwhile, I can tell she's still on the phone, which was in the backroom, just covering the mouthpiece, if that).
(Note: I live about a 15 min walk from this place).
Wife: "No...I'm sorry, he's not... here."
(It sounded reeaaal believable!).
Wife: "You can talk to me."
Me: "No, thanks, I've been dealing with Duke the past few days and I'd like to speak to him directly about this. When would be a better time to reach him?"
Wife: "Oh...um...maybe in 30 minutes."
(Conveniently, that is when the store would be closing! AS IF I didn't know that little tidbit of information!).
Me: *biting tongue* "Yeah...thanks...bye."
Wife: cheerfully, "Bye!".

So, now I feel as though Duke is avoiding my call(s). I wanted to tell him about all the flaws I noticed after seeing my ring in "natural lighting" and inform him I would be returning to get my money refunded. I guess he didn't want to hear that (probably saw it coming too!).

So, once I can get a hold of my Mom, who lives a two and a half hour drive from me, I will discuss the matter with her (she had a career in law before she was diagnosed with cancer) and we'll see what will happen. Of course, there's no question about it, my ring now has to be redone by the original jeweller but, as far as getting my money back and trying to get them to pay for my ring to be redone, we'll see what happens!

I am SOOOOO pissed at Kim Jewellers. DO NOT go there, people!!!!
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First post, please be gentle ;-)

So I and my fiancee went to Bennigan's, in Warsaw, IN last night, along with 9 of my opera cohorts and the director. So there were 12 of us. Fiancee and I weren't horribly hungry, so we ordered a three appetizer combo: buffalo wings for him, potato skins for me, and nachos for us to share. So naturally, we ate the wings and the skins before going on to the nachos. About 1/3 into the nachos, I noticed a very suspicious tomato. It was, in fact, a piece of raw beef. It:
-Was the wrong color for a tomato
-Was lacking the seeds or seed pockets that a tomato would have
-Smelled marinated
-Felt like raw meat when I poked it with my finger
-Had the marbling of beef, and even a small piece of fat on one side

So, ew. I pointed this out to the waitress, and after her initial "NO WAY" (literally) and poking it with a fork herself, all she said was "I'll see what I can do" and wondered off, presumably to talk to the manager/chef/what have you. No offer to comp anything, no offer to replace the nachos. (As a side note, the service itself was incredibly slow. No refills, we sat there for a half hour over empty plates waiting for our bills, etc. But that's not the issue.) A few minutes later, the waitress comes back and asks if we're done. Well, you think? There's a piece of raw meat in the middle of my plate, which completely ruins any appetite I had for that food. So she took the plate, I again assumed she was going to a manager/cook/what have you to show it to them. We order dessert. Dessert gets eaten, and bills are waited for. And we wait, and wait. Again, that's not really important.

We finally get the bill, and find out that we were charged for everything, even the nachos that we couldn't eat. What!? I asked the girl and was told that she and the chef had picked it apart in the kitchen, and it was definitely a tomato. Yeah, she just lied to me, there was no way that it was a tomato, I had double-checked that. I asked why the nachos hadn't been comped (change the 3-app combo into a 2-app combo) and she replied that she thought we were done with it. Umm...most people don't continue eating after finding raw meat in their food. (Okay, my fiancee did eat a couple more chips, but he's a garbage disposal, so it doesn't count) However, we would have either eaten them or had them boxed if not for the raw meat. I had to beg for a reduction, which she somewhat reluctantly gave, and I felt like an absolute ass having to explain to her that people don't just "eat around" cubes of raw beef.

I'm debating calling the store tomorrow and talking to a manager, but I don't know if that would be overkill, since she did eventually comp the nachos. It took me an effort (and some prodding by my friends) to even bring up the raw meat and not just stop eating. It took an even bigger effort to ask her to take off the nachos, which I had thought was common sense. I do want to say something to a manager, but I don't want to come off as an ass or end up wimping out. I do have the store number and the waitress' name, so I can give that information. Any suggestions?
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Friday night, after having sat through a tattooing, was sore and hungry and somewhat poorer, so I went to the McDonald's down the street and got one of those premium chicken sandwiches (without tomatoes!) and a drink and fries.

When I opened the box to take out the sandwich, I discovered they'd left off the tomato, as I asked, but they also seemed to have forgotten the bottom half of the bun.

Maybe not bad service, really, just... wtf?
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