February 18th, 2006

My hair is on fire!

This happened a couple weeks ago ...

Pepsi was on sale at Shopper's Drug Mart so I decided to pick up some.

On the cases there was a coupon, it said buy any 2 12x366ml Pepsi products and receive a free Baked Frito Lays. Now, on the coupon it displayed an image of Baked Lays beside the text.

So I peeled one off and picked up a bag of Baked Ruffles (because they had run out of Baked Lays).

I goto the cashier and put everything down (3 cases of pop and one bag of chips) and hand her the coupon. She scans it over and hands it back to me saying, "This coupon is only for the Lays."

I read the back of the Ruffles chips and confirm that infact it is a Frito Lays product. I tell her it's the same company though.

She says, "It doesn't matter if it's the same company, the coupon is ONLY for the Lays." Ok, fair enough, but let me double check that coupon.

I read the coupon again, "No, the picture is just Lays, if you'll read the text it says ANY Baked Frito Lays product."

She snatches back the coupon, reads it again and then scans in the chips and SLAMS them in a bag. I didn't dare ask her to bag the pop (they usually automatically do it) because I'm sure cans would go flying, fizzing in every direction lol. Seriously though, sorry to ruin your day because you can't READ. I know mistakes happen, and I work as a cashier too, but holy hell, I'm not ANGRY people have pointed out my mistakes, I'm apologetic I made them. I didn't even want her to be apologetic though, just not slam my items around in a pissed off manner.

Not the worst ever, and since I work RIGHT beside them I don't care to complain to a manager. I was more amused than upset.