February 17th, 2006



A while back I visited a local market.

While checking out the goods I passed a bakery and noticed all the yummy goodness. I couldn't just walk by without getting something. I picked out a couple types of pastries and got a couple of each.

When I got home and relaxed I dove into a pastry. Mmmmmm! Huh? *uck!gag!spit!*

The one particular pastry was made with salt instead of sugar! Tasted second one...salt.
Checked out other type of pastry ...it was ok. Threw out the two salty ones.

Two weeks later I went to the same market and approached the bakery.

BL Bakery lady.

Bl: Good morning, can I get you anything?
Me: Good morning, actually I just wanted to mention that I purchased those pastries 2 weeks ago *points to said pastries* and they were salty.

Bl:*laughs* Yeah, he made a mistake and the ingredients were switched. *giggles* We had lots of complaints over that one.
Me: Yeah, it was kind of a shock. I had to throw them out, so much for that money.

Bl: *more giggles* Yeah, and he still tried to sell them last week. So can I get you anything?
Me: No thank you.

It wasn't like I could demand my money back or a replacement since I threw them out. I just couldn't figure out why they would try to keep selling the bad batch. Idiots!

Kim Jewellers

Last week, I took my engagement ring into Kim Jewellers to be resized. The ring was once my mother's engagement ring. After she and my dad divorced, she had it redesigned into another piece of jewelry. When I told her about my engagement and that we could afford an engagement ring (which was okay), she decided to have her old ring redesigned to look like the original and gave it to my fiance to give to me. It was beautiful. It had a fairly large diamond (flawed but, I loved it anyway, gave it character!) and a yellow gold band with a raised area that was white gold, leading to the diamond; Here's a pic:

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Anyway, I went to Kim Jewellers. It was my first time there. I was impressed with the owner, "Duke", (we talked for awhile) and the prices. My fiance and I even picked out our wedding bands there (thankfully, we hadn't ordered them yet--we wanted to wait to see how my ring turned out. Thank God we did!). He offered to have my ring resized in a just a couple days, whereas other jewellers needed 2-4wks. I was a little concerned thinking that would mean: either a shotty job, lack of business, or they're just damn good. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and chose the latter. I was wrong. (I was also a little concerned about the jeweller in the back---this is a family business, he appeared to be "grandpa"---whom appeared to be the person who MADE the jewellery, judging from his attire, as he was giggling at me from the doorway for no apparent reason...Could it have something to do with the scent of incense in the air? I don't know).

I returned after a week's vacation to pick up my ring. Duke's wife was there (as Duke informed me she would be--he's "rarely" there) with their baby (I assume). She took my ticket and found my ring. In a clear, plastic bag, she rested my ring on the counter and I paid debit(stupidly, BEFORE I examined it). Once the transaction was done, I pulled my ring out intending on trying it on to be sure it fit (that was the only problem I expected, if anything) when I noticed something odd, different. Maybe it was the lighting? I raised it up, turned it around, over...nope...its not the lighting. Wrong ring? Checked the diamond for its telltale flaw--yup--that's my diamond (thank God for flaws!). Damnit! They f*cked up! Where my beautiful ring once had white gold accents (the colour our wedding bands were going to be) was now covered up with yellow gold, and NOT JUST THAT, it was splotchy! There were small TRACES (like spots on a Pinto horse) of the white gold where it used to be but, it was mostly consumed in yellow. It wasn't my ring anymore. Worse of all, it wasn't even a good job! I couldn't believe it.

I spoke to the "wife" first:
"Uhhhm, excuse me? This...this isn't my ring..."
"I mean, this doesn't look like my ring anymore. This isn't what it looked like when I brought it in."
"See...here, my ring had white gold..."

She tried to tell me that, first of all, it wasn't real "white gold" (like hell! We argued that one for a bit until I conceided), it was some other "thing" (jewellers jargon that I didn't know) and that when they resize a ring, that detail is lost. ---Excuuuuse me?!---

"What?! I wasn't informed of this when I brought my ring in! Had I been told this......"

Her: "blah blah blah" (I was too distraught to hear her at this point. So many things had been going wrong for me, including wedding details, that this just overwhelmed me!).

"C-can we just fix it? Can we get the detail back? Can you make it look like MY ring again??"

Her: "I-I'll check..." (She goes to the back room to discuss the matter with "Grandpa").
Grandpa comes out...again, laughing at some unknown joke...Now Grandpa is telling me the same BS Wife did... (Note: no appologies were even given to me).

I broke down in tears (my baby is in her stroller, with my, during this whole thing).

"This...is...a very...special...ring to me...and...now it...doesn't...look...the same...at ALL..."

Grandpa laughs harder (bastard), "Oooooh...*chuckle*, its okaaaay *chuckle*...I'll fix it *chuckle*...you pick it up tomorrow..."

I mutter, "If-if I c-c-can p-p-pick it u-up t-tomorrow...".

Wife: "You pick it up Monday then."

Me (still a mess): "If-if itss nnot done right ththis time, I'mm gonna want my money back..." *She says nothing and I leave the store* (They don't even bother to AT LEAST be kind enough to open the door for me on my way out--with the stroller).

I was so upset, I forgot to even try on the ring and see if they at least got THAT part right!

I'm ABSOLUTELY disgusted with Kim Jewellers. I have had bad service but, I think this is my worst experience yet. I can't believe they'd think I'm stupid enough to accept the piece of sh*t job they were trying to pass off on me (wish I had a picture)...and they were SO unprofessional!!! The LEEEEASSST they could've done was to offer an appology but, instead, they laughed in my face! Quite a contrast from the way Duke treated me! Needless to say, we won't be buying our wedding bands there! And, once I have my ring, I will be contacting Duke (one way or another!!!) and telling him, personally, WHY he won't be receiving our business (or our friends' business!).

We'll see what I have to deal with tomorrow!
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Cillian Murphy

Phone idiot update-one week later

Firefox is being tetchy and won't let me backtrack to my last post but if you desperately want it, I can track it down later for you all.

Anyway, that said, it's officially a week since the phone saga began and...good newwwwwws!

On Thursday (yesterday), we finally, FINALLY got a technician to come out here. Guess what, it was the guy we missed earlier in the week!

He talked to the guy who originally came out on the call, then to me, then went to the office to yell at people and before he even arive here, my DSL was back on after a week of being dead (WHY they couldn't do this earlier I have no idea).

He came out, figured out what was wrong (exactly what I told about five diffrent people on the phone) and he, in his grand greatness, fixed not only the problem jack, but seperated out the line (2017) so that I have a direct DSL only line *pets DSL* and a seperate phone jack line...thingy.

So everything is once again in working order, our other line has been killed and everything is all neat and shiny.

..now how to tell my frustrated and angry mother we have to call direct tv and get them to replace a cable in my room they instaled wrong into the tivo....

Anyone have riot gear handy? *grins*

EDIT: Thanks to jovial_kitten who found the original post: Phone Saga
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