February 16th, 2006


TurboTax Free File- GAAAAHHHH!

I finally finished my taxes using TurboTax free file edition. In order to use this for both state and federal, you have to make under $35,000 a year. I made less than half that and I live in MA. To make a long story short, I attempted to e-file and it's trying to charge me an astronomical preparation fee!

I sent this e-mail through TurboTax's support e-mail:
I am using the "Freedom" edition and I qualify for free filing but the program keeps trying to charge me for e-filing. How do I fix this? I only made $13,000.

My canned response from "Andre G" was:
Dear Mary Riordan,

Thank you for contacting Intuit Tax Products Customer Service & Support.

Prompted for Payment When Using TurboTax Free File

The Tax Freedom site will prompt you for payment if:

You access TurboTax Online from any site other than www.TaxFreedom.com.
You choose to upgrade to any version of TurboTax other than Online Essentials.
You do not meet the TurboTax Free File qualifications.

Gee, that's helpful! I'm going to try the "live chat" tonight, but does anyone know how to fix this?

Karma Police!

I just have to say...sometimes having a sucky customer service experience can end for the best.

I had a rotten time at the DMV last week because of this horrible woman. She was beyond rude, she was condescending, was surly to everyone, threw my paperwork at me instead of handing it to me, spent most of her time flirting with some guy and further more, she fucked up my paperwork purposely and I had to go back and have it fixed. Seriously, the worst customer service experience I have had in years.

Don't you just love karma?
Enjoy your karmic asskicking, bitch.

Right now, right this minute, all is well with the universe:-)
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This wasn't really bad, just strange. I've read so many times in customers_suck that cashiers HATE it when a customer puts money or a credit card on the counter. Over the weekend I was at the bookstore and I (trying to be a nice customer) held out my credit card to the cashier so he could take it. As he ran it through I kept my hand out to take it back. When he was done and his hand started handing my card back to me, I moved my open hand towards his hand and my card in a move to take it back from him. Instead of letting me take it from his hand or placing it into my hand, he makes a deft move under my open hand and places my card on the counter. He places it on the counter when I have my hand there ready to take it. Flat credit cards are so much harder to get off the counter than cash so I spent a while just trying to pick it up so I could put it back in my wallet and I was doing this while he was trying to hand me the back with my purchases. It wasn't really sucky at all but it just made me go WTF. Whether a customer or cashier does it, it's kinda rude to place something on the counter or elsewhere when a person has an open hand ready to accept it. :/ The cashier was friendly so it wasn't bad; I just think my brain was too weirded out by the ordeal. :p

Update to "Correspondence with Comcast"

Previous Thread

I spoke on the phone with a rep (or I should say, I was on hold with a rep) for about 30 min, from 4:30 to 5:00 when the repair guy was due at 5. We finally agreed to reschedule the appt for Monday when they should (hopefully) have more dual-channel DVRs in stock.

I didn't think that the "Record Season" option was a dual channel thing though, just the Record while you watch something else option.

And really, it's the "Record Season" feature that I'm most missing.

Side Note: They called again while I was downstairs to "confirm" the appointment, that makes 4 times. Dept of Redundancy Dept anyone?

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Overstock is not the Big O and a bag of chips!

I saw the previous post today about Overstock.com and decided to tell my horror story of when I had to deal with them.

It was mid-June, and was 2 weeks before my husband's birthday. I wanted to buy him the Mezzo region 1 artbox, since we couldn't afford to buy the 'booty box' aka region 2 box, and this was only about $20 from Overstock.

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All-in-all, if you value your time and sanity, don't order anything from Overstock.com. Or at least, if you use the livechat, just give your order information first to save yourself some hairpulling. -.-;
Face of poop

Ah Timmy...

I love Tim Hortons. Really I do. I stopped there today to get an ice cappuccino and a breakfast sandwich with no meat, as I am a vegetarian. Now, I did the same thing two days ago, and they gave me one with meat on it. Seeing as I was late for work, I couldn't do anything about it (I was already on the freeway when I opened the sandwich). So I threw it away. Today, I was very specific about not having meat on it, and they even asked me twice if I wanted it without meat.

So I get to the window...

Me: (opens sandwich) "This has meat on it." (hands it back)
Tim Hortons Guy: "This has MEAT on it" (said very sarcastically/mocking, and holding up the sandwich high above his head like it's an offering)
Tim Hortons Girl: "Oh, I'll have to make a fresh one."
Me: thinking: "WTF, that one wasn't fresh?"
Tim Hortons Guy: "I dunno why someone would get so upset over food." Keep in mind that I was not overly rude, maybe a little frustrated but definitely not upset.

My sandwich finally gets finished, and he basically throws it at me. I would've talked to a manager, but I was running late for work again today. Oh, and this Tim Hortons ALWAYS seems to take their iced cappuccino machine down at ~10 AM to clean it. Why the fuck can't they do that at night?

Do you guys think I should go in and talk to a manager tonight? Frankly, I feel like I'm due a free breakfast sandwich because I had to throw the one away a few days ago.
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