February 15th, 2006

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Rules of the community question

I suppose this is best left to the mods, and since I can't seem to find a ''bad_service_mods'' account, I'm forced to ask here - forgive me.

Now, while this rule is in the Community Information page, nothing is made mention of deleting posts from people that don't agree with you. But I'd think the ''not your private journal'' bit should make that intuitively clear.

Are posters allowed to delete comments left in a thread by people who don't agree with them? I ask because it keeps happening in the post about Lane Bryant pants.

My last post in that thread concerned the deleting of an earlier post right above it, but was deleted. If it was by a mod, then hey, no problem, but I'd like to know why. If it was by the post's creator, I'd like to know if that's allowed. It seems shady.

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The only difference between my reply that was deleted and the one I just quoted here is that the deleted post lacks the first four scentences that this one has. Here's a screenshot just in case it decides to vanish as well.

Thank you in advance,
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Textbooks, ecampus and amazon.

Good Lord, I have never had problems ordering books online until now. I placed three seperate orders for textbooks I needed for the upcoming semester, all placed on Feb. 1.

First order was from an Amazon.com seller and shows up quickly.

Second order was from ecampus. As per their suggestions I paid a bit more for expedited shipping and waited for it to come. After it was 5 days late (according to their e-mail) I e-mailed them and asked what was up. I got a response telling me that "at this time we are unable to supply you with this title". !*(#@$(*& No explanation and the book is still on their website. So now I'm almost two weeks behind in reading, despite trying to order everything in advance to avoid this, and have to go the bookstore and pay full price - or twice as much. What pisses me off is they didn't contact ME when the order couldn't be fulfilled - they just waited.

Last order was also from an Amazon.com seller - I just got an e-mail from them today saying it had been shipped. Almost two weeks after they're supposed to have shipped it according to amazon.com rules. I most definately sent back a little "wtf" response though I don't know what else I can do since the book has now been shipped.
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Dear IHOP:

Since when is Valentine's Day a legal holiday? Yes, I see that the 2-for-1 coupon you sent me says "Not valid on holidays." But as far as I know, not one state in the country recognizes February 14 as a holiday. It's a special day, yes, but not officially a holiday.

So excuse us for wanting a late-night after concert snack. Grr.
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Die...but fix my DSL first (+ props)

First off, I appolagize if I miss a few caps in this post. I'm on my mother's computer and only half her keyboard works at any given time...all the spelling/grammerical errors are mine.

That said, onto the Collapse )

So after bad service, REALLY bad service, and two very awsome reps who have bent over backwards and sideways to fix their coworker's screw ups...I'm stuck on a broken computer with dial up, hoping that something goes right.

I do have much love for the two reps who had to deal with me today and yesterday (not that I was rude...just really frustrated), because I imagine it can't be easy trying to clean up someone else's mess.
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An FYI for everyone who's had to deal with bad service...

Dispute the charges with your credit card company. Gateway was all but ignoring me. A rep actually told me that Gateway could keep my laptop for an indefinite time, and I would have no legal recourse. Today I disputed the charge with Discover. Within 4 hours, my laptop which, as of this morning was untouched, was repaired and shipped and I received an apology email offering me a free $30 gif certificate. Granted, I still hope to get my full refund, but regardless at least I'll get my laptop back this way.