February 11th, 2006

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Earlier this morning, some idiot in a minivan almost changed lanes into me - no signal or anything. I exercised my horn finger, and narrowly averted disaster. Conveniently (?) the minivan was a business vehicle, so I made a note of the company name. Ironically, it's a gift-and-flower type shop, so I'd been making a mental note of the name anyway to keep in mind for local frufru shops to look at for wedding stuff.

When I got home, I looked them up online and called them up.

Woman: Thank you for calling Accents Etc, this is Susan, how can I help you?
Me: Is there a manager available, please?
Susan: This is she.
Me: I'd like to make a complaint about one of your drivers.
Susan: Oh, are you the one in the Honda?
Me: ....yes....
Susan: That was my son driving the van, he's practicing to get his learner's permit, I'm sorry! Next time I'll put a student driver sign in the window.
Me: *open mouth* *close mouth* *open mouth* *close mouth* Ummm....
Susan: *click*

So this moron is letting her unlicensed son, who apparently doesn't even have his learner's permit yet, drive her BUSINESS VEHICLE. I'm sure her business insurance doesn't cover unlicensed drivers.

It shouldn't be that difficult

The beasts convinced me to take them to Braums this afternoon. My daughter ordered first - a kid's meal burger with pickles only, and a sprite. I ordered, and then we got an extra small fries for the boy. Five minutes go by, and I'm still kinda standing around waiting for them to get the order ready, and notice there's no comments on her meal (they got mine right). I go back to the counter and ask the guy that took the order if he got that it was pickles only. He assured me he did.

A few more minutes pass, and we got our yummies. They forgot the extra small fry, so I go back for that. In the time it takes to get back to the table, my older beast discovers her burger is fully loaded. I bring it back with the receipt, and catch the guy who took the order standing out from the register talking with friends (I guess - they weren't in uniform). I motion for him to come here, and hand him the burger, reminding him he assured me he got the special order on it.

I get burger v2.0, and take it back. My daughter opens it, and yup, it's wrong. This time, it's plain. I take it back, this time, catching the manager. They added the pickles to the same burger (which I normally don't have a problem with, but it took them a while due to other orders, and it wasn't the hottest thing to start with).

Burger 3.0 was correct at least. I don't know why I let them talk me into going there. I really don't like the food, and we went next door to Sonic for shakes afterwards anyway.
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Kmart: the Crappier Side

Spurred of the moment, I've decided to buy a digital camera at my local Kmart. I just want a simple camera that will able me to post pictures online. I wasn't looking a system here. There was a choice between two camera: CIF and VGA. I asked a Kmart worker what's the difference between the two and he just pointed out the VGA and walked away.

Hmm ok... Thanks a lot buddy. I've decided to use my best jugdement and brought CIF. As it turns out, my friends told me I should have gotten the VGA. It's going back tomorrow.