February 9th, 2006

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My friend and I were on our way, all packed for a road trip. At the last minute we decided to have a meal right before leaving. We ended up at Burger King, which is one of the few fast food places vegetarians can sort of eat. Sort of.

At the front of the line, we were confronted with a short-statured (but muscular) man. We ordered our Veggie burgers and the guy grumbles and complains about how they're not a common menu item so they're impossible to find on the screen... then he suddenly bursts out with "what do those things taste like, anyway? are you vegetarians or something?"

I noted the tone of his voice... kind of disdainful, as in "real men eat meat." "I don't know, they taste like vegetables I guess. They're pretty good."

Then the moment of truth. The man decides hey, since these people seem to like answering questions, I should see if I can ask something completely inappropriate! "You all queer too or something?!"

WHAT? The manager walked by and didn't seem to notice that we were very offended. There's something 10-15 (!!!) minutes later, I finally got my "only lettuce" veggie burger with mayo and ketchup. Yum.

Needless to say we haven't returned since. Gotta love the South.


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I realize that you were closing in about 35 minutes, I'm sure you're exhausted and want to ho home, very acceptable. However, not even making eye contact with us, being very short, and then TEARING the menu out of my hands before I can even tell you I want an appetizer is not. We were there for about 40 minutes and you didn't refill my soda once. I had to share a drink with my boyfriend. When I tried to flag you down, you just kept on sweeping and waltzing over to where your buddy workers were.

Another thing, treating my boyfriend like an idiot because he wasn't sure of something "obvious" to you really pissed me off. He's been there twice. You made him feel horrible when you talked to him like he was 5 years old. Way to go.

The bill was about 40.00 dollars, and I only left you two bucks. I could have been a bigger bitch and left you nothing, but it's not in my nature. Oh, and trying to stare me down next time we were there -- REAL MATURE. *clap clap* Thank God the place was too crowded.

I rarely get bad service. I think of myself as a good customer. I understand that restaurants run out of items sometimes, that's not an employee's fault. I also understand you get very busy at times and need to be rather short, but are usually very pleasant. But, when it's us and about 5 other tables including a few more waiters, it'd be very nice to have a waiter who atleast re-fills your drink. It takes a real jerk to make me leave a bad tip.

End bitching.
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Normally, I have really excellent service at the Denny's nearest to me. My friends and I are frequent customers. I've never gotten an order wrong, always had a really nice waitress. But this one time... it was just weird.

My friend and I are taking all of the same classes in junior college, and it's right next to "Our Denny's". Between English and Human Development 2, we have a two hour break. One day we decided to go to Denny's. We walked in, got seated in less than a minute, ordered our drinks. Carolyn [the friend] and I just wanted seasoned fries. The waitress comes back and begins taking our order. She looks at Carolyn. Carolyn says, "I'll have seasoned fries". The waitress says, "Just seasoned fries? Alright!" and walks away.... It was really strange. She just didn't look at me, or try to take my order.

I'm not one to yell to have the waitress come back so I figured, I'll just wait until she comes back. She comes back, sets the seasoned fries down, and walks away immediately before I can say anything. Now I'm just wondering what I did that she wouldn't take my order. My friend finishes her drink. Waitress looks over at the empty cup, goes and gets a new soda, brings it over, and dashes off AGAIN. By now, Carolyn has been letting me share her fries. I decided I didn't want to order, and we got up to leave. As we're getting up, our waitress finally comes over and stands there. "Can I get you anything else?" directed towards me. "No." "Is something wrong?" "...No. We're leaving". We went to pay and we decided to fill out a comment card. I marked the restaurant well, but the waitress in the middle of poor and good. Under food quality, "I wouldn't know. The waitress took my friend's order and not mine, and I didn't want to have to yell to get her to listen to me".

I just don't know. Was it my fault that I didn't speak up? The first time she was at the table, and Carolyn ordered, and she said, "Just seasoned fries?" I did try to say "TWO ORDERS". But it was almost like she ran away from the table. She just really seemed like she didn't want to deal with us. The guy sitting behind us left about the same time we did, and said if it was him, he would have complained. But I didn't really feel like going into that. I've always had really good service. This was just weird to me.

What are my options?

Hello, first time poster, etc etc. I am currently in an awful dental experience. About a week ago I started having pain in my tooth. Waited a few days, then decided I really should see a dentist (did I mention I am TERRIFIED of dentists??). So I called the office, but the dentist is out on Fridays, so they made me an appointment for first thing Monday morning. No problem. Went to see my doctor, who suspected an abscessed tooth (as did I) and prescribed antibiotics and painkillers to get me to Monday. I went in Monday and they confirmed the abscessed tooth and scheduled me for a root canal the following day. I went in on Tuesday and they started the procedure. After the dentist drilled through the crown on the abscessed tooth he kind of sat back and went "Wow.". He then started talking to me and the hygenist, wondering why in the world a root canal had not been done when the crown was put on my tooth 2 years ago. Apparently the dentist who put the crown on my tooth drilled all the way into the root area when he was cleaning out the decay. At that point he should have done a root canal himself, or referred me to an endodontist to have it done. But instead he decided to fill in the area with build-up material and crown it. My current dentist told me I have probably been fighting an infection in that tooth ever since I got the crown put on, and the infection finally won. The infection is so bad that they had to switch my antibiotics to a more powerful one, and leave my tooth open so it could drain. They were not able to complete the root canal because of the level of infection, so I have to go back to have that done next week. Do I have any options on anything I can do with my previous dentist? My insurance picks up 80% of the root canal, so I am not out a ton of money. I am just so angry that he did such a poor job, and has caused me so much pain years down the road.
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Need advice...

My good friend Dan has a banking issue. Through no fault of his, since we checked his statement to make sure, the bank charged him about $270 in fees. This not only put him far negative, but also ate his entire paycheck from last week and is still negative.

It all started when the bank charged him a thirty-dollar insufficient funds fee on a purchase that LEFT HIM with ten dollars in the account--ie, positive. Ten dollars is a positive number, yes? It even says so on his statement, that while he was still positive ten dollars, he was charged thirty-two for insufficient funds. WTF?

After that, it's all downhill, as his next, seven-dollar purchase--which he knew would put him close, but it shouldn't've mattered--incurred another thirty-dollar bounced check fee. Now, he has a student account, which means no monthly account fee and he has the overdraft turned off, so when he's negative it's just supposed to decline, not keep charging and take out fees, too. There is no minimum balance. It says all this on his online account, which he checked to print out his statement to show to the bank.

We're going down first thing in the morning.

My question to the community is, how can we go into a bank, point out their mistake, and demand money back without coming off as asshole customers?

(Note: when this happened with my -different- bank, they told me it was my fault for spending money when I was negative and refused to remunerate the charges. WTF??!!)
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Dear Bank of America:
I chose this particular account for the reason that there was no minimal balance, and, more important, no user fees outside of the $1.50 charged for using ATMs from other banks.

So, why am I getting charged service fees? And, when I write you a very polite e-mail on your site, wy don't you respond? I mean, it says something along the lines of "we will respond to you within 7-10 days" and it has been more than that. I really don't want to call the customer service line, since while people there are nice, they can't do anything but say "I'll send in a request for your account to be reviewed..."

Bah. I mean, fine, it is all of three dollars, but when you're a college kid, needing to pay for gas, food, and daily living supplies, every little penny counts.

Well, I'll most likely switch banks in about four months, since using the Navy bank would be far more convienant for me while on active duty. But why was my money taken?

EDIT (because I'm forgetful...) this wasn't from using a non-BoA ATM. In fact, I haven't touched my savings account in over a month, because I like to be able to put money in there and let it sit--I use my checking account much more, which added into my confusion as to why my savings account was given the fee.
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