February 8th, 2006


Random survey call

Not really...bad, but still quite annoying.

I got a phone call today. They specifically asked for me, and it was a survey. From some research institute, or somesuch. I typically do surveys, because I know they probably deal with a ton of crap from people. But what makes me decide to do one, is their attitude, and how they present the survey. I've actually taken every single survey I can, when they call.

So today this guy calls, and asks for me. I grab the phone from my sister (she answered) and he says "Bethany??" And I'm like "...yes?" and he's just being...too casual. I mean, I know the whole "talk to you like a friend" tactic, but he was taking it too far. Like he knew me. But, I decided to go on. So I'm walking out of the room to go somewhere quieter, and he just immediately starts asking me questions. Didn't give me an option if I wanted to take it or not, just dove right in. I thought it was rather rude, really. (not necessarily the action, but how he went about it)

So he asks me two questions, and I interrupt him. I ask him, "so wait, are you going to give me a choice if I want to take this survey?" and he says, "Oh, I was just being assumptive, and--" I cut him off with, "Yes, you were being assumptive, and I don't really appreciate that. If you had asked me to take the survey, I would have gladly accepted. But you were actually kinda rude, and so I'm not going to. And, I'm hanging up now. Bye."

It just...he was way unprofessional, and it really turned me off/put me off. It may seem minor to you guys, but his tone of voice and everythign was just...bleh. =/

I think Verizon is like crack

No matter how bad they treat me, I just keep coming back for more. I've had issues with them in the past, but right now I am so utterly pissed.

Friday Feb 3 I ordered via the "upgrade my phone" on the website the new pink Razr. I've been waiting to resign my K to see if Verizon was going to offer a pink phone. Otherwise I was going to switch providers. With my discounts for online purchase + new every 2, it was $99 plus tax. Yay.
Confirmation e-mail arrives, with order number and link to check the status. It says delivery is 2-5 days. I checked the status daily to see if I could get a UPS tracking number or something, but it always said "We have received your order, please check back later". I was getting antsy since I figured it should have at least left their warehouse by now so this morning Collapse )

So the bottom line is:
I ordered a phone, resigning my K for 2 years! Verizon should be damn happy to be keeping another customer, yet they don't seem at all interested in telling me something is wrong with my order. Regardless of who's fault the issue was to begin with, they ought to be on top of things!
THEY HAVE MY PHONE NUMBER. Logic tells me that whoever firsts receives my order and realizes there is an issue with it should pick up their damn phone and call my cell phone. They have my phone number. They have my parents' home phone number as an alternate line that they could have called!
Are they just not interested in selling me products??

What can I do, if anything?

I ordered a book from a seller on amazon.com. I ordered special expediated shipping because I needed it quickly. Said order was placed on January 20th and I assumed it would reach me quickly. I still have not received it and its well past the shipment date so I contacted the seller. They said that "According to USPS" my package was delivered on January 27th at 12:36.
I believe them...because they have the exact date and time and it seemed very professional. So I called my apartment complex and they said they had not gotten anything.
Coming home a day or two ago, I saw another package I ordered...randomly lying next to my door. Now...normally when packages come and no one is there to pick them up they come back another day or leave it with a neighbor. They dont just lay them randomly beside my apartment door. I live in a college town. While its not the New York slums...we do have substantial crime (especially with robbery and stuff like that)
I have this really bad feeling that they dropped it by my door and someone grabbed it.
Can I make any type of argument in this case? Do I just contact the local post office and be like...hey, I didnt get a package? If it was left by my door and someone took it, could I get a refund in any way?
This just sucks so much for so many reasons-firstly, I really needed that book. Secondly, its a rare book-if this was some three dollar used copy of some bestseller, I wouldnt be that upset. But I have been to every library and bookstore within a 3 hour radius and no one has it. Its out of print and old. Meaning, I paid a pretty penny for it. And lastly, now I dont trust my post office. My mommy sent me a Valentines package today and of course, I am in work all freaking day, and I can just see my chocolate and money being stolen because the post office decides to dump it beside my door instead of waiting or something :(

Will I sound like a crazy woman if I ask for some sort of reimbursement if it has been stolen from my door...or is it just something that happens and the post office is not liable?
Me over shoulder

(no subject)

Sunday at 10am, I go in to work (server at a casual chain restaurant). My replacement was supposed to be in at 4, but as it turns out, he's going to be an hour and a half late. No biggie. I agree to stay later.

So for 7.5 hours, I'm on my feet, running around fetching people more sweet tea, more honey mustard, carrying heavy trays, burning my hands on hot dishes, and smiling the whole time. My tips are decent, but by the end of the day (as with most busy shifts) I'm exhausted and starving (haven't eaten all day). As I'm getting in my car and driving home, all I can think about is how good dinner from my university dining hall is going to taste.

Get back to school, walk accross campus in the freezing cold and the icy drizzle to the dining center, still exhausted, still starving. I get there around 6:15, with plenty of time (they stop serving at 6:30), or so I think.

Open the door, walk in...


WTF?!?! You're only open for an hour and a half for dinner, I'm paying a good chunk of money for my meal plan, and you CAN'T STAY OPEN ANOTHER FUCKING 15 MINUTES?!?!

Yes, I realize its their right to close if they so desire, yes, I realize it was wet and cold and many students were ordering pizza to be delivered or whatever, but dammit! I've been serving people food for the past SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS and I can't even eat when I get home because AN HOUR AND A HALF IS TOO BLOODY LONG FOR YOU TO SERVE?!?!?!?!

This happened Sunday and I'm still extremely sore about it. I already turned in a comment card expressing my displeasure.
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Bad Automated Service...

Dear Bank of Montreal,

Why do you like to put completely random holds on my account? The last cheque I deposited was five (business) days ago and should have cleared anyway by your standards. It was also for $400. So why, after I have transferred and spent all of this money but the last hundred, did you decided to chuck $100 into 'unavailable funds'? Shouldn't the whole $400 have been unavailable, and then, once the cheque cleared, the money released into the wild of my savings? And if not, why do you want the last $100 so bad? Last month you decided to put a hold on $85 of my balance, and I didn't even deposit a cheque that month at all! I let it slide because the ATM didn't care about that and still gave me money, for whatever reason. But you made me a jerk for the poor Safeway clerk whose line I would not have gone through unless I was sure I had money in the account. Which I did, until that morning, or whenever you decided to keep some back.

All I ask is consistency!

No love,


(If anyone knows banks very well and can explain to me what's going on, if anything normal at all, please, please do.)
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