February 6th, 2006

My hair is on fire!

Bad service is....

When your friend and yourself are eating soup at a Korean restaurant downtown.

He, the kimchi something-or-other, and you some beef bulgogi soup. During the midst of eating, your friend spoons out a... blue elastic band (the kind vegetables come tied in).

Your friend says it's a cheap restaurant so it's not a big deal, but you emphasize that it is unhygenic nonetheless.

We didn't complain (he didn't want to make a big deal over $6), and albeit, we didn't give the servers a chance to correct the mistake and thus maybe it wasn't bad_service, but it definitely was gross. I won't be eating there again :/

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On Friday there was a hockey game on so we all decided to have Subway for dinner. My sister and I drove to the nearest Subway and as soon as we walked up to the store we knew we would have a hard time. We got out of the car and my sister was smoking and one of the Subway employees that was sitting outside smoking said that we couldn’t smoke in the Subway. We hadn’t even gotten close enough to the door for him to justify saying something like that. My sister and I look quite similar we get mistaken for twins a lot even though we are about 3 years apart. Before we can walk into the restaurant (my sister has to finish her cigarette) We were standing outside and the Subway guy started making all these comments about how we look so similar and how we are attractive and giving us googlie eyes, it was so disgusting.

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